In The Still Of The Night - Eddie Higgins Trio* - You Are Too Beautiful (CD, Album)

Download In The Still Of The Night  - Eddie Higgins Trio* - You Are Too Beautiful (CD, Album)
Label: Venus Records (5) - VHCD-3015 • Series: Venus Records Jazz Special Campaign Jazz Giants Series • Format: CD Album, Reissue, Remastered Paper Sleeve • Country: Japan • Genre: Jazz •

Advanced Search. Styles Jazz Instrument Piano Jazz. Track Listing. Melancholy Rhapsody. It's a Lonesome Old Town. By Myself. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes. Lullaby of the Leaves.

When the Sun Comes Out. Love Letters. When You Wish Upon a Star. All This and Heaven Too. More Than You Know 3. Nardis 4. Over The Rainbow 5. Dear Old Stockholm 6. I Remember Clifford 7. Again We Will Be Together Again Witchcraft It Never Entered My Mind Stella By Starlight You're no fun at all! It's Al Grey and a bunch of guys from the Basie band! I got a somewhat cool reception not surprising considering the fact that they were world-class jazz musicians with the world famous Basie band and they had never heard of me.

After the first tune, the atmosphere warmed up considerably and it turned out to be one of the most memorable studio sessions I've ever done. In subsequent years I worked a lot with Al Grey and he always used to say that it was my piano intro on "Salty Papa" that made it a "hit" it did get considerable play when the LP was released. Clifford Jordan ts on a-h, j-k. The Lee Morgan date was important for two reasons: it kind of put me on the map in the jazz world, and it resulted in an offer from Art Blakey to join the Jazz Messangers.

I turned down the offer, but that's a longer story. These Vee-Jay dates with my trios resulted in my second album as a leader and contain my all-time favorite solo "You Leave Me Breathless". They also produced an amusing anecdote. It's still one of my favorite pictures of myself. Anyway, as a result of Sid's enthusiastic airplay, a lot of black jazz fans were showing up at South Side record stores asking for my album. When they saw the cover, a lot of them would say, "Ummm I don't think so Again, I composed the title tune.

This turned out to be my last album for Vee-Jay, but it along with "Expoobident" has been the most widely heard of all the recordings I've been on. Most discographies indicate that the Bobby Gordon sessions were recorded January 10 and 11, Although Higgins cannot offer different dates, he disputes the January dates saying that he was on the road with Jack Teagarden at the time.

Gordon himself recalls the sessions as occurring in This seems likely as the sessions were not initially recorded for Decca, but were sold to Decca perhaps 6 months later and then issued by Decca in early Gordon recalls the unknown vibist only as a Chicagoan who doubled on vibes and drums.

Lauderdale, FL. Lauderdale at the height of the season. One night, a local fan came in and set up a home tape recorder on a table right in front of the bandstand. He had a little ceramic microphone, suitable for amateur use, and asked Jack if he could record our set, promising to send us copies. Sure enough, a few months later I received a package of a couple of reel-to-reel tapes.

I put them on, not expecting much, and got even less. The sound was horrible, with terrible distortion, flutter and wow. Since the mike was placed right in front of Jack, the front line and the piano came through fairly well, but the bass was inaudible and the drums were a far-away roar. The total effect was somewhat akin to listening to music through the distant end of a drainpipe. I thought to myself, "Well, I guess it's nice to have some evidence that I played with Jack, but this will definitely never come out on a record!

Somehow, a copy of the tape found its way into the hands of Ed Burke, a fervent jazz fan from South Florida who issues LP's of mostly big band air checks and private tapes on his Fanfare label, and so it came out after all. Kenny Soderblom f on a-b, d , bsf on a-b, d ; Vernel Fournier d on a-b, d ; Marshall Thompson d on b-c , cng on a-b. The album was recorded May 11, and July 17, Higgins appears on all four selections on the second side of the album and those tracks were all recorded on the July 17 date.

During my twelve years as the house trio at the London, I went through several changes in my bass and drums personnel, but the group that lasted the longest was Richard Evans on bass now a long-time member of the Berklee faculty in Boston , and the late Marshall Thompson on drums. We developed an extensive repertoire and Richard played a major role in writing original tunes and providing some of our best arrangements.

On this date for Atlantic, he contributed "Soulero," "Mr. Evans" and the arrangement of "Beautiful Dreamer. Higgins was working in the recording booth at this session. Dave Pike had been playing vibes during the session but was unfamiliar with the melody for "Insensatez. The group was Sergio Mendes' Brasil ' Another track in the album, "Abraco a Sergio," was composed by Higgins and played by Mendes. Originally intended for background music for the Seeburg Co. Bobrov vn. Just about every jazz musician I've ever known cherishes a secret ambition to make an album with strings, or some large, orchestral setting.

My chance came in the summer of and Richard Evans did 9 of the 12 arrangements for a studio orchestra comprised of some of Chicago's finest brass, woodwind and string players. The results were on the commercial side, but I was happy: I had my "strings" album! The 45 rpm release of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang most likely was edited down from the original minutes.

This recording was done under the auspices of Rev. Robert H. Owen as a uncompensated fund raiser for his Rush Street ministry in Chicago.

Owen plays piano on two tracks in the album "The Pearls" and "Darktown Strutters Ball" and turns the piano duties over to Higgins for the remainder of the album. It was the first tune we tried at this session and the first take was so astounding that, when it was over, we stood around grinning and shaking our heads in disbelief.

Finally, Dave Remington, the strawboss leader on that date, yelled at the engineer in the booth, "That's a keeper! To this day, every time I listen to it I tap my feet and smile and remember how exhilerated we were on that day in Lake Geneva. Rhythm tracks recorded at Universal Recording Chicago ; moog synthesizer and other electronic effects recorded at db Studios. Higgins only recalls that the first two Electronic Concept Orchestra albums "Moog Groove" and "Electric Love" were recorded in , less than six months apart from each other, and the third album "Cinemoog" was recorded early in All three albums were produced by Robin McBride.

Moog synthesizer and other electronic effects were recorded at db Studios. Higgins only recalls that the unknown, third song in the medley was music from the film "The Plastic Dome of Norma Jean.

Lauderdale in , I returned to Chicago, sometimes twice a year, to perform in local jazz clubs like the Back Room on Rush Street and the Jazz Showcase. Later, it was re-issued in Florida on the Spinnster label on both LP and cassette. It's final incarnation is the Solo Art CD which, unfortunately, does not have room for all the material released on the LP's.

Osamu Kawakami b on c-k ; Jimmy Takeuchi d on c-k. My first trip to Japan was in and for four months I did steady gigs at hotels in Osaka and Niigata, a TV show in Tokyo, a jazz festival in Miyazaki, various one-nighters in jazz clubs in several cities, and an album for Toshiba Records. I loved working in Japan: the audiences, the pianos, the marvelous trains and subways, but most of all the food.

For my entire time there I ate nothing but Japanese food of every type. My recording session for Toshibawas divided into two 3-hour stints: an afternoon solo session and an evening session with a Japanese rhythm section. In between sessions was a break for dinner and, as I walked into the control room, the producer smiled and said, "Eddie-san, we know you must be hungry , so we've sent out for a special treat for you, and we hope you enjoy it!

Is it sashimi raw fish? Is it unagi broiled eel? What is it? Knowing the Japanese sensitivities as I did, I immediately covered up, ate the chicken with feigned pleasure, and face was saved all around. Of course, they were only trying to please me, never guessing that after four months of heavenly Japanese food, American fast food was culture shock!

Harry Edison t on a, c-d, f, i-k ; Sonny Stitt as on b, g-h , ts on a, d, f, i-k ; Eddie Lockjaw Davis ts on a, d-f, i-k. Neither is an alternate take. Bubba's was an elegant restaurant that featured jazz from to and only 20 minutes from my Ft.

Lauderdale home. I look back on that period as one of the happiest times of my career: playing with world-class musicians in a nice environment I even brought in my 9-foot Yamaha grand to play on. Great times, great music, great memories. This recording came about as a direct result of a festival in Indianapolis called JAM, an acronym for Jazz Artists Musicale, which I played for 10 consecutive Julys in the 80's and 90's. One particular set in with Milt Hinton and Bobby Rosengarden caught the attention of Renzie Hamilton and Gus Statiras and they approached me that very afternoon with the idea of doing an LP with the same trio.

Renzie would finance it and Gus would issue it on his Statiras label. The following month, I flew down to New York and recorded in one afternoon what has turned out to be the best-selling record of my career.

In , George Buck the New Orleans jazz impresario bought the master from Gus and asked me to record some more material, so as to bring the total time up to CD standards. This cassette was commercially distributed in the Chicago area and at Eric Schneider's performances.

Meredith d'Ambrosio and I met in the summer of '87, married a year later, and started recording together for Sunnyside Records in ' We've made four CD's together, each with their own special magic, but this is our first and still my favorite.

I love accompanying great singers, and Meredith fills the bill with her "Intelligence. Harmonic sensibility and voice production that seems effortless This single-song session was privately produced and arranged by Bob Friedman to record his own composition. It was never released commercially, although Mr.

Friedman distributed it to friends and associates. It is likely that this cassette was sold only at Betty Dickson performances. George Masso ldr on a-b, d, l-o , tb on a-b, d, l-o, q ; Randy Sandke t on a-b, d, l-p ; Kenny Davern cl on a-d, l-n ; Danny Moss ts on a-b, d-e, l-o ; Eddie Higgins p on a-b, d-q.

Marian McPartland ldr on a , p on f, i, m, r , spk on a, c, e, g-h, j, l, n-o, q, s ; Eddie Higgins p on b, d, f, i, k, m, p, r , spk on a, c, e, g-h, j, l, n-o, q, s. Broadcast of the program began on November 5, This is my personal favorite of all my trio records, perhaps because there are four classical numbers: Bach, Faure, Kreisler and Rachmaninoff, which brings me full circle back to my roots, growing up in a musical home.

I also treasure the cover, a black and white pencil study by my wife, derived from a school photo of me at age Allan Vache ldr on a-b, d-h, j , cl on a-b, d-h, j ; Warren Vache ldr on a-c, e-h, j , c on a, f, h , fh on b-c, e, g, j ; Howard Alden g on a-b, d-h, j ; Phil Flanigan b on a-b, d-j ; Ed Metz, Jr d on a-b, d-j. Paul, MN. It was aired August 23, Akiko Osada sings on all tracks; Don Sickler plays on tracks 3, 6, 7 and 11; Masao Suzuki plays on tracks 4 and 9; Higgins and Osada team on tracks 2 and 14 without the bass and drums.

Steve Gilmore b on a-l ; Bill Goodwin d on a-l. Tom Saunders ldr on a-c, e, g, j, l-o, q-s, u-y , c on a-c, e, g, i-j, l-o, q-s, u, w-y , v on c, i, v ; Russ Phillips tb on a-c, e, g, j-o, q-s, u, w-y , v on k ; Chuck Hedges cl on a-c, e, g-h, j, l-o, q-s, u, w-y ; Jim Galloway ss on a-c, e-g, j, l-s, u-y.

Vince Bartel ldr on a-d, f, h, j-k, m , d on a-k, m ; Dan Barrett c on a-d, f, h-i, k, m , tb on j ; Russ Phillips tb on a-d, f, h, j-k, m ; Allan Vache cl on a-d, f-h, j-k, m ; David Stone b on a-k, m. Eddie Higgins ldr on a-g, i-r , p on a-g, i-r ; Reuben Ristrom g on a-g, i-r ; Tom Lewis b on a-g, i-r.

Dan Barrett c on a-c, e, g, j-k, m , tb on d , v on j ; Russ Phillips tb on a-g, j-k, m ; Allan Vache cl on a-c, e, g, i-k, m. Ken Peplowski cl on b, d, f, h, j , ts on a, c, e, g, i, k, m ; Scott Hamilton ts on a-l. Ken Peplowski cl on a, e, g , ts on b-d, f, h-k. Index of artists that recorded with Eddie Higgins. Songs recorded by Eddie Higgins.


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