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K 1 Agenda reissue 12". Danz EP reissue 12". The bouncy bass line soul of 'Posatronix' project emerges in silence among several platforms without hint of a proper biography or introduction. No video, photos, or interviews accompanied the music My filters. Type See all. Music See all. Equipment See all. Format See all. Release Date See all. Genre See all.

Artist See all. Even if a Jew does not at- tribute the same meaning to the tree as his Christian neighbors, it still does not belong in a Jewish home. The association with Christmas and Christianity is very strong, and children would not be able to appreciate any subtle distinctions. When people see a Christmas tree they do not think of Halloween or July 4.

The symbol is clearly as Christian a symbol as the menorah is a Jewish symbol. Carol Courshon, Cong. Answer: No.

Christmas plays generally portray religious themes which have no place in a public school. On the other hand, some schools hold a so-called "Winter Festival" in which an attempt is made to avoid all religious connotations.

But it is sometimes difficult to draw the distinction. If the parents feel that the performance is free of all religious overtones, children may certainly par- ticipate. Question: Should Jewish children participate in Christmas parties in the public schools? Answer: Parties designated as Christmas parties or having the appearance of Christmas parties, have no place in the public schools. Winter or year-end parties of a general nature are acceptable.

As a result, children should be taught to have the courage to excuse themselves from those exercises which violate their beliefs and practices. Question: Should Jewish children sing Christmas carols? Carols, are religious hymns. They do not i belong in the public school. Jewish children should not be required to sing hymns which embody a theology they do not accept.

Neutral songs that have no religious references, however, are acceptable. Question: Do we harm our children by directing them not to participate? The classroom is one among many places which reveals the existence of dif- ferences. We further our children's personal growth and maturity by teaching them that they can respect the faith of their neighbor without embracing that faith.

We can clearly mark these differences by such simple statements as, "This is what we do," and "This is what we do not do. Answer: There are now, as there always have been, parents who do not accept the viewpoint of responsible Jewish leadership. Nevertheless, this is no excuse for negligence on the part of sincere, dedicated Jewish parents.

Jewish parents will help their children most if they assure their children that despite the par- ticipation of some Jewish children, Jewish leaders have taken a strong position for non- participation in observances of a holiday not their own, and that this is also their position. Question: Would not the entire problem be solved in the public school by joint Christmas and Chanukah celebration?

It is a violation of the Constitution to observe any sectarian holiday in the public school, be a joint observance or otherwise. We do not correct an error by compounding the error. Question: Should Chanukah be celebrated in the public schools? To do so violates the Constitution, uses the taxpayer's money for sectarian purposes, and jeopardizes the principle of the separation of church and state, without which there can be no religious freedom.

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As chairman of Commerce and Trades, he will assume responsi- bility for organization of Israel Bond sales with members of various industries and businesses in the South Florida area. Salm has served on the Israel Film on 'P. Trie p. The film, "P. A resident of No. Kendall area. Call after 6 p. Having a good cup ot coffee after theater is almost as much a part of the entertainment as the perform- ance itself.

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Prior to his appointment as senior vice president in Jan. Robert A. Whitebook have been named chairmen of the Beth Torah and State of Israel Bond dinner for that evening. Whitebook is a member of the synagogue's board of directors. He is fso a public relations advisor to Israel Consul-General rtlanta. Culliuv "ullman. Daily Per Parson Do-ibla Occupancy. Special guest will be the Hon. Co-chairmen are Ted Kreuter and Kli Lesser. All proceeds will benefit residents of the Home and its divisions.

The bazaar is free and open to the public. Chairman of the event is Fred Hirsch. The Bellocks have long been active in Jewish communal af- fairs.

Bellock has served as chair- man of the United Jewish Appeal for the last four years. Guest speaker will be Israel Amitai, Israeli television pro- ducer, journalist and author. Co- chairmen are Mel Fine and Roy Sager. Happy Chanukah Alfred Golden, Exec. Leo Hack, V. Kenneth Kay, V. Arthur Grossberg, V. Carol Grossberg, V. Riveraide Memorial Chapela J he secret of Mazola is com. Or-as the first Americans knew it-maize. Mazola Margarines are made from golden com oil. There is no cholesterol, naturally.

So if you enjoy food, but are concerned about cholesterol enjoy cholesterol-free Mazola in any of its three great tastes. Sweet-Unsalted Mazola for meat or dairy, baking or cooking- it's right in the dairycase. Diet Mazola. Anyway you say it. Bob Schwartz is district director. The steering committee will set policy for Florida.

Harriet Freedman. Opubmets Give the finest ingredients along with your next gift. After their initial stay for the first few years in office rooms at Chase Ave.. The facilities needed major remodeling though, to convert the former Masonic Temple into classrooms, lecture rooms, and a Bais-Hamedrash.

This refur- bishing process which began this past April and is presently in the final stages of completion is the special reason for celebrating and honoring benefactors Mr. Alfred Swires at this years annual dinner. Swire have been most instrumental in this regard," says Rabbi J.

Bursty ii, executive director of the Talmudic University. The public is invited. Talmudic University and well known hotel owner and operator, has commented that, "This represents a milestone in the history of the Yeshiva. Berkowitz has been gracious enough to provide the facilities for the annual dinner at one of his hotels. Swire, an active businessman in real estate all his life, moved to Sarasota 10 years ago. Born in [Let us help you find your perfect! Workmen's Comp. Crisp ii crunrhy.

Stir in seasoned -. Add Chex and nul. Heat in MM I hour. Slir every 15 minutes. Spread on absorbent paper to cool. Makes about cups.

Party Mix may be frozen, so make a double bslrh. Thaw at room temperature in container in which it was stored. William Kropf received Histadrut's Silver Menorah award at a luncheon held at Williamson Restaurant, 1 in recognition of "dedicated support of. Israel and Histadrut. Iwilliam Kropf. The clinic was jnied in memory of Dr.

Haim Ifisski. Scopus convoy in Aaron Solomon. Gross lebrew Academy's 33rd annual pholarship dinner Sunday, Dec. Since coming to Miami Beach Ine years ago he has been active the iold Coast Synagogue and fcrves as chairman of the board.

I Because Greenfield has known prsity. I get back more n I give I benefit and the fcbrew Academy can carry on f dedicated work in helping to FPe a vibrant Jewish com- unity.

Passover of Jjnd Al Greenfield personally faring packages to the needy. Guaranteed Work Competitive Rates or executive board of the national committee for Labor Israel, was the featured speaker.

The function, which initiated the 81 campaign for scholarships for education in the secondary schools in Israel and for the Yasski Bet Clinic, raised S The rooms sponsored in the clinic will be dedicated during the Southeast Histadrut Mission to Israel in May of Harold M.

Malin of Miami was elected to his first term on the executive board of the National Federation of Temple Brotherhood Jewish Chautauqua Society at its recent 28th biennial con- vention at Stouffers Inn on the Square.

Malin, of the Merchants Credit Bureau, is a past president of Temple Beth Am Brotherhood and a former member of the temple's board of directors. Peter Gold- ring, president of the Florida Friends. Guest speaker at the dinner will be Ambassador Shabtai Rosenne, formerly permanent representative of Israel to the United Nations in Geneva and currently chairman of the Israel Delegation to the Law of the Sea Conference and a representative to the Session of the General Assembly.

Irving Lehrman, Temple Emanu-El. George S. Wise are serving as honorary chairmen of the event. Emanuel Rackman. The Miami Herald. Previous recip- ients of the award in Florida included: Congressmen Dante Fascell.

William Lehman, Claude Pepper, former Sen. Richard F. Stone, Dr. Irving Lehrman and Dr. George A. Information about dinner reservations may be secured by- calling the Bar-Ilan University offices in Miami Beach. Pearl Portock. Evelyn Clein and Syd Halpern. Edith Novins is in charge of tickets for the luncheon to be held during the national president's visit on Sunday.

Evelyn Clein, chairman in charge of the annual Chanukah party, announced that plans had been completed for the party to be held on Sunday at p. Gifts will be exchanged and traditional holiday refreshments w ill be served.

Long ictive in Jewish communal affairs. Schuster has been a leader of the Jewish community in Havana and South Florida. The award wan presented by Oscar Minski. Grand Union, Wmn D'x. Now you can get the same fresh, delicious imported herring you enjoy in fine restaurants and delis. Mama's Old Fashioned Herring is carefully packed by v ' hand so you get more herring to the jar.

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The Poet and Auxiliary will 0 hold its annual tag week starting Dec. Proceeds will he used for the post and Auxiliary's work at tiH v'A Hospital: forveterans and tiieir lamilies; and for their service work with Senior Citizen. Menial Health, and Child Welfare institutions in the area. Members will participate in the canister solicitation in the West Miami ard Westchester areas. Hadassah Chapter Zohara Hadassah. Kastern Shores Chapter, will hold its regular monthly meeting on Monday.

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Her cabaret act debuted at New York's Grand Finale in Her one-woman musical show evolved trom that act and became known as "My Mother Was a Fortune Teller. Florida, was awarded a scholarship with Felix Salmond at Philadelphia's Curtis Institute while still in his teens. Opus No.

Rose will continue with Fantasy Pieces. Opus 73 and Adagio and Allegro. Opus by Schumann. Following in- termission. Debussy's Sonale: Prologue and Serenade el Finale. Jewish Live. And your compote wouldn't be complete without Blue Ribbon or Old Orchard Figs, for over half a century our wholesome kosher fruits have been a Jewish cooking tradition. We dry them the traditional way, too. Naturally, in the sun. So the natural sweetness you enjoyed as a child still tastes the same today And isn't that what tradition is all about?

A reception and inner followed at the Coral Country Club. The bride is the daughter of Mr. Morris D. Levitt of Miami, and the bridegroom is the son of Mr. George Cohen, also of Miami. Among guests were Mr. Sam Pozin and Mr. Bernard Greenblatt, both couples from Chicago: Mr. Herbert Halperin. Stanley Schwartz, Lawrence, N. Sy Moskowitz. William Lambock. Somers, N. On their return from a honeymoon trip to the Virgin Islands, the newlvweds will live in Miami. Max A. Lipschitz announce the marriage ofg.

Milton Gevertz, the parents of daughter :: :: "ebra Susan, announce her engagement to David Mayer, sonot cantor and Mrs.

Seymour Hinkes. The wedding is planned for November, The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Doris Hanff of Miami! The bridegroom is the son of Mr. Jonas Brotman i Miami Beach. Best man was Martin Engels. Brotman graduated from the Lehrman Day School and!

Out-of-town guests included New Yorkers, Mrs. Ella Jacobs. Sol Rabinowitz, Mr. George Zimmer- man, Mrs. Flora Fogel, Mrs. Pearl Rubel, Mr. Milton Rabinowitz and daughter Bobbi, Mrs.

Belle Glasser and Charles Gingold. Natilie Freed from East Windsor. Saul Bell Jamaica. The newly weds will reside in Miami. The bride is the daughter of Dr.

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Chicken Kabobs 2 zucchini, sliced l'i pounds chicken breast in W"cubes cherry tomatoes small white onions, frozen or fresh 3 packets G. Washington's Golden Seasoning and Broth 1'; cups tomato juice 1 tablespoon dehydrated onion flakes dash pepper ,. Blanch zucchini slices in boiling water for about 5 mn"' ' drain on absorbent towels.

Alternate zucchini, chick en cu chem tomatoes, and white onions on skewers. Comoin maming ingredients; boil for 5 minutes. Dixie Hwy. Extend Chanukah Greetings 25 Southeast 2nd Ave. Fort Lauderdale Broward Dade Mr. The monument, presented as a gift to the congregation by its president. Agenda vocal mix. The future icansee. The future icansee instrumental. Unreleased k-1 agenda track. Read more. W 29 -


Escape Invasion - John Harrison (6) - George A. Romeros Day Of The Dead (Original Motion Picture Sou, Answer Me - Frankie Laine - Greatest Hits (CD, Album), Addio Alla Madre (Da Cavalleria Rusticana) - Al Bano* - Addio Alla Madre (Vinyl), F: Mother Gigogne And The Puppets - Tchaikovsky* - Ambrosian Singers*, Philharmonia Orchestra, Micha, Марш Советской Милиции - Various - Подмосковный Сувенир (Vinyl, LP), Jaw & Order - Ape* & Undu* - Jaw & Order (CD, Album), Go With The Train! - Dan (13) - Thology (CD), 3. Scherzo. Allegro Molto - Trio - Artemis Quartett - Beethoven* - String Quartets Op. 18/1 & Op. 12, My Life Is Moving (Legend Mix) - Phantom (6) - My Life Is Moving (CD), 20th Century Boy - X* - Visual Shock Blu-ray Box 1989-1992 (Box Set), Parasite God - Various - Hometaping Vol. 2 (CD), He Touched Me - Ede And Paul Winkler - God Is So Wonderful (Vinyl, LP), Teitur - Four Songs (CD), Wonky Style Fall Out - Fortification 55 / Pulse Legion - Fortification 55: 1992-1999 (CD)


  • DJ K-1's (Keith Tucker - AUX88) re-release for modern electro heads Direct Beat Classics label! 1) "K-1 Intro" -Fine metallic percussion and Jeep beats define the groove of this EP's introduction from the year of featuring Anthony 'Blaktony' Horton (vocals) on this legendary Keith Tucker production. K-1's hauntingly dark strings emerge as you are informed by its mission statement. Mental.
  • a2 K-1 Agenda (Instrumental Mix) a3 K-1 Agenda (Vocal Mix) b1 The Future Icansee. the group celebrates its now classic recordings. harkening back to its first days on cassette tape to revive a future generation of vinyl aficionados. aux88 s bass magnetic = classic detroit electro. b2 DJ K-1 - Erase the Time. out of stock. EUR *.
  • Vinyl DJ equipment bags & cases. Digital DJ equipment bags & cases. Vinyl sleeves, cleaning & storage. K-1 Agenda (vocal mix) () The Future I Can See (Intrumental mix) () Unreleased K-1 Track () Review: DJ K-1's (Keith Tucker - AUX88) re-release for modern electro heads on the Direct Beat Classics label (including.
  • A foam wrist rest with vinyl cover is included. The platform adjusts 5 inches, from inches above the desk. Adjustable Keyboard Tray. The Adjustable Keyboard Tray is designed for use by individuals with upper extremity and mobility disabilities. This tray is available for standard or ergonomic keyboards and offers a range of adjustments for.
  • future is but one step removed from trying to control the future in order to guarantee one's place in it. Such a man. and in the presidency Carter was one of them, will hardly commit himself to an action, any action, that in his opinion would win him thumbs down by a jury assigned to evaluate his role in history. He is addicted to the hocus.

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