Where Would Jesus Work?

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These options come to mind:. Jesus labored with his hands for about twenty years—six times as long as his three-year public ministry. Only two New Testament verses—Mark and Matthew —offer any comment about what kind of work Jesus did. Darrell Bock notes,. Only artisans or other craftspeople had the ancient equivalent of small, independent businesses. They constituted a minority of the labor force. Furthermore, tradition suggests that Joseph died a few years prior to Jesus entering public ministry.

In 4 BC King Herod Antipas chose Sepphoris as the capital of his kingdom and rebuilt the city, which included his principal residence and administrative center.

Then about twenty years later, sometime between 18 and 20 AD, Herod moved his capital to Tiberius. Jesus and Joseph may have worked on a 4,seat amphitheater, with a stage feet wide and 27 feet long. Clearly, the answer is affirmative.

During his young adult years, Jesus worked with his hands in masonry and carpentry, in good and bad weather, getting paid and not getting paid. Jesus probably worked alongside other artisans, negotiating bids, securing supplies, completing projects, and contributing to family living expenses. As fully God and fully man, Jesus lived an earthly life—complete with the joy, sorrow, drudgery, and excitement that everyone experiences in a lifetime.

Quote: The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed. How can we be sure that all religions are wrong? What if no religions are correct, but there still is a God? We are all like little children who often say: "Mom, Dad, leave me alone, I want to be on my own". Beyond tribalism; How well does your religious label serve you?

Is religion responsible for the opposition to peace in the Israel-Palestine conflict? Are atheists being more illogical than agnostics? Why believe in god? The theist perspective. Catholic remarried couples should abstain from sex - Question by Tes yeux noirs. How can a good God allow suffering - Question by SawyerMentink. It is a hazardous resource, certainly, but within a redeemed community there should be the wisdom and grace available to handle wealth responsibly. On that issue, please consult relevant sources cited in the notes.

Part one chapters one through three of this book focused on our core worldview beliefs—how these can help us or hinder us from living more into the life of Jesus. This chapter has three major sections, exploring the topics of work, money, and giving. Work was initiated in the Garden of Eden Gen , and it will continue into the next age, as we serve and reign with God forever Rev ,5.

Dallas Willard suggests some distinctions among four key terms helpful for this discussion the terms were displayed in concentric circles, the first term as the smallest circle; so a later term incorporates and includes the previous term :. Accordingly, when the term work is used in the following discussion, it includes a reference to our ministry and our job as well. Furthermore, there are an increasing number of academic contributions toward a theology of work for all believers in Christian thought.

Two of these resources will be cited in the following section. Darrell Cosden, summarizing his scholarly book-length treatment, proposes the following technical definition of work. Note that various factors are clustered around three particular dimensions. Work is never accomplished solely as an individual performance, but requires the collaboration, coordination, and trust, of many, such as suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and of course, customers.

Also, we cannot fail to mention resources from the material world and the dynamics of its physical laws that contribute to work—all provisions from God. Without these varied partnerships, work cannot be sustained.

As a blessing of the New Covenant, believers are indwelt and empowered by the Spirit to serve the common good in cooperation with God Ezek ; 2 Cor Regardless of our occupations as plumber, trash collector, teacher, mechanic, or pastor, we cooperate with God in doing good work.

The apostle Paul uses the analogy of a physical body with many members with implications for the division of labor: not all can be the eye; some will be the foot, knee or internal organs. Each member, regardless of function, is important for the functioning of the body. Of course, one motivation to work is to make money to provide for material needs and share with others Eph , 2 Thes But there is more.

Labor—as a permanent feature of our human design and destiny—also involves other instrumental and intrinsic values.

If we wish to bring all of our life under the Lordship of Jesus Christ then our day job must be included too. Three job sectors. Our job tasks range across a wide spectrum, classified into three main working sectors: public working for government , private not-for-profit civic, moral, and religious organizations that rely on donations for all or part of their operating budgets , and private for-profit various small and large businesses in the marketplace.

Table 8. Musing on these differing percentages yields insight about two issues. First, some may wonder, with so much greed in the for-profit sector, how can Christians affirm business?

Of course, a greater number of cases of greed and corruption will likely occur in the for-profit sector due to the vast majority of people working in this sector.

Such evil also occurs routinely in other sectors since greed is a matter of the human heart Mk , as reported somewhat regularly in the news. Second, one need not be a rocket scientist to recognize a basic economic principle: a much higher percentage of the workforce is essential in the business sector currently around 80 percent to sustain financial support for the continued existence of the other two sectors.

Can Christians recognize how important good businesses are for creating the wealth that sustains charities and government services? Jesus and business. We might have expected a different career path and preparation for the one who would be Messiah. As was customary for boys in that day, Jesus was probably apprenticed alongside his father Joseph. If apprenticed at the customary age of twelve, then Jesus spent at least eighteen years as a builder, six times as long as his public ministry see table 8.

Tradition suggests that his father Joseph died a few years prior to Jesus entering public ministry. They constituted a minority of the labor force. Perhaps some aspects of these stories had a personal connection. For example, when teaching on the cost of discipleship, Jesus mentions one should have the funds at the start to complete a tower Lk Might Jesus have built a tower for a customer but never have been fully paid?

Can we conclude Jesus understands the business world as an insider? He probably worked as a sub-contractor alongside other artisans, completing projects, and handling finances—negotiating bids, purchasing supplies, and contributing to family living expenses. For those many years Jesus worked with his hands in masonry and carpentry, in good and bad weather, getting paid and not getting paid.


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  • Jesus Christ is described as a “Minister” in God’s sanctuary. He is working in God’s Temple, acting as a type of mediator between Christians and .
  • Oct 13,  · Jesus, as a member of the Trinity, created the biblical worldview of work. God designed work for our pleasure and our growth. According to Genesis , work came before man fell into sin.
  • Greene believes the issue of faith at work must start with a look inside our own heads – by expanding our imagination about what following Jesus could look like in and outside the workplace. “Imagine you have a ten-year-old in the church.
  • Jan 14,  · Jesus, also called Jesus Christ, Jesus of Galilee, or Jesus of Nazareth, (born c. 6–4 bce, Bethlehem—died c. 30 ce, Jerusalem), religious leader revered in Christianity, one of the world’s major india-web.net is regarded by most Christians as the Incarnation of God. The history of Christian reflection on the teachings and nature of Jesus is examined in the article Christology.
  • Apr 21,  · Carrying on the Work of Jesus. John a: “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do.” Two crucial observations: First, his promise is not made to the apostles alone, but to all who believe. And second, this is a promise that we will do Jesus’s works. It’s not yet a promise that we will do.
  • 3. Jesus would put flesh on truth. If we ask what Jesus would do today, we can be sure of one thing: He would take on flesh and walk among us. And that’s what we should do.
  • Nov 21,  · The Lord Jesus preached the kingdom (Matt. ; Mark a). He didn’t just do a work: He preached the kingdom of God and He brought in the kingdom of God on the earth. He spoke to people far and wide all over in Israel that the kingdom of God is near! The Lord Jesus sowed the seed of the kingdom (Matt. ; Mark , ). Christ as the Sower went out to .
  • Feb 21,  · Perhaps Jesus' life began with building physical objects, learning carpentry from his father. Although his true work would become building the spiritual as He continued to build His church (Matthew ) and prepare a place for all who put their faith in Him (John –3).

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