Introfernalis - Nerthus (2) - The Crowneds Reunion (CD, Album)

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Label: CCP Records - 100273-2 • Format: CD Album, Promo Sleeve • Country: Austria • Genre: Rock • Style: Black Metal, Folk Rock

Contemporary Heathens, particularly those with an Anglo-Saxon focus, look to this rite for one of the Holy Tides: Charming of the Plough, which usually occurs in late February. While few of us today are bound to the earth in the way that our largely agrarian ancestors were, we can still honor its cycles and honor the gift of our own creativity too in such rites.

In fact, that is a very good way to honor Nerthus: pay attention to how you honor the earth. Consider buying local and supporting your local farmers. If you can afford it, buy organic. Time is a tremendously valuable gift in the currency of devotion. Welcome Who is Nerthus? Offerings Light a Candle Writings.

Nerthus is the great earth Mother, She rules the land that devours and the land that brings forth life. This gives us several powerful points of connection through which we can connect to Her.

One of the easiest was to honor Nerthus is through our relationship with our food. We may not be involved each day in the process of food production the way our ancestors were, but we still depend on the grace of the earth for that which nourishes our bodies.

As a Goddess of the earth, the land, purity of the land we are provided with a powerful opportunity to honor Her every time we eat or drink. Taking the time to sincerely give thanks for our food is one way to honor Her, something that everyone can do. Learning to cook good and healthy meals can be done as a means of honoring Her. What does the war of the Gods have to do with Nerthus? The relevance is missing. Goldenrowley talk , 28 November UTC.

First of all it is unreferenced and begins with a weasel term and secondly it reminds of Reginheim's entry. I have skimmed through Reginheim and I must say that although it is commendable that people present their own theories on homepages, the information we add on WP should abide by WP:reliable sources.

If there is any scholarly support for this theory, the statement should be referenced directly to the relevant scholar or scholars.

If there is no such support, the section headed Nehalennia is speculation, and should be deleted. Rsradford talk , 26 February UTC. Here is Ansuharijaz's credentials found on the Reginheim site. Honestly going by our WP rules, they are kind of vague, has he been "vetted" and is he "mainstream" enough to be used. I would say yes? I was born in in a small town in the Netherlands and have been interested in history since I was a little boy, during my childhood I was always fascinated by the ancient legends and fairy tales Therefore I decided to create this site on which I shall try to provide accurate and historical information Enjoy exploring the wondrous world of our ancestors.

Someone's taken rather a high hand and deleted about half the article. That's what you get for not giving sources for every statement, I suppose. So tiresome, really. Shall we pull together and get some references in? I see someone's tagged the present translation with a "citation demanded" tag. Would the H. Mattingly and S. Hanford translation Penguin be acceptable? Before I take the trouble of hand-transcribing the Nerthus passage I want to be sure that it won't be reverted by someone, wasting my labor.

I think I found a better translation but someone reverted it back almost immediately I propose the translation I found as follows. I thought it was better because it was done in , and because I was alarmed to find the translation we were using mispelled half the tribe names in the 1st sentence. English translation There follow in order the Reudignians , and Aviones , and Angles , and Varinians , and Eudoses , and Suardones and Nuithones ; all defended by rivers or forests. Nor in one of these nations does aught remarkable occur, only that they universally join in the worship of Herthum [Nerthum] ; that is to say, the Mother Earth.

Her they believe to interpose in the affairs of man, and to visit countries. In an island of the ocean stands the wood Castum: in it is a chariot dedicated to the Goddess, covered over with a curtain, and permitted to be touched by none but the Priest.

Whenever the Goddess enters this her holy vehicle, he perceives her; and with profound veneration attends the motion of the chariot, which is always drawn by yoked cows. Then it is that days of rejoicing always ensue, and in all places whatsoever which she descends to honour with a visit and her company, feasts and recreation abound.

They go not to war; they touch no arms; fast laid up is every hostile weapon; peace and repose are then only known, then only beloved, till to the temple the same priest reconducts the Goddess when well tired with the conversation of mortal beings. Anon the chariot is washed and purified in a secret lake, as also the curtains; nay, the Deity herself too, if you choose to believe it.

In this office it is slaves who minister, and they are forthwith doomed to be swallowed up in the same lake. Hence all men are possessed with mysterious terror; as well as with a holy ignorance what that must be, which none see but such as are immediately to perish.

The second sentence is argumentative, and accordingly I have deleted it. Due to that sacredness, it would have been a deadly honor to see the face of Nerthus, goddess of the sacred and the holy. This is why I believe those who saw her face were drowned. I tend to agree. They were slaves to the goddess and they willingly entered her embrace. I believe the same is true of the human sacrifices at the bogs.

Bogs are liminal places where water and earth meet. They would have been ideal places to honor a goddess with strong ties to those two elements. Anyone who has glimpsed Nerthus knows that her pull is extremely powerful and would have no trouble believing that some would happily follow her to their death.

Due to her link to the most holy and sacred of Earth processes life, death, and fertility I believe that she can be understood as goddess of Earth-centered holiness. He perceives the presence of the goddess in the innermost shrine and with great reverence escorts her in her chariot, which is drawn by female cattle. There are days of rejoicing then and the countryside celebrates the festival, wherever she designs to visit and to accept hospitality.

No one goes to war, no one takes up arms, all objects of iron are locked away, then and only then do they experience peace and quiet, only then do they prize them, until the goddess has had her fill of human society and the priest brings her back to her temple.

Afterwards the chariot, the cloth, and, if one may believe it, the deity herself are washed in a hidden lake. The slaves who perform this office are immediately swallowed up in the same lake. Hence arises dread of the mysterious, and piety, which keeps them ignorant of what only those about to perish may see.

Rives translation: The Langobardi, by contrast, are distinguished by the fewness of their numbers. Ringed round as they are by many mighty peoples, they find safety not in obsequiousness but in battle and its perils. There is nothing noteworthy about these peoples individually, but they are distinguished by a common worship of Nerthus, or Mother Earth.

They believe that she interests herself in human affairs and rides among their peoples. In an island of the Ocean stands a sacred grove, and in the grove a consecrated cart, draped with cloth, which none but the priest may touch. The priest perceives the presence of the goddess in this holy of holies and attends her, in deepest reverence, as her cart is drawn by heifers. Then follow days of rejoicing and merry-making in every place that she designs to visit and be entertained.

No one goes to war, no one takes up arms; every object of iron is locked away; then, and only then, are peace and quiet known and loved, until the priest again restores the goddess to her temple, when she has had her fill of human company. After that the cart, the cloth and, if you care to believe it, the goddess herself are washed clean in a secluded lake. This service is performed by slaves who are immediately afterwards drowned in the lake.


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  • The Crowned's Reunion, an Album by Nerthus. Released 5 April on CCP (catalog no. CCP ; CD). Genres: Black Metal, Folk Metal/5(22).
  • Nerthus (2) The Crowned's Reunion (Album) 4 versions: CCP Records: MYST CD Russia: Sell This Version: 4 versions: 1 – 5 of 5. Show. Reviews Add Review. Lists Add to List. View More Lists → Videos (3.
  • There are no reviews for The Crowned's Reunion yet. You can write one. Music composed and arranged by Alexander K. Hiebaum and Clemens J. Hiebaum in the years until , under the influence of the ancient heathen ancestors' eternal living spirit.
  • NERTHUS the crowned's reunion - ORIG 1st PRESS CCP RECORDS (CCD) - MINT CONDITION. NERTHUS the crowned's reunion - ORIG 1st PRESS CCP RECORDS (CCD) - MINT CONDITION. Various Artists - Hits: The Best Rock & Roll Album / Various [New CD] Boxed. $ $ Free shipping. Popular. Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Seller Rating: % positive.
  • Explore releases from Nerthus at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Nerthus at the Discogs Marketplace.
  • The Crowned´s Reunion. Street Date: APRIL, Artist: NERTHUS Title: The Crowned´s Reunion CD => Cat.-Nr.: CCP UPC 1 Grim Ancient Metal is the name the three dark knights call their own very special style which can’t be compared with any of the usual styles in the Metal scene – a fact that has already been confirmed by some certain .
  • Killing the four ancients has dissolved the mystical barrier in the Inner Sanctum. Go there, take the Mistletoe of Nerthus from the altar and leave through the tunnel behind the altar. It ends on the Zealand Coast. Talk to Wodbald on Zealand Coast. He needs 3 items. 2 can be found on Zealand Coast, and 1 in Hollow Cliffs in Large chests.
  • “Nerthus” by Emil Doepler () Nerthus (Proto-Germanic *Nerþus) is a pre-Christian goddess venerated by some of the continental Germanic tribes described by the Roman historian Tacitus in his Germania (authored about CE). Tacitus provides us with the following haunting description of her veneration: [The Reudigni, Aviones, Anglii, Varini, Eudoses, Saurines, and .
  • The Sons of Nerthus are three stone idols that appear in the Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies maps The Darkest Shore and The Tortured Path. They serve as the keys in opening the ancient door to Nerthus' sacrificial chamber. When holding one of the idols, the player can use it in a similar fashion to the Gridiron Ball, albeit weaker. Each idol has their own certain way of being .

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