One Chord Punk Rock Song - Da Slyme - Da Slyme (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Download One Chord Punk Rock Song - Da Slyme - Da Slyme (Vinyl, LP, Album)
Label: Loo Enterprises Inc. - none • Format: 2x, Vinyl LP, Album • Country: Canada • Genre: Rock • Style: Punk

The 20 Year Scam is an extremely important collection of material in the history of Newfoundland music. It is the only available representation of Da Slyme material in the years that followed the holy grail double LP, and it houses some of my favourite Da Slyme tracks to boot. And Justice for no one in the jailhouse and the schools, As your attorney I advise you to break all the rules. Your email address will not be published.

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Still, it's worth the pain. During Wednesday night's benefit for Showpaper at the Old Firehouse 2 , Sic Alps had some technical issues to deal with. The process of setting up the backline shared by their tourmates Magic Markers was prolonged when the mixing board that they run their vocals through was fried.

As the smell of burning circuits permeated the air, I quipped that at least we were in the right place to deal with a fire. Eventually the Alps abandoned their attempts to fix the mixing board and turned things over to Magik Markers, who had been slated to go on next.

Firmly in the camp of "heard about but never heard", I was curious to see how the Markers held up to their reputation Of course, what played out was not at all what I was expecting. Instead of a sloppy burst of noise, I was assaulted by one of the tightest rhythm sections I've had the pleasure of witnessing.

They were accompanied by a gal on guitar who convincingly played the part of idiot savant. She fumbled over the guitar as if she had no idea what she was doing. But that was clearly not the case, as she manhandled her instrument.

Enhanced by a bevy of electronics and pedals, Magik Markers belted out a dichotomy of mess and proficiency, its form defined by the machine-like duo but personality owned by the structured chaotic guitar. I've been converted.

Back to Sic Alps, a favorite in our household for a dog's age. These guys have added a member, a second guitarist whose role is presumably to enable his counterpart to not play the guitar and concentrate on singing without losing any of the tune.

It's OK by me. But backing up The band lost their mixing board and had to go to Plan B and send their vocals through the house PA. The soundman was walking them through their check.

So on. After blurting out "Fuck it, let's just go," the drummer leaped onto his stool and immediately launched into an incredible drum solo to kick things off. Keith Moon incredible. Animal incredible. A moment of brilliant turmoil which gave way to a robust set. The Sic Alps accomplish what few others do in combining lush melodies with breakout explosive jams. They teeter on the edge for a spell and then explode —bodies flail into the microphones, drums assaulted.

Pick up the pieces and set things up enough to do it again for 3 minutes. Long enough to get in one or two memorable hooks, to leave an impression most folks are incapable of, then a burst of energy before cleaning up and moving onto the next memorable hook.

A fantastic set. I encountered Maron's show not too long after joining the podcast culture which was, admittedly, years after the rest of the world jumped in. With fond recollections of his standup via Comedy Central, I anxiously dove into the series.

It has become more obvious with each successive episode, but Marc's podcast is not standard fare. He probes deeper, with more introspect, than any of his peers and in the process not only gets his guests to open up but talks about his own life with more honesty than most can muster in therapy.

And we can relate —this set was preceded by a cast of dozens approaching the stage in eucharist-like earnesty to deliver presents 3 to the host.

Thank You's for talking about your life with the honesty that we find hard to reflect upon ourselves. Hilarity ensued, really. As first panelist up, and by definition the longest guest on stage, Vowell initiated a lively conversation about the history of Hawaii, then kept up with comically timed comments and yawns during subsequent guests after various audience members felt the need to chime in with absurdly trivial additions to the conversation, she announced "it feels like we're sitting in a room with the internet".

Hader's tale of Danny McBride's stoned trek in a car service stole the show. As was told, the real-life Kenny Powers defied his limo driver's order not to smoke marijuana en route. When confronted, he acknowledged his gaff, accepted his banishment of the service, and made arrangements to meet his pals at Denny's on foot.

Game, set, match. Kenny Fucking Powers! I need to start collecting these records exclusively as test presses. Sleeveless by design without the weight of "missing" part of the package. Sadly, no firepoles in sight. Every few minutes someone would readjust the position of this artifact. Never again will I wonder what Tanya is doing with that seal. You've got to be fucking kidding me! I love You! I will KILL for a vinyl copy of this sickfukk masturpiece!!!!!!!!!!

I recently located my copy of the album among a bunch of other albums in my parents' attic. The lyrics insert is in great shape and the lp's are not too bad. One is a little warped but I was able to get both transferred to cd's.

I can make a copy of the cd's and the lyric sheets for a nominal fee. Hey, wondering if anyone who managed to get these songs before they were removed still has them?


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  • Intro’d with Da Slyme’s 12 second war cry “The One-Chord Punk Rock Song” (which simply explains “This is a one-chord punk rock song, we know it’s the shits but it doesn’t last long”), take a listen to “Fear & Loathing in the East End” for a taste of REAL St. John’s townie traditional music, and read along with Da Slyme’s lyrical magic below.
  • Jul 31,  · One Chord Punk Rock Song - DA SLYME. here. Posted by WDM at maybe the influence of mananger Rob was the reason, in the end anyway. Fact is, 'Hör Einmal Zu!' is a solid rock punk album with variety and not typical for what I know from Canada. recording and mixing the LP within five days. Since their early s heyday, and despite.
  • Jul 31,  · One Chord Punk Rock Song - DA SLYME. here. Posted by WDM at (Self Released-Greece) - * Mini album self released by this Greek band from play goth rock and were active last decade.I have no Famine. Plague. LP - Limb From Limb - death metal / crust band from Vancouver // Canada somehow this record.
  • B8_Da Slyme - My Only Concern Is B9_Da Slyme - Kickin' Till I Die B11_Da Slyme - One Chord Punk Rock Song B12_Prologue Listen. Publié par Mythkoz à Libellés: V/A - SMASH THE STATE. 2 commentaires: capitão sensível 29 juillet à MELL SQUARE MUSICK LP (1) V/A.
  • One Chord Punk Rock Song R. Refuse Intros Again Tanya What Ya Doin With Dat Seal My Only Concern Radio Junkie Pon Rumphrey Song Anarchy-Baby-Mother-Daddy-O-Di My Mind Is Shot Kill Frank Moores The Break Song.
  • The Action, Active Dog, Cardboard Brains 1st EP, Da Slyme (the double LP as well as the CD), Demics 12", the 1st Diodes LP, Discords, Dishrags (particularly their 2nd but just go buy the CD), some early D.O.A., Forgotten Rebels 12" and In Love With The System LP (if you're one of those obnoxious politically.
  • 9 Comments on One Chord Punk Rock Song - Da Slyme - Da Slyme (Vinyl, LP, Album) / Right Now - Sabotawj - I. Emcee (CD, Album) Dousida /
  • The CD starts out with our signature tune, Piss-eyed Sleazoid, and kicks ass for a shade less than 70 minutes. Recorded live at a gig in , the disc features 22 songs mostly written since legendary 2 LP set was released in
  • Jan 31,  · These were the goons who started as Tooloose and Da Slyme, at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada in They played around the city of St. John's until about , when work and travel commitments spread them across North America.

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