Internet - Toxz* - The Navrat Nanos Ep (CD)

Download Internet - Toxz* - The Navrat Nanos Ep (CD)
Label: SoulKeks - SKEP0000 • Format: CD • Country: Croatia • Genre: Hip Hop, Funk / Soul •

Both can paint a wall but there's a difference still! It's the very same with music, a lot of people can program shit, but to program with style is much harder! Stay critical of yourself, don't be like "this beat is pretty good, for me doing it I'm more or less happy with it You know I grew up listening to rap legends from the East to the West.

I'm quite known in some places but it's hard to thrive with products that are not formatted. Maybe I should look a bit more like Justin Timberlake if I want more success in the future. I've got kids to raise so I wanna be the next beatmaker! Prince is gonna want to work with me! What projects are you currently working on? The next pressing is going to be an EP produced by Grazz and myself but I can't really tell more about it Never take yourself too seriously!

Keep it up! You can download the project below by clicking the download now button. Metasyons of USM delivered this video to my inbox. The song is called "Blackman" and it is from his upcoming album called Unemployment which is set to drop on August 12th.

Starting a viral campaign can provide an obstacle if artists do not know where to begin. I have provided five simple ways to submit your music to make sure that people will listen to the music Email Etiquette. Now this my not lead to your music being posted on websites or blogs but it is a start. Rule 1. Research As an artist you should research sites that upload or promote music that is similar to yours.

Do not waste time trying to promote to bigger websites if you haven't built a buzz. Remember that coverage on bigger blogs is usually based on draw or how many comments a song or video can garner. So take the time to research a website and find out the contact information and introduce yourself.

Don't forget about the importance of international blogs or websites as well. Coverage on international websites or blogs can lead to new fans. Rule 2. The Importance of Subject Make sure that you value the importance of the subject of your email. Present a call to action that motivates people to check out your material. Words or phrases such as "Listen to this song about obesity", "Video about Violence", "Song about domestic abuse" etc will resonate better than "Check this Song out".

You are unknown and these people have never heard of you before, make it easy for them to know what the song is about and who you are as an artist. Rule 3. I think that this is very important. Let people know that type of music you make, let them know who produced the track and most importantly provide links to your site or sites.

The details should be stated within the first few paragraphs. Also let them know what the song is about. Rule 4. The Power of Attachments Make sure you attach or embed the artwork. This gives the recipient the ability to post something with the single. Streamable content is easy to share due to an embed option this makes it easier for the recipient to preview the track.

Video submissions are different because the recipient can watch the video and make a decision to include it or not. Rule 5. Personalize your emails I have been guilty of mass emailing and this is a sure fire way to prevent website or blog coverage. BCC or blind carbon copy has become an ally to musicians and artists worldwide. The problem with this approach is that it is not intended for one website or blog the campaign is focused on a plethora of websites.

Personalize your emails. Refer to Rule 1 and use the research that you conducted and address what you like about a certain website or blog before pitching a song or video to them.

Yes this may be time consuming but remember that this a relationship building experience. If your song or video is uploaded and featured on a website please promote it. Ask fans to leave comments on posts, this is beneficial because it makes people feel connected to something. Promotion also leads to repeat coverage on a blog or website. Let me know if this information is useful. Armond has to be one of realest emcees that I have ever heard especially within the Christian Hip Hop genre.

This emcee is not afraid to share his flaws and struggles with the masses as evidenced by his straight forward lyrics. You can buy the single below by clicking the buy now button below. I discovered this beatmaker earlier this morning while completing Statistics homework and looking for mpc beatmaking videos.

Saga Asad is the beatmaker responsible for this beat. He is also a prolific freestyler as evidenced by his Tune-In Tuesdays freestyle sessions on his Bandcamp page. He recently released the ultra-dope instrumental album Fowl Ball on July 4th, You can download Fowl Ball below by clicking the download now button below.

Here is a video for "Eiszeit" that features a talented German singer that I have worked Devize. I believe that "Eiszeit" translates to Ice Age in English. The track features German emcees Deepsoul and Koolkaan. I love how the video tells a story. I am inclined to watch the video and listen to the music even though I do not know a lick of German haha.

Check it out. Shout out to Einer Von Den Guten for presenting a stable of dope artists. Here is the latest video from Chicago emcee M-Trey called "Nomad". I like the beat provided by Philosophy and the eloquence of M-Trey's words.

He possesses a clear and concise delivery and has the ability to craft a catchy hook check the hook wooooooooo. This video is a testament to the work ethic and the artistry of M-Trey. Check it out and let me know what you think by leaving a comment. You can download the song below by pressing the download now button below. When I listened to these tracks from Supreme Sol I hear the essence that made Canibus a lyrical great. Supreme is an emcee's emcee who disregards the typical hip-hop song structure that is based on the importance of a hook.

He spits straight through and dares the listener to fast forward the track. Fast forwarding the track would come at a cost, as the listener would miss the lyrical nuggets that Supreme drops. You can preview the project below by pressing the buy now button below. Symphony is the latest Beat Tape from Politiks , a beatmaker for Germany. This beat tape is comprised of material from to Take the chance to get acquainted with the talented beatmaker who produced a single for Sadat X.

You can download this beattape by clicking the button below. Investment by Prosthetik Intelligentz This track is the truth and I love music that presents a message. The vocal sample over the hook is lovely, "investing in fantasies and not God. Cornell West. I have played this track six times and I can't wait to hear more from Prosthetik Intelligentz.

Who is Baltimore S. What does he embody? Baltimore S. I feel that I embody positivity and being a positive role model to our youth and also adults that have lost their way. When someone looks at Baltimore S. How long have you been rhyming? I have been rhyming since I was 17, some years ago, lol.

How did your experience in the Air Force and living overseas help you become the man you are today? Joining the military was one of the best decisions I made in my life.

Growing up in Baltimore and the inner city period, I never had a grasp on how brainwashed we as a culture was because the media only shows what they want us to know. When I went overseas my eyes were opened to a whole nother world that I didn't know existed.

These travels have enabled me to have an appreciation for other cultures as it relates to music and life in general. I am a well rounded individual because of my travels. We were all living in Tokyo with an affiliation to the military in some shape or form. My wife was taking online college classes and she met a girl in her online class and they talked about how their husbands was into music. I met the dude named Black from Philly and he was in Leak's room listening to beats.

I chilled and thought they were some Kanye joints until Leak told me that was all him. I came back the next day and a guy named D. Focis was in the room listening to tracks with Leak that D. Focis had made. That night we decided to do a Baltimore S. Moments later I found out how Dope of an Emcee D.

Focis was and we said let's do a project together. We released 2 albums in Japan in and , so this is like a reunion, "Back 2 Tha Basics" album. What made you decide to pursue a solo career?

Before I left Japan, D. I think that we all knew that without the full compliment of our crew being together that solo careers would be the best option. When people started hearing some of my work, it just kinda took on a life of its own. Your biography states that after leaving Japan in you took a hiatus from music.

What were some of the factors that attributed to your hiatus from music? My wife got stationed in South Dakota after we left Japan, needless to say, absolutely nothing was going on out there on the music scene, other than about 2 popular local acts. I guess you could say I was in a funk. That coupled with what I like to call "bubble gum" rap controlling the airwaves, I just lost my motivation and drive to do music. Your biography also stated that the birth of your son provided motivation for you to return to the game.

In what ways did his birth impact your thinking or thought process? Yea it actually did. My Pops passed 3 months before my son was born. In my Pops passing me and my wife moved back to Maryland where me son Tyzhir was born. To be honest I always get motivation from my old house in Baltimore. Whenever I need inspiration I go stop by the old house that has been boarded up and rundown for some years now, I still do that to this day.

When I see this it puts everything into perspective for me and reminds me of where I came from and how fortunate and blessed I am to not only be alive, but to be in the position that I am today. Something about having a child changes you, my whole thought process changed, I had to make sure that the kids that look up to me have something positive to follow and not the evils that they see everyday, I had to make sure that my Son would be able to listen to my music.

My Pops death and my Son's birth somehow rejuvenated my love for music. What do you want to present to the masses with this project?

Yes I am very proud of this album. I am just presenting good music. This is a look at my life through my eyes as only I have seen it. My basic goal with this project is to show that you don't have to be a product of your environment. I am from the same hoods and slums as everyone else and I let them know that I rose up and above the trappings of the inner city. Who is featured on the project and who handles the production?

So there is definitely an International presence on HisStory. Is it true that you completed the entire project without writing a single line? Is this a process that took long to master? Yea I am actually glad that you asked that question. The answer is yes, this is very true, this is my formula now, I don't even own a rhyme book. Let me be clear, I don't go in the booth and freestyle songs like some "rappers" would try to have you believe they do, but I do create the songs in my head and do everything off of memorization.

To be honest it didn't take me long at all to master, it came about due to my lack of wanting to jot lines down over and over again and start over when there were mistakes. This was the point when I knew that my talent had grown so much and I was not on the same level that I once was. I have always been intrigued with emcees that have been blessed with the ability to conjure up lines in their brain and store them.

Do you feel that this the talent gives you an advantage over those who write their rhymes? That's an interesting question. I am not sure if it does give me an advantage or not. I would probably say no because I only create verses for songs that I am doing, I have stopped writing rhymes just to be writing rhymes so I don't have verses in the stash like someone who writes would have.

So anytime you get a song from me, you know that the verse or verses were for that beat and that concept and not something I already had ready to use. Retrieved May 16, Dutch Charts in Dutch. Cite error: The named reference "NLD" was defined multiple times with different content see the help page. Recorded Music NZ.

April 1, Retrieved March 29, Official Charts Company. Retrieved March 30, Retrieved May 28, April 27, Retrieved May 11, Music Canada. Retrieved December 1, Retrieved March 28, March 16, Retrieved March 16, Retrieved November 17, Retrieved April 28, May 18, Retrieved May 15, Retrieved May 17, September 4, Retrieved September 4, Retrieved March 14, — via Twitter.

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  • Toxz Nietzsche mi Prisht / Revolt Kru's profile including Internet. Navrat Nanos The EP. Mađarska. Navrat Nanos The EP. Intro. Navrat Nanos The EP. Tajnica. Navrat Nanos The EP. Outro ft. Shut Eyes. Navrat Nanos The EP. Mračim. Navrat Nanos The EP. Info Connections Comments Shares. Search Myspace Start.
  • the navrat nanos ep toxz: the naysayer evil engine 9: the nckptmn ep nick pitman: the nearer it was david gergen: the nearest faraway gert emmens: the nearest faraway gert emmens: the nearly deads the nearly deads: the nearness of you sarah deleo: the neat anthology atomkraft: the nebulas the nebulas: the nebulizer kerserMissing: Internet.
  • Navrat – nanos Izreka kojoj niko ne zna poreklo, ali je opšteprihvaćena kada se želi opisti nečija preterana žurba pri obavljanju nekih poslova +Missing: Internet.
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  • Toxz - The Navrat Nanos EP [] Sett - Vodič Kroz Život Za Bezbrižne [] Shizo Vs Mr Dirty Hairy - The Remixes EP [] Shizo - Čokoladica EP [] Sett - Dnevnik Dvorske Lude [] Tram 11 - Vrućina Gradskog Asfalta studenoga (30) Jay Lee - Garantiran Novac [] Jantar - Jedna Ljubav,A Kurva [].
  • Navrat Nanos je na Facebooku. Pridružite se Facebooku kako biste se povezali sa Navratom Nanosom i ostalim osobama koje možda poznajete. Facebook Missing: Internet.
  • ReverbNation helps Artists grow lasting careers by introducing them to music industry partners, exposing them to fans, and building innovative tools to promote their india-web.netg: Internet.
  • Toxz - The Navrat Nanos EP [] Sett - Vodič Kroz Život Za Bezbrižne [] Shizo Vs Mr Dirty Hairy - The Remixes EP [] Shizo - Čokoladica EP [] Sett - Dnevnik Dvorske Lude [] Tram 11 - Vrućina Gradskog Asfalta studenoga (30)Missing: Internet.

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