Man In The Moon - Marilyn Middleton-Pollock* - Nobody Knows You (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Download Man In The Moon - Marilyn Middleton-Pollock* - Nobody Knows You (Vinyl, LP, Album)
Label: Fellside Recordings - FE064 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: UK • Genre: Blues, Folk, World, & Country • Style: Folk

It's easy to sell to us. Download our valuation form and send us a detailed list of any records, CDs and memorabilia you wish to sell -- full details here. If your collection is large or valuable we can come to you. UK vinyl LP, red vinyl, blue vinyl, clear vinyl Top release decades s Top music labels Fellside Recordings Ascolta ora. Per approfittare dei vantaggi offerti da Prime Music, accedi alla Libreria musicale e trasferisci il tuo account su Amazon.

Aggiungi alla libreria musicale. Ascolta un estratto del brano. Recensioni clienti. Come vengono calcolate le valutazioni? Per calcolare la valutazione complessiva in stelle e la ripartizione percentuale per stella, non usiamo una media semplice. Donna Hightower and Ernestine Anderson, both great singers, are rarely included in such compilations.

The remaining songs, many composed by Brubeck and his wife Iola, are culled from various albums. This Warner Bros. The bonus tracks were recorded with Geraldo and His Orchestra, with whom Carr performed extensively as the girl singer. Those are the original covers, pictured here.

Small has worked continually in musicals for forty years—mostly flops, alas, which is why she is not better known. Small also appeared in F. Songs from these shows and more are featured here.

It goes without saying that the CD is bursting with rare theater songs— many of which have never been recorded before—and will be of great interest to fans of musicals and vocals alike. Kei Kobayashi started singing professionally as a teenager in the early '90s and began his recording career soon after, exploring the Great American Songbook in a dozen or so albums to date.

Booklet incl. Of course, The Beatles are represented— with P. A dozen more tracks recorded between , all newly remastered: Who's That Knocking at My Door? The show features 27 songs by the popular contemporary singer-songwriter, whose tunes have been recorded by artists like Barry Manilow, Diana Ross, Jane Olivor, Sam Harris, Portia Nelson and, especially, by the late Nancy LaMott, Friedman's early mentor, and Kathie Lee Gifford, his most recent champion. The remaining sides, many not easy to find elsewhere, are culled from the various labels, large and small, for which she recorded throughout the '50s and '60s—Columbia, MGM, Pye Nixa, Wing, Esquire, Piccadilly, and NJE—a vast and eclectic oeuvre of acclaimed recordings which led to her eventual breakthrough, and subsequent popularity, in the States.

Recorded with the orchestras of Frank Cordell and, mostly, Geraldo, most of these tracks have never previously been issued on CD. With some of the Big Easy's most talented young musicians on guitar, percussion, bass, cello, trombone, tenor sax, and trumpet, the album, asscording to to the publicity materials, "is eclectic, organic, and undoubtedly jazz, moving smoothly from sambas to hard-driving swing tunes with heartfelt ballads interspersed.

Most have not been available since their initial dates of release. The vast majority of the 60 songs here are of British vintage. Brown Harry Roy.

Loren sings Almost in Your Arms, Bing! Some of these have sufaced before on movie soundtrack collections or on what-were-they-thinking compilations, but many of these are only available on this collection.

And there are expanded versions of three other themes. The above perform, respectively, It's a Good Day, Mr. Though in one of his songs he laments I've Never Been in a Show by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Kates, refreshingly, does not compose grand, self-conscious arias or hollow, overblown pop ballads.

More Jerry Herman than Lloyd Webber, he writes in the classic tradition of musical theater and cabaret—charming, pointed songs which are sometimes poignant, often funny.

A good example of the latter is When I Gaze into a Mirror, which he puts across with his customary verve and a respectable singing voice: When I gaze into a mirror what I see Is a person I don't recognize as me I am surely ten years younger Make that twenty, make it more Who the hell requested wrinkles Or an ass that hits the floor? So what happened to the blossom and the bloom, Turning heads from simply walking in a room?

Well, the heads have not stopped turning 'They just turn to look away No one loves a faded fairy Or a queen who loves ballet. No More Mr. It's What I Understand.

They provide stellar support for the singer on a program that balances self-penned originals and well-known instrumentals to which Hendricks has set his customarily deft lyrics. According to critic Michael Nastos, "Of the many projects Hendricks has been involved in, this is his crowning glory. It toured the country as a stage production, depicting the history of African-American roots music, from spirituals and field hollers to blues, gospel, and jazz.

Hendricks recites signposts of the musical progression in rhyme and singing Both on film and on record Betty Hutton's style was one of total abandon, even anarchy.

She seemed hellbent on perfecting hollering as an art form and selling mania as the basic human condition—and she succeeded. At her peak, Hutton recorded extensively for RCA and Capitol, and mostly she sang funny novelty numbers especially written for her, many by Frank Loesser.

But more important, when she wanted to, she could handle a ballad with ease and aching, heartbreaking simplicity, proving herself to be one of our great popular singers. There are no liner notes, but the fidelity is excellent, and as a crash course in the history of the popular song, it's tough to beat.

Such an unexpected and intimate accompaniment demonstrates something that may have been overlooked before. While Comstock is the co-heir apparent, with Steve Ross, to the mantle of the late Bobby Short—that is, our premier cabaret or "society" singer-pianist—he is also, far and away, the best singer of all the performers, past or present, with whom he shares his particular musical niche.

Napoleon's sensitive arrangements present an ideal musical setting for Comstock's vocals, cushioning and showcasing them at the same time.

Comstock's singing is lovely—unaffected, heartfelt, warm, clear, even sensual at least to these ears —in short, every good thing. Despite the obvious temptation posed by solo guitar accompaniment, Comstock wisely resists interpreting these songs as bossa novas, with the natural exception of Jobim's Living on Dreams which features lyrics by the late Susannah McCorkle.

Jaye P. Carol , and more. Her commitment to improvisation She lost to Ella Fitzgerald. The former, from , has never been available on CD. The latter, released a year later, was available only on a now out of print, collectible import. Those are the original albums covers, pictured here. Frances Faye, NO REGRETS Singer Frances Faye, whose motto was "I think when you're pretty, it doesn't matter how you wear your hair," is largely forgotten except by gay men, who especially relish the dry, hip, camp repartee of her live albums "I was gonna strip but I'm not feeling too well [pause] I'm not pretty but I'm very wild [pause] and if you ever saw me during the day in a black sheath and sneakers, you'd kill yourself.

It is important to acknowledge her greatness as a singer, and this 2-CD import, released 15 years after her death in , goes a long way toward that end. Plus songs by k. Eyen died of AIDS in The other 20 songs, however, are indeed by newer, younger composers several of whom remain unfamiliar to us even today, over 20 years later. A member cast!! When the group disbanded in the '50s, Johnson struck out for New York, where she performed regularly on metropolitan radio shows.

Here's a lengthy YouTube tribute to Johnson and her career. The last was recorded for Atlantic, for whom she waxed two albums of standards before marrying and retiring in But Hockenberry had been recording five albums to date and performing throughout the Bay Area for many years before that.

Here are master takes, as well as countless previously unissued alternate takes and recordings of live performances—an incredible sides in all, recorded with the bands of Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Benny Carter, and Eddie Heywood but, mostly, with Teddy Wilson and with Holiday's own orchestra—a running time of over 11 hours!!

Her voice is a miracle. Astaire starred with his sister and dance partner Adele in the first two shows, both written by George Gershwin, and Adele is heard on eight of the tracks here, with George Gershwin playing piano on five songs. Astaire, then 76, is in fine voice, and the two solo albums offer a variety of material. But mostly he revisits some of his most famous songs, incl. Keyboard Man. Sullivan, BART! The CD is highlighted by two rare songs from an unproduced musical about Gertrude Lawrence—Who Besides You and Beware of the Woman—although calling them highlights might be splitting hairs since none of the tracks by Julie Wilson, or any of the others for that matter, appear elsewhere, all of them having been recorded specifically for this release—rare performances of mostly rare songs.

Though far from a household name, Howard is well known to followers of pop, jazz and cabaret. The rest are obscure treasures, prime examples of the intimate, rarefied cabaret song, culled from the back pages of the Great American Songbook.

The rest are performed by Howard himself, still going strong in his 80s. According to the liner notes, "By , Antonio Carlos Jobim had enjoyed more than a decade of success as a songwriter with songs like The Girl from Ipanema and Desafinado. Singing it in both Portuguese and English, Jobim Like George Gershwin, with whom he was often ranked as an equal, Jobim had ambitions beyond writing popular songs; he wanted to compose music for the concert hall. In the '60s, the Jim Kweskin Jug Band which included a young Maria Muldaur recorded five albums for Vanguard Records, and they were indeed in the vanguard of contemporary music.

In a culture steeped in rock music and drenched in psychedelia, the Jug Band cultivated an eclectic repertoire, popularizing vintage blues and old-time folk, and mining the Great American Songbook for classic pop and jazz. Songs: What Is There to Say? According to Wikipedia, "Kustbandet is a Swedish jazz orchestra founded as a school band in Stockholm in The band has recorded more than 20 albums Judy Niemack, The dozen tracks, recorded individually by the two artists, were all arranged by Antonio Carlos Jobim, and all recorded in Rio de Janeiro in Breach is a minimalist, who literally just sings —sings in a lovely voice with a slight but not unappealing nasal quality, a total absence of vocal and stylistic tics and tricks, and an unerring, direct yet subtle connection to the lyric of any song she sings.

This is the second of Breach's three tributes to Mabel Mercer, the late doyenne of cabaret music and the greatest and most influential singer the genre has ever produced. She is supported throughout by a guitar and bass trio led by the great Keith Ingham on piano. Mtv Brand New Remembrance Day Life In The 80's Olga War Our Lives The Infidel Shanty Town Livin' In America Velvet Elvis Better Watch Out Hi Lizardson, I have attached an MP3 of something I recorded from the radio back in the early seventies.

If anybody can identify it I would be over the moon. It's a bit muffled but listenable. Many thanks, Mike. Not a cynical attempt to avoid paying licensing fees to Elektra Records for reissue rights or an admission of complete creative brain-death, See, It Was Like This instead functions as a kind of alternative greatest-hits package of Aztec Two-Step 's early years.

The duo's early work with producer Jerry Yester was truly lovely in the near-orchestral manner of Yester 's own work with his wife, Judy Henske , around the same period, but these much simpler, almost stark new versions of the songs strip away the slightly dated orchestrations and put the focus entirely on Rex Fowler and Neal Shulman's close harmonies and acoustic guitars, both of which are in top shape throughout. Last Year 2. Clever Head Spell 3. Love for You 4.

Who Is Who 5. My Best Friend 6. Blue Eyes 7. What a Day It's Been 8. Beggar Boy 9. I have completed the clean up of the Jonathan Swift album "Introvert"It is not perfect, the overload on the original has spoiled one track completely, to sample it Download J. Maybe you'd like to add this zip-file to the "Introvert" album by Jonathan Swift. It contains the artwork and a "OK version" of track 7.

From Both Sides Now A Widow On The Shore A Bracero A Dirty Old Town B This Wheel's On Fire B Alma Llanera B The Hedgehog's Song B Mad John's Escape B Posted by request. A Different Kind Of Lovesong 2. Victor Jara Of Chile 3. Graham Street 5. Song For Ireland 7. Erin-Go-Bragh 8. Now Westlin Winds 9. Your Daughters And Your Sons Glenlogie Revolution 2. Ireland Her Own 3.

Floo'ers O'The Forest 4. Freedom Come-All-Ye 5. Pound A Week Rise 6. Father's Song 7. Snows They Melt The Soonest 8. Geronimo's Cadillac 9. Reconciliation I think both our albums are now available on cd. I obtained one from Amazon the other day. And talking about Ralph McTell, what a great tour that was.

We played to great audiences in some of the country's best venues, supporting one of the nicest guys in the business. It doesn't get much better than that. I've gone all misty-eyed. Enjoy the songs. Engineers is a Dream Pop band formed in London in March The band's sound is often describe as a mixture of psychedelia, shoegazing and post-rock , though they themselves claim their influences range from The Cocteau Twins to Curtis Mayfield.

With the often mellow, soundscape -like feel of a number of their songs in mind, Sweeney has remarked that "We've always said if more people started taking acid we'd clean up". They were signed to the record label Echo Records , and released their eponymous debut album in Whilst in the process of mixing the follow up, they split with Echo and their future is uncertain.

Sleeve notes by Bob Thomson: In the early years of the century a few enlightened folk song collectors took the revolutionary step of recording the actual performances of country singers and musicians, thus capturing all the idiosyncrasies of style, where before the words and music had been laboriously and relatively inaccurately transcribed on paper.

The cylinder phonograph had made this huge step forward possible. Bartok's collecting in eastern Europe is well known. Less well is the pioneer work in England by the Australian composer and pianist, Percy Grainger. Grainger started recording on location in He visited various places in England including north Lincolnshire where he recorded several outstanding singers including Joseph Taylor whose singing of Brigg Fair was the inspiration of Delius' English Rhapsody.

Grainger revisited Lincolnshire in and in the same year brought Joseph Taylor to the studios of the Gramophone Company to make commercial disc recordings of some of his songs. It is from these two ventures that the recordings on this LP are taken. Carefully remastered to eliminate as far as possible the technical short-comings of the period, they are not just old and rare recordings of historic interest, they are amongst the very finest performances of English traditional singing ever to be permanently collected.

The Gramophone Company recordings were made in London on July 9 and 11, The cylinders were recorded in Brigg, Lincolnshire. Numbers 84, 95, 96, , , on May 25, Number on May 27, Numbers , on May 27, Notes by Bob Thomson. Disc transfers by Bill Leader and A. Cylinder transfers by The Library of Congress. Pickett, EMI Studios.


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  • Fellside Recordings FE Marilyn Middleton Pollock Nobody Knows You LP. A6 Nobody Knows You When. Original UK Pressing. A5 You Can't Stay Here. B6 Bedlam Boys. B5 Bring On The Starlight.
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  • MARILYN MIDDLETON-POLLOCK Nobody Knows You ( UK track vinyl LP. The picture sleeve is excellent and the vinyl looks barely played FE) Tracklisting: I Ain't Goin' To Play No Second Fiddle Vampire Man In The Moon Hesitation Blues You Can't Stay Here Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out Try Wild Women Don't Get The Blues .
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