Untitled - Knife Attack - Watching You From Afar (CDr)

Download Untitled - Knife Attack - Watching You From Afar (CDr)
Label: Phage Tapes - PT:48 • Format: 2x, CDr Limited Edition • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Noise

You live in cowardice that the lands around you are hostile. Don't you get it? You simply are yet to see it. I have seen both at their best and worst times of morals and I have chosen my side Damn shame too. You need to get it through your head. I am no monster, the demon before me, is no monster.

You are for letting that be the basis of your killings. Well, not that he could but he definitely felt the opposite of happy. Not that it really cared about dying here, which it probably would.

Man, Huangzhou was just the worst. A few tremors on the anthill and the entire colony came out. Winds whipped around them, ripping up plant life and dirt. A sigh was emitting from it, and it's shoulders sag in dismay. Like, wow. Okay, uh, looks like we're changing things up here. With each magical volley thrown their way, he threw up another flash of light, rejuvenating Meiyo's flesh before dishing another hefty blow atop his opponents.

The conflict was relatively one-sided, the Huangzhou duo easily coming out on top after an extended fight. Taking a step forward, Teriesh abruptly charged towards Niktis, blade held calmly to his side.

The air around the magi slowly fluctuated with a brilliant light, motes of starlight slowly gathered, funneling from his inner core, out to the silvered weapon he held. With a terrifying warcry, he plunged he dashed past a flurry of wind, and plunged his starlight-clad blade firmly through Nikitis' chest. A gout of blinding light shot forth from the tip of the blade, searing through the entirety of the demon's chest, as it left a sizeable gouge where the human heart would naturally be.

Exhaling slowly, he raised one leg, kicking the demon hard, and sending its 'Carcass' flying through the forest beyond. Well, that was unpleasant. Although, I believe the demon is dead now.

Wielding the iconic Fomorian battle stance, as well as shield of pure spiritual energy.. As opposed to their first try, Meiyo wasn't used to being attacked from two fronts- it was his ally's healing that kept him healthy enough to continue fighting.

Fighting through his exhaustion and pain. Gritting his teeth, his eyes were set on the sympathizer, rather than Nikitis. Nikitis was a Demon, it couldn't help in deciding his fate whenever it was created. He chose to fall to the lies of Huangzhou's enemies. B Broken Arrow killings. E Etajima stabbings. F Franklin Regional High School stabbing. J Jerusalem Light Rail stabbing Jerusalem synagogue attack. Cloud mall stabbing Munich knife attack. N Nanping school massacre.

Do you like this video? Trivia If the Real Knife is hacked into the inventory on a non-Genocide Route and is equipped, most monsters can be spared on the first turn even most non-spareable monsters. Despite being the strongest weapon in the game, it never sees any real use without hacking as Sans , the last enemy of a Genocide Route, has only 1 HP. The same applies to The Locket, the strongest armor in the game as the last enemy can only deal 1 damage per hit. This dungeon isn't safe!

Which dungeon is this? He might need help. It's tail whips back and forth, striking the walls, knocking free debris into the air. Once the strike on its toe lands, it roars in anger and spouts off a blast of white ghostly flame towards the dungeon door. He screams in pain as the white-hot flames injure him. When close by, Yoshi used a spell to jet quickly into one of the dragon's eyes with it's talons. Sadly, tt misses by a few feet and zooms by the dragon's side. Still, she's here and hardly going to back down now, so she clings on tenaciously.

Hoping it would not attack before it could, Yoshi used the jet spell to fly at his eye again. It was all a matter if the dragon moved to see if Yoshi hit it or not. I wasn't trained for this!! It snaps at Luigi briefly, before rearing back and spitting out another gout of flame, directly aimed at Luigi. It rakes at the attacker with it's claws while his tail continues to whip about, presenting a danger to anyone next to or behind him. It's comically large compared to him, but he manages to pick it up and hand it to Maki.

She leans back and, holding onto the base of the dragon's neck with her legs, thrusts the sword downward between the dragon's scales. You need to get a hold of yourself! His legs still hurts, but that's to be expected, "Thanks, man. Drinks are on me when we get back," he got up and took a deep breath; no more rushing in like that.

What happened to her?! Melanthios was a shrill voice in her ear. He won't be able to cleave you and you won't be able to strike you with his tail!

Someone get in front and do whatever you can to keep him focused on you. If that person is striked, someone take his spot till I can restore the original taunter!

Madacon yelled ""Evictus Morsus! The arrow glowed green as it went flying towards the dragon's side. It whips around furiously, flaring its wings, lashing about and swiping at anything within reach with its tail and claws. The wounds glow slightly with a pale green light and bleed smoke freely.


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  • Not every knife attack comes from where you might expect it! Does the source of this knife attack surprise you or make you consider how your Active Self Prot.
  • Start by pretending as if you have surrendered. Raise your hands, with your palms facing forward. But keep watch on the attacker and the knife while trying to launch your attack strategy. 5. Protect yourself throughout. The essence of this post if to help you leave a knife attack scenario unhurt and unrobbed.
  • ICCS head instructor, Sharir R, breaking down a real knife attack that was caught on CCTV camera. throughout this video there is a lot of important informati.
  • Learning how to defend against a knife attack is scary, but necessary! In this video, self-defense expert Nick Drossos shares a few basic knife defense tips.
  • Regardless of your level of training, defending against a knife attack is very hard. No amount of training can reduce the risk, but training for a knife attack will help you survive. When defending against a knife attack, there are a few things you should avoid doing and there are some things you can do that will help you come out of it alive.
  • I don’t know what precipitated this knife attack, but could you have held your own here against multiple attackers with a knife? There are a lot of Active Se.
  • 1. If someone is within 21 feet of you and decides to do a suicide charge - you will not deliever rounds on target before you are cut from the static draw position. 2. If someone is running at you with a knife, MOVE. Either retreat and seek cover, place obstacles, etc. "Bringing a knife to a gun fight" works because he's armed, and your not. 3.
  • Phage Tapes レーベルのリリースを検索。あなたのディスコグラフィーに足りないPhage Tapesのリリースを見つけて購入しましょう。.
  • Nov 10,  · Knife attacks in particular are emotionally difficult, so repeated training and practice are necessary to defend against them. If you run from an attack (whether a knife attack or a gunman), don’t just run AWAY from danger. Run TO something. Run TO the corner where you can fight one at a time. Run TO a store where a guard can help you.

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