Sparrow Flew With Swallows Wings - Hot Club De Paris - Live At Dead Lake (CD, Album)

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Label: Moshi Moshi Records - MOSHI1051572X • Format: CD Album CD EP, Limited Edition, Enhanced • Country: Europe • Genre: Rock • Style: Math Rock, Acoustic, Indie Rock

Sparrow and swallow are two very different types of birds belong to two families of Class: Aves. Although their names sound a little rhyming, the characteristics of morphology, ethology, reproduction, taxonomic diversity, and mainly ecology are different between sparrows and swallows.

Sparrows are a portion of the taxonomic family called Passeridae. The House sparrow would be the first one that encounters the mind of anyone as soon as the sparrows are considered, yet there are more than described species worldwide. Sparrows are very small in size, and light in weight; the average body length varies from 10 to 17 centimetres and weights ranging between 13 and 40 grams.

On the other side of the glass, a sparrow hovered, peering inside. After waving away the dogs, Molly took a closer look. No, he was standing strong, clear eyes, just staring at me. I waved my hand at it.

Didn't flinch. I got afraid and closed the blinds. The sparrow stayed at the door for about three minutes and then flew off.

Four days later, Molly was working outside when her neighbor came over to visit. In many cultures, sparrows are seen as good luck. In Chinese culture, the sparrow is an auspicious symbol of happiness and the coming of spring, while in Indonesian lore, sparrows signify birth, marriage, rain and other good tidings. According to the Audobon Society, a common superstition states that sparrows carry the souls of the dead, and as such, it is bad luck to kill them. This superstition closely resembles the ancient Egyptian view of sparrows and that of traditional sailors, some of whom would get sparrow tattoos in hopes that the birds would catch and carry their souls should they die at sea.

Modern authors have also shared systems for interpreting sparrows and other birds as omens. According to certain new-age authors, an encounter with a dead sparrow could indicate a loss of freedom or innocence. According to others, however, finding a deceased bird may be symbolic of a new beginning, much like the "death" card in the tarot system.

Like most tattoos, sparrow tattoos can have a variety of meanings or none at all. As mentioned above, many sailors would get traditional sparrow tattoos in hopes that their souls might be taken to heaven if they died at sea. In a similar vein, many people choose to get sparrow tattoos to memorialize the souls of loved ones who have passed away. Alternatively, sparrow tattoos can represent joy, freedom and inhibition.

A popular example of this meaning is Jack Sparrow's sparrow tattoo in the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise. In addition to being a tribute to the infamous pirate's last name, Jack's tattoo also points to the counterculture of freedom, expression and self-determination prized by those who choose to live outside of the bounds of structured society.

Others choose sparrow tattoos as representations of adaptability, productivity or efficiency. Sparrows are adept and resilient builders that can survive and thrive in both wild and urban settings.

They learn by observing and use their observations to inform their actions. Whether sneaking into a big-box store via the motion-activated doors, swooping under a just-vacated table at a cafe for crumbs or building an urban nest out of cigarette butts and other detritus, sparrows know how to do what they can with what they have.

The sparrow has mythological significance in a variety of cultures. Karen Arnold via Needpix; Canva. The sparrow has been the object of countless cultural, spiritual and mythological associations across both geography and time. In this section, we'll examine the symbolic significance of the sparrow from a diverse variety of perspectives.

In ancient Greek mythology, sparrows were considered a symbol of love. The sparrow was the sacred bird of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and symbolised true love and spiritual connection—not just lust contrary to this, sparrows are often regarded as one of the most lustful and sexually active birds in the wild.

In Troy, nine sparrows were eaten by a snake, and this foretold nine years of war. In European folklore of old, sparrows were considered death omens. A sparrow flying into one's home was seen as a sign of impending death. One variation of this superstition from Kent, England, stated that a person who catches a sparrow must kill it or else their parents would die.

Another variation stated that the catcher must kill the bird or else they themself would die. Luckily, sparrows rarely fly into people's homes, and most people no longer feel the need to kill them if they do. Just above the sparrow is a symbol for the word "forever. According to the ancient Egyptians, sparrows would catch the souls of the recently deceased and carry them to heaven.

Years later, it became common for sailors to get sparrow tattoos in hopes that the birds would catch their souls if they died at sea. The ancient Egyptians used a hieroglyph that represented the house sparrow.

It was used as a determinative in the words "small," "narrow," or "bad. In old Indonesian tradition, sparrows were considered good luck omens. Folklore states that a sparrow flying into one's home denotes good luck especially if it builds a nest. It can also mean a wedding will happen soon. It is also said that if a lady sees one on Valentine's Day, she will find happiness marrying a poor man. The call of the sparrow is also thought to bring rain.

Sparrows typically fly at around 24 miles per hour, but when in danger, they can reach speeds of up to 31 miles per hour. Sparrows have appeared in literature for centuries across a variety of genres.

Sparrows have been represented in literature throughout history, from ancient Greek and Roman poems to numerous religious texts to the works Chaucer and Shakespeare. But worse are the half-baked attempts at irony, wit and humour. Hey, Housebrick!

One can only say, physician heal thyself. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. If you choose to use this review on your site please link back to this page. I respect that you are open minded enough to consider their declining population in their native land. Perhaps we should smuggle some chickadees and nut hatches to Europe. We have a house sparrow, a young female that adopted us. I live on the bay and watch how they distroy martins nest and eggs and kill the Young.

I guess I need to get out the trap. With a flock of 30 birds in the garden all summer, they have suddenly vanished completely; even leaving the feeder untouched. Does anyone know why? Very well written article!! The only way to keep house sparrows at bay is to put boxes in open field and put hole reducers on chickadees box and trap.

I have opened to many boxes with dead chickadees in them before I made these changes. My house sparrows have vanished too! I have a couple cardinals that visit in the evening and a few chickadees in the afternoon.


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  • Jun 14,  · Listen to Sparrow Flew With Swallows Wings on Spotify. Hot Club De Paris · Song · Music Duration: 2 min.
  • Sparrow Flew With Swallow's Wings Liverpool’s Hot Club de Paris make the awkward accessible, in a fashion not wholly dissimilar to Birmingham peers (and fans) Johnny Foreigner. Live at Dead Lake, their second album, doesn’t storm from the blocks a la its predecessor, Drop It ‘Til It Pops, but wriggles its way into your special places with a subtlety fairly unexpected.
  • Jun 15,  · Album Reviews: Hot Club De Paris - Live At Dead Lake. musicOMH album reviews, live music reviews, interviews, features. Hot Club De Paris – Live At Dead Lake (Moshi Moshi) UK release date: 16 June After Found Sleeping casts its spell the trio sign off with Sparrow Flew With Swallows Wings, a phrase that somehow describes their Author: Ben Hogwood.
  • Hot Club De Paris Live At Dead Lake Review. Liverpool trio Hot Club de Paris' second album, Live At Dead Lake, comes with the picture of a coffin wrapped in bunting. 14 Sparrow Flew .
  • Album Live at Dead Lake. Live at Dead Lake Hot Club De Paris. 1. Call Me Mr Demolition Ball Sparrow Flew With Swallow’s Wings Everybody Got In Touch To Say Sorry.
  • Live At Dead Lake is the second album from English indie band Hot Club De Paris, which was released in mid The first single released from the album is entitled "Hey Housebrick" and was released on 16 June on Moshi Moshi records. There was a limited edition bonus disc included with the album.
  • – Hot Club De Paris: The Anchor: – Hot Club De Paris: This Thing Seems Forever To Last Forever: – Hot Club De Paris: Found Sleeping: – Hot Club De Paris: Sparrow Flew With Swallow's Wings: Dead Lounge Acoustic EP – Hot Club De Paris: Hey! Housebrick: – Hot Club De Paris: My Little Haunting:
  • Individual White-throated Sparrows have either white stripes on their head or tan stripes. These distinct color forms are genetic in origin. White-striped birds .

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