Elephant Graveyard - Hyenas In The Desert - Die Laughing (Cassette)

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Label: Columbia - COL 484365 • Format: Cassette EP • Country: Netherlands • Genre: Hip Hop •

We end with the government talking about a satellite in space and hope that this time around it does not start another zombie outbreak. The plot follows two people on vacation, one being an actress and the other being a zombie hunter who cross paths when a cult wants to feed and please the undead from the ocean. Our main hero is the sleazy and overly gun happy undead basher Randy Von Richtofen who is a man who has seen and done so much to rid the world of the zombies that have infested it.

We know he loves the ladies, and he loves to blow away zombies. Bianca and Amber are two hot women who are loyal to their teacher the voodoo master Papa Shaka and who are very handy with guns and taking down zombies. Our would-be victim, the snooty actress Kate Koresh, is also a survivor as she as well fights for her own life and takes on cult members as well as zombies to escape.

The comic, while horror, also has a dash of comedy to it, as the over all feel really is cheesy as well as comic indie action moments. I do like the nice addition of the government once more making a mistake in space and this could spark another zombie upraise and spell doom for mankind. The cover for this issue 0 is not all that eye catching and besides the name does not make one think of NOTLD! The interior art is done by Rik Rawling and is pretty standard indie horror stuff.

Over all this is an average comic that offers some blood and kills but is not scary and was worth the read. Para-gliders Phil and Phred land and find that zombies are all around and want to eat some human flesh, and as they flee the beach they come across Kate Koresh who has returned from Haiti and finds herself as well being attacked by zombies and the two dudes with attitudes try and save her!

After the pair kill the zombies attacking her the trio rush off to a house in the hills to wait out the outbreak! Meanwhile the Government is in damage mode and realize that they once more have created a undead uprising again and set to come up with a plan to neutralize it. Meanwhile the safe house for Kate, Phred and Phil is being swarmed by zombies, and the guns they are using to protect themselves are running out of bullets when they remember an ad in the newspaper and call Randy Von Richtofen who shows up and kicks some undead butt!

They all team up and trick the infected townspeople into entering a meat factor and fill it with gas blowing it up and containing the outbreak in California, but the satellite has fired again this time in Florida! The plot has the satellite firing in California causing a zombie outbreak that once more poor actress Kate Koresh is stuck in, but she is lucky enough that two goofy dudes are around to protect her and that once more zombie killer Randy Von Richtofen is back in town as well!

This issues main heroes are Phil and Phred who are a pair of beach bums who enjoy chicks and paragliding, but while goofy when the dead start to rise and crave human flesh these two step up save a life and protect themselves and others. Kate Koresh can not win to lose as she returns from vacation were she was attacked by zombies only to once more find herself on the menu for lunch, but just like before she defends herself well and has the survival instinct.

Randy Von Richtofen is still the same as the last issue and is a butt-kicking machine with no real personality. The Zombies in this issue attack in hordes and are hungry for human meat and flesh, not much else to say about them besides they are lined up to be slaughtered by our heroes in gory fashion.

The real bad guys of this issue are the Government as they with their Star Wars program are what has caused all this chaos, seems they learned nothing from the outbreak they causes in ! The issue has some great bloody and gory kills and the pacing is good keeping my attention throughout. The cover is eye catching for fans of zombie comics and the art by Rik Rawling is ok.

Over all another average and entertaining zombie book that is an odd direction for one based on such an iconic film. The amusement park McKie Moose World in Florida is hit by the laser from the Star Wars Satellite next and this causing employees to turn into flesh eating zombies! Meanwhile when out zombie hunter group lead by Randy shows up they use the voodoo skill of Papa Shaka to flood the park and kill off the zombies who infested it. Meanwhile the Government tries to destroy the satellite and fail as now it begins to fire randomly all over the planet!

This second issue is a mix of horror, comedy and sleaze and comes together pretty well and is an entertaining read. The plot follows once more Randy as he takes care of a zombie outbreak that this time takes place at an amusement park.

And he brings in voodoo master Papa Shaka and his lovely ladies to help! The zombies in this issue are not scary or a threat, the Government this time around come off more like fools and not major baddies leaving a void for any serious threat.

Outbreaks are taking place all over the world as the Star Wars Satellite has gone crazy and fired its ray all over creating zombies everywhere! The American President knows that things are bad and that under his watch this terrible thing has happened so he calls Randy Von Richtofen to help give pointers to S. D Specialist In Cannibal Undead Destruction a team that is government based and are ready to save the world.

Once there they find out that the zombies are way more powerful and that this mission is going to be very hard tor pull off and survive. Kate takes Randy and Redhawk on a recon mission and they pair soon finds that they are at odds with each other as both have different ideas on how to deal with the zombies all around them, as those who are left behind at the base camp must fend off a wave of zombies. Once they make it to a massive tower made of dead humans that is acting as the base for the zombies, they find that the undead are reproducing at a fast pass and the only way to bring them down is to get into the tower and blow it up!

Once back at camp Randy leaves the group behind as he thinks this is nothing more than a suicide mission, and Kate gets super mad and leads her team on the mission and to her horror one by one they are taken out by the zombies! Kate starts to lose her mind and shuts down as Redhawk is able to get them both to the center of the tower and as the zombies close in Randy appears again with his zombie bashing car and saves Kate as Redhawk sets off a bomb killing herself and also bringing down the tower and the zombie horde around it.

In the end Randy and Kate stand at the graves of her fallen soldiers and pitches the idea of her and Randy becoming a team as he gives a none committed answer.

This final issue in this mini series goes out as average as it started as the story wraps up with no major impact nor does it have horror in sight. The plot of this issue has Randy joining Kate as she leads a rag tag team into the heart of a major zombie outbreak in Germany that is the worlds last defense to truly get this undead emergency under control. And I must say that the stakes in this final issue are bigger and it does feel as if the dead could truly win the final battle as they are all over and ready to kill and eat our heroes.

And this is refreshing as through out this mini series I never found the zombies to be a threat nor dangerous as they were easily taken down and barely killed any one who could see.

Our series main hero is Randy Von Richtofen, who is a man who enjoys killing zombies and has no real personality at all, and while I did not hate this character, I also had no real connection to him as he also just felt to dang generic. Our second main hero would be Kate Koresh as she grows as a character and goes from cheesy actress to leader of a military team!

She is way more interesting of a character she just lacks the major will to kill like Randy does. As you long time readers know, I am a major Horror Comic reader and have always enjoyed a good zombie comic and love Night Of The Living Dead and its legacy and I think would have enjoyed this series a little more if it did not carry the NOTLD name as the comics holds none of the spirit of that film and again really comes off as a clone of other dark indie zombie comics that came out before it.

The series does have some great moments of carnage and bloodshed, but does not get too overboard. The cover for this issue is just okay and is nothing special, the interior artwork is again is good normal indie style done by Rik Rawling. Check out the artwork below to see the style of Rawling used in this series. So while this Fantaco NOTLD comic series has not the best zombie comics I have ever read, it still delivered an entertaining read for this update.

I want to also stress that if you love classic movie monsters, comics books and cool old toys you need to do yourself a favor and go to one of the Monster Bash Conventions as they are great events that deliver a spooky good time.

So to keep up my love for classic monsters I think our next update we will be taking a look at the Marvel Horror character The Golem! So until next time read a Horror Comic or three, watch a classic monster movie or two and as always support your local Horror Host! See you next update for my first Marvel Horror Showcase.

The Rotten Ink Theater is open once more, and man, was this a crazy year at the cinema filled with lots of Superhero, Horror and Sequel motion pictures that all lead to great times at all my normal favorite theaters like Rave, Cinemark, Regal and Cranberry.

One thing that really made this year a great one is the fact that so many Horror Movies were released as well as many highly anticipated sequels to big franchises making for almost weekly visits to see films I was excited for.

Last year really was a busy one for me as I had lots of things to do for Sparkle Comics, Independent B Movie, Rockstar Pro Wrestling, Game Swap, Danberry Cinema and even Rotten Ink so getting away to watch a movie at the cinema was really a great way to relax and put all my stress away for a small time and enjoy the wonders of the silver screen.

While we did not get a new Arnold or Sly film, we did have some pretty good ones as you will see below. So get ready to see what Pure Action films made my list! This film follows their battles as they defeat the terrorist and push them out of cities they took over in Afghanistan. This was a pretty good war film based mostly on true events and stars Chris Hemsworth as Nelson, who does a great job in the role.

While I am not a War Movie fan, this one was entertaining and delivered a good popcorn film on the big screen. Paul Kersey is a man who has it all; a nice house, a beautiful wife and a daughter who is a sport star and about to go to collage. But his perfect world changes when a group of three burglars break into his house while he is at work and attack his daughter, putting her into a coma, and murder his wife.

The police have no leads and with this Paul decides to take the law into his own hands and becomes a vigilante, killing criminals and tracking down those who did this to his family.

Actor Bruce Willis steps into the role of Paul Kersey, and while he does an okay job, he is by no means as good as Charles Bronson who played the role before him in 5 films. The film is gritty and not too over the top with blood, delivering a solid and entertaining action film that was a fun popcorn film to sit in the theater and watch.

While not a perfect film and a very much unnecessary remake, it packs a small punch, and I was entertained. Check it out via rental or DVD.

It was cool to see Neve Campbell again in a blockbuster movie playing his wife. While it might not have been a massive summer hit, Skyscraper was a fun one to see on the big screen.

Mary is a tough as nails hit woman for a crime family that feels bad after a hit leaves a young child homeless and having to work the streets as a drug runner for a sleazy drug pusher. This is a really fun action drama that keeps you as the viewer entertained, all the while unwinding the plot that is filled with lies, corruption and greed, and once Mary gets started in the final scene there is no stopping her!

This film stars Taraji P. Henson, Billy Brown and Danny Glover, and they are all fantastic in their roles. While this might not have been a life changing action drama film, it still was a very entertaining one that sadly slipped under the radar for most of the move going public. England is under a cyber attack, and the identities of all the members of M17 have been exposed to the world.

The prime minister is in a bad spot when cyber attacks keep happing. So they call in former M17 spy now school teacher Johnny English to find out who is behind the attacks while English government brings in cyber hot shot Jason Volta to try and stop the attacks.

And with his bumbling ways, Johnny once more stumbles his way into saving the day. This third film in the Johnny English series is lots of goofy fun and has some silly moments that will have you chuckling out loud.

Rowan Atkinson is master of facial expression comedy and really does a fantastic job of making Johnny English a fun comedic character. Check it out if you enjoyed the other two films in the series or just like spy films mixed with childish humor.

CIA Special Activities Division Officer Matt Graver has been hired to start a war in Mexico that would pit the cartels against each other, and he calls on his crew including Alejandro Gillick as all rules are off the table. So the film becomes a fight to get over the border and back in America for Alejandro, who refuses to leave the young girl behind and must come face to face with gang members who deal in human trafficking who as well want him dead as one of their own knows he works for our Government.

This is a great sequel that adds more thrills and action to the Sicario saga, and once more Benicio del Toro does a fantastic job of being an action star who adds elements of drama and real life feel to his character. Worth watching if you enjoyed the first film or just want to see Benicio take on drug cartels again. Laura Croft is a young woman whose rich father went missing when she was just a young girl, and after years of being a strong minded independent woman she has found a clue to where her father disappeared to and sets out on a adventure to find him, but things are not that simple as she finds that he is on an island with some very bad people who have very bad intentions.

Will she be able to get off the island alive? Who is the main person behind the bad guys? All these questions are answered in this reboot to the Tomb Raider movie series. This was a fun video game inspired movie and holds true to the route the game series is taking. Youngblood Priest is a low key drug kingpin in the world of cocaine, and he is so low key that another drug ring has moved in called the Snow Patrol and when things get bad Priest thinks of one final hustle that will leave he and his two girlfriends and friends set for life…all he has to do is out smart his rivals, a Mexican drug cartel and a pair of dirty cops to do it!

This is a modern remake of the movie of the same name, and to my surprise, it was one heck of a good action crime drama film. The film works on so many levels and really brings the classic Blaxploitation film to a modern audience, and while the film is its own, it does justice to the original.

Actor Trevor Jackson was a great choice to play Priest as he makes you really care and cheer for a drug seller! This is one of those films I will own on DVD and hope that it finds a cult following on home media and digital. Robert McCall is at it again helping others out in a world filled with injustice and crime that slips under the radar.

Along his journey to uncover the truth and get revenge, he befriends a young troubled youth who also becomes a pawn in the sick game of the bad guys who all now have a trained killer on their tail known as Robert McCall. This is a great sequel that delivers some great action and a solid story and is just another chapter in the quest of Robert McCall, and I hope a third film is to come.

Now a showdown between two families with a long bad history must once more clash to settle scores and for their own pride. And worse for Adonis, he must also come face to face with his love becoming more deaf, becoming a father as well as facing a true butt whooping during their first encounter.

This is a great film that, just like the original, captures the magic and feel of the Rocky series and leaves you wanting to see more movies and more of the life of Adonis Creed and his family. Plus seeing Sylvester Stallone as Rocky once more is always a must see on the big screen. This is a must see film for fans of Rocky, boxing, Drama, Action and those who just enjoy a great movie…also a must own on home media for me! Ethan Hunt and his team are at it again, and this time they have to go undercover to stop a sinister plan that involves nuclear bombs and saving the life of a known terrorist.

The bad thing is someone has set them up as well to look like they are working with the bad guys as double agents. Now Ethan must kick it into high gear and clear his name as well as save the world from a terrible bomb.

This is hands down for me the best film in the Mission Impossible series as, to be honest, I have never been that big of a fan of the series. The thing about this film is that it has lots of action as well as twists and turns that kept me glued to the edge of my seat. And this is a pure popcorn film that was a great way to enjoy a big budget blockbuster flick on the big screen. Tom Cruise is fantastic as Ethan Hunt and brings a very likable quality to the character as you find yourself cheering for him the whole way.

This action film is worth seeing if you like spies and car chases in your films. Worth owning for sure as well if you are into Mission Impossible movies. So as you can see, the cinema was packed with some great action films that not only brought the explosions but also brought some laughs and sporting flare. At birth Samson was chosen by God to lead the Hebrews to a better life and is given lots of pure power and strength, but these Godly gifts came with rules like his hands could not touch the dead, he cannot drink wine and must not ever get his hair cut.

Samson is a showoff who enjoys his gifts, and when he meets the love of his life Taren, who is a slave girl to the Philistine King and his evil son, he is pushed to break two of the rules in his quest to marry her as he drinks wine and must touch the dead in order to settle a debt. That is until he falls in love with Delilah, who is working along side the Philistines and cuts his hair that allows the army remove his eyes and take him prisoner!

In the end Samson finds that God is still with him, and he brings the pillars down in the castle before he can be killed and becomes an inspiration to Hebrews to rise up for their God. This religious sword and sandal film was lots of fun to watch on the big screen, and while a little too long, it was entertaining. It was lots of fun to see if you enjoy cheesy sword and sandal films that also pack a religious history lesson in made for TV production levels.

A science experiment goes horribly wrong in space, and an accident sends canisters to earth that ends up turning a wolf, alligator and a white gorilla into rage filled giant monsters! The gorilla is named George and was living in a zoo, and Davis Okoye was the man saved him from poachers when he was a baby and now wants to find a cure and save his friend from a fate set by the government who want to kill them and the company responsible for the canisters want to cover their tracks.

This was a fun and silly film that brought the Midway video games alive to the big screen. But the film did do well at the foreign box office, making it a hit over all. Worth seeing if you enjoy giant monsters and like the video game, even if it strays very far away from it. Grey Trace is a mechanic who fixes up classic muscles cars as his wife Asha works for a company that develops computers that are to help mankind.

But when out to celebrate a car sale, the couple are attacked. Asha is killed, and Grey is shot and paralyzed leaving him to a life in a wheelchair and help from robots and his mother. But Grey gets a second chance at life as well as revenge when one of his clients, a tech genius, designs a chip that will help Grey walk again as well as will talk to him in his mind as well as take over when needed! This is a fun action and sci-fi film that seems like it could fit perfect in the world of Blade Runner if that world had a rich suburbs!

Logan Marshall-Green does a fantastic job as Grey and Simon Maiden is great as the voice of STEM, and this once more shows that Blumhouse is one of the best film producing companies going today as they get Horror and Science Fiction and they almost always deliver a entertaining movie.

This one is an enjoyable film with some cool surprises and blends action and sci-fi together really well. Robin Of Loxley is a rich man who has fallen in love with a thief named Marian who ends up also falling madly in love with him. The pair spend lots of time together until Robin is drafted to fight in the crusade war.

Years pass, and he is reported dead and returns to find that he has lost every thing his love, his house and his money all because of the greed of the Sheriff Of Nottingham who has plans to gain power. Working with an Arab Warrior named John, they come up with a plan to rob from the rich and greedy church and help lead an uprising of the people who have been drained dry of their money by the rich and greedy.

But when things get really bad, and the poor are being bullied and killed, Robin must make his move and bring down the Sheriff as well as win the heart of Marian once more.

Christopher Robin is a young boy whose best friend is a small stuff bear named Winnie the Pooh, who is alive as well as other plush dolls that he meets after crawling through a whole in a tree. Grown up Christopher has a family, a demanding job and seems to forget about his youthful friends who all await for his return. But when Pooh comes to visit him in London, Christopher must balance his work as well as his family who have also seemed to be left behind due to work.

This is fun family film that brings the classic character to life in a live action film that will warm your heart.

All the characters are done so well and will surely please the fans who grew up loving them. If you like Winnie the Pooh and classic Disney family fun, check this one out. Cybertron is at war, and the Autobots must leave in order to regroup and gather their troops as they are losing.

Bumblebee is sent to Earth in order to set up a base for the Autobots once they are all gathered up. Once on Earth, he is attacked by the army as well as a Decepticon and loses not only his memory but also his voice and turns into a VW Bug before shutting down.

Time passes, and young lady Charlie ends up getting the rundown bug from a junkyard and fixes it and discovers that her car is really a robot. They become close friends and must fight when Decepticon bounty hunters team with the army in order to find the reactivated Bumblebee!

With the army really wanting to kill all the space robots and the Decepticons wanting to not only kill the Autobots but wanting to take over the Earth, things are really stacked against Bumblebee and Charlie.

This is a Transformer film done right and wipes away the bad taste of the Platinum Dunes series that spent more time making the main characters look nothing like they should. This one makes them look like their cartoon counterparts.

Over all this is a great fun Transformers film and shows that this series is on the right track and has lots of offer still at the theater. I would say this is the best live action Transformers movie thus far and is worth a watch. During their escape, he makes it out, and she is captured. Also along the way, he meets Chewbacca, a Wookie, and smuggler Lando Calrissian who become friends of his for life. This Star Wars Story film is filled with action, drama and twists and brings a classic Han Solo legend story to life.

The downside is none of the threats are really threats as we all know Han, Chewie and Lando will come out of this film unharmed. While not life changing, it was still a very enjoyable film that has that Star Wars charm.

I should also note that Alden Ehrenreich, Emilia Clarke, Woody Harrelson and Donald Glover all do fantastic work in their roles, and the film does have a really cool cameo from a classic Sith character from the past. Clara is a young woman who is an inventor and is having a very hard time dealing with the death of her mother, and this has stressed her relationship with her father. But soon Clara along with her new friend, a nutcracker soldier Captain Hoffman, must find a way to bring peace to the world as well as learn who to trust as well as Clara to find answers about her mother.

While a bomb in the theater, I hope this film finds more success on the home media market. Worth a watch and one I would watch again. The dinosaurs of the now defunct Jurassic World theme park are in trouble as the volcano on the island is about to erupt and kill them all off!

Many in the government are saying that we should not save the dinosaurs, while a group of protesters lead by Claire Dearing want to save them as they are living creatures. With backing from the former owners of the park, a rescue mission is put into place, and they even are able to get former park trainer Owen Grady. This is such a fun adventure film that adds in lots of horror elements and has some surprises as well as twists that make for a great popcorn film that was a great watch in the theater.

In fact, this film sets up another sequel that I am very much looking forward to watching once released in Some pretty great new sequels released this year for Fantasy and Sci-Fi, and as you can also see, some pretty great original ones as well. I mean this year we got movies starring characters like Han Solo, Samson, Robin Hood and Bumblebee and all entertained this moviegoer.

Teenager Miles Morales witnesses the death of Spider-Man, but only after he himself has been bitten by a radioactive spider and gained powers. Kinpin has created a dimension portal in hopes of bringing his wife and son back after their deaths, and by accident he brings spider people from other dimensions in like Spider-Gwen and Spider-Ham! Now Miles must find his inner Spider-Man in order to send all his other Spider cohorts back to their dimensions as well as stop the Kingpin and his goons from ever using the world changing machine again.

Worth watching for those who like their hero movies animated and silly as it delivers the action. But years later, when one of the scientist who work for the businessman comes to him for help over the company killing homeless people for experiments, he soon finds himself infected with an alien being that turns him into a super-powered monster known as Venom!

Now this anti hero must stop the coming invasion of alien beings who want to take over the earth and infect us humans. Deadpool is back and is an X-Men member in training and blows his chances when he kills some doctors and orderlies who work at an orphanage for mutant kids after one of the youths confesses they abused him.

Worse, a mercenary from the future named Cable has come to our time in order to kill the youth who in the future brings the end to his family. Now Deadpool must bring together the youth, Cable, the X-Men and his new team of misfits called X-Force in order to stop this coming end of mutants and to right all the wrongs of the past. If you like your superhero movies crude and rude, this one is for you! Plus Ryan Reynolds is truly the right actor to play Deadpool.

This film is packed with action and laughs and brings together the new and old as the original Ant-Man and Wasp are with the current versions and also brings in Ghost and Black Goliath as the baddies who might not be as bad as you think. The acting is great. If you liked the first film in the series like I did, then this sequel will surely bring you joy. Aquaman is saving people in the ocean from not only storms but also pirates who all want to kill him for his good deeds.

But while he helps the surface world, Atlantis, the birthplace of his mother, is at war with itself over attacking the land walkers above who have polluted their world for centuries.

Can Aquaman bring peace to the two worlds, and can he finally find out what has happened to his mother who has been missing for decades? Between this and Wonder Woman, DC Comics have shown that they are not down for the count when it comes to making big budget superhero movies, and they still have some fight in them to challenge Marvel. Jason Momoa is good as Aquaman, and my only complaint about his performance is I hate that he smirks so many times after delivering eye-rolling lines of dialogue.

Plus when the actors wore their masks and costumes, both Black Manta and Ocean Master looked great and made me wish they would have kept the costumes on more.

While not the best DC Superhero film from this modern re-launch that honor goes to Wonder Woman , this is definitely a step in the right direction for their shared hero universe.

Black Panther is a fantastic film that does a great job of bringing in drama into the action superhero movie mold. Adding in classic villains like Man-Ape and Killmonger felt right, and their looks were great updates to dated characters. The action in this movie is great, and the battles between Black Panther and Killmonger will have you on the edge of your seat. Thanos wants to collect all the Infinity Gems in order to kill off half of the population in the universe with one thought, and after collecting some, he gets another after killing Loki and many of the Asgardians and leaving the Hulk and Thor defeated.

This is what a superhero movie is all about, as the stakes are high and the threat to the universe is real! Seeing all of these characters from Marvel films from over the last 10 years in one single film is truly amazing and seeing them battle the likes of Thanos, who is one of the companies best villains, is pure big screen magic.

The sheer amount of talent in this film also boggles ones mind, and this was hands down one amazing popcorn flick that kept me super entertained and wanting more movies from Marvel! If you like superhero movies and want to see one epic fight between the forces of heroes and villains, then check this movie out. And yep I did buy this movie on DVD when it was released. Superheroes films are all the rage when it comes to toping the Box Office here in America, and many of them make up the top grossing films of the year!

But while you readers know I am a big comic book reader and superhero movie watching junkie, my top films that I love seeing in the theater are the ones in Horror genre. This year we got some great ones from Slashers to Ghosts to even a giant Shark. So here is my ranking of all the Horror Movies I seen in theater this year. The Quinn family of New York have became the obsession of evil ventriloquist dummy Slappy who was found in the old house of R.

This sequel is a little of a letdown and does not have the charm and fun nature of the first film, and to be honest, I found myself a little bored during most of the start of this kid friendly Horror flick. This film stars Jack Black, Madison Iseman, Jeremy Ray Taylor and Ken Jeong among many others and is well acted as the actors all do a good job with this plot holed script.

Over all, this a onetime watch and fans of Goosebumps might want to check it out. Matias is a young man whose girlfriend is deaf and his lack of sign langue is causing issues in their relationship. While having a Skype game night with friends, he soon learns that the computer he stole belongs to a very bad man who works on the deep web as a murderer for hire as people pay him to torture and kill people for their pleasure.

Now Matias and his friends must play a game of life and death as the killer wants his laptop back and his employers want blood. This second film in the Unfriended series removes the supernatural aspects of the first film and adds in the real life spookiness of the Dark Web. Worth seeing if you enjoy the world of the net mixed with Horror.

A group of four friends decide one night during a sleepover to try and contact the Creepypasta legend Slender Man by watching a video. And after doing so, one of the friends go missing and the rest are now being haunted and driven crazy by Slender Man who wants to also take them.

The film has gotten the worst hate from fans and critics on the web for any Horror Movie released this year, and I found the hate to be a little over done as the film is nothing special and is not nearly as bad as many want you to think.

The films pluses are it has some cool creepy moments. Slender Man, when not CGI, looks pretty good, the music score is top notch, some shots are really cool and actress Joey King who played character Wren is great and makes me want to see her in more Horror Movies.

The downside of this film is its pacing, terrible side storylines that go nowhere and Slender Man is never scary in the film. Over all worth seeing if you like the Creepypasta or movies that take inspiration from The Ring. But things get worse when they discover that the church is also being used for experiments to create the ultimate soldiers, and now our group of heroes must not only complete their mission but also survive and stop these cruel and brutal experiments that are also on the loose.

This is a Horror Movie that is mixed with a War Movie that delivers some good intense moments as well as a few scares along the way. The main cast of our good guys are all likable, and the bad guys come off like very terrible people, making it work.

Niagara Falls still her heart gushes forth. Buffalo connected to this holy heart. Finger Lakes and Adirondacks are part of this watershed, all the way down to the Delaware and Chesapeake. Oh my my, the wonder of him. Who captured the imagination of the wonders of rivers. Down stream other holy cities from the Mississippi delta all mapped by him. Its mouth our Dixie Trumpet guarded by righteous Cajun brethren.

Midwest from where? Him, who spoke of honest men and loving women. Working men and mothers bearing citizens to build a nation. All their stories are told. Never defeating the idea of Chicago. Sandburg had the courage to say what was in the heart of the people, who: Defeated the Indians, Mapped the terrain, Aided slavers, Fought a terrible civil war, Hoisted the barges, Grew the food, Whacked the wheat, Sang the songs, Fought many wars of conquest, Cleared the land, Erected the bridges, Trapped the game, Netted the fish, Mined the coal, Forged the steel, Laid the tracks, Fired the tenders, Cut the stone, Mixed the mortar, Plumbed the line, And laid the bricks Of this nation of cities!

Pardon the Marlboro Man shtick. Give him his beer and other diversions. He works hard. Hard work and faith built this city. There is faith in everything in Chicago!

An alcoholic broker named Bill lives the Twelve Steps to banish fear and loathing for one more day. Bill believes in sobriety. A tug captain named Moe waits for the spring thaw so he can get the barges up to Duluth. Moe believes in the seasons. A farmer named Tom hopes he has reaped the last of many bitter harvests.

Tom believes in a new start. A homeless man named Earl wills himself a cot and a hot at the local shelter. Earl believes in deliverance. A Pullman porter named George works overtime to get his first born through medical school. George believes in opportunity. A folk singer named Woody sings about his countrymen inheritance and implores them to take it. Woody believes in people. A Wobbly named Joe organizes fellow steelworkers to fight for a workers paradise here on earth.

Joe believes in ideals. Edith believes in miracles. Leah believes in nostalgia. Samuel believes in tradition. A high school girl named Sally refuses to get an abortion. She knows she carries something special within her. Sally believes in life. A city worker named Mazie ceaselessly prays for her incarcerated son doing 10 years at Cook.

Mazie believes in redemption. A jazzer named Bix helps to invent a new art form out of the mist. Bix believes in creativity. An architect named Frank restores the Rookery. Frank believes in space. A soldier named Ike fights wars for democracy. Ike believes in peace.

A Rabbi named Jesse sermonizes on Moses. Jesse believes in liberation. Somewhere in Chicago a kid still believes in Shoeless Joe. The kid believes in the integrity of the game. An Imam named Louis is busy building a nation within a nation. Louis believes in self-determination. A teacher named Heidi gives all she has to her students. She has great expectations for them all.

Heidi believes in the future. Does Chicago have a future? This city, full of cowboys and wildcatters is predicated on a future! Their skin is gray, hair disheveled, loud ties and funny coats, thumb through slips of paper held by nail chewed hands. Selling promises with no derivative value for out of the money calls and in the money puts. Strike is not a labor action in this city of unionists, but a speculators mark, a capitalist wish, a hedgers bet, a public debt and a farmers fair return.

Indexes for everything. Quantitative models that could burst a kazoo. You know the measure of everything in Chicago. But is it truly objective? Have mathematics banished subjective intentions, routing it in fair practice of market efficiencies, a kind of scientific absolution? I heard that there is a dispute brewing over the amount of snowfall that fell on the 1st.

Liquidity, can you place a great lake into an eyedropper? Its 20 below and all liquid things are solid masses or a gooey viscosity at best. Water is frozen everywhere. But Chi town is still liquid, flowing faster then the digital blips flashing on the walls of the CBOT. Dreams are never frozen in Chicago. The exchanges trade without missing a beat.

Using the tools of butterfly spreads and candlesticks to achieve the goal. You better be or soon will. WEBS, Spiders, and Leaps are traded here, along with sweet crude, North Sea Brent, plywood and T-Bill futures; and most importantly the commodities, the loam that formed this city of broad shoulders. What about our wheat? Still whacking and breadbasket to the world. Oil, an important fossil fuel denominated in good ole greenbacks. I think he sends it to Bangkok where child slaves spin it into gold lame'.

Sorghum, I think its hardy. Soybeans, the new age substitute for hamburger goes great with tofu lasagna. Corn, ADM creates ethanol, they want us to drive cleaner cars.

When does a seed become a commodity? When does a commodity become a future? When does a future expire? You can find the answers to these questions in Chicago and find a fortune in a hole in the floor. Look down into the pits. Hear the screams of anguish and profitable delights. Frenzied men swarming like a mass of epileptic ants atop the worlds largest sugar cube auger the worlds free markets. The scene is more chaotic then Haymarket Square Riots multiplied by Democratic Conventions. Amidst inverted anthills, they scurry forth and to in distinguished black and red coats.

Fighting each other as counterparties to a life and death transaction. This is an efficient market that crosses the globe. Tijuana, Shanghai and Istanbul's best traders are only half as good as the average trader in Chicago. Chicago, this hog butcher to the world, specializes in packaging and distribution.

Men in blood soaked smocks, still count the heads entering the gates of the city. Their handiwork is sent out on barges and rail lines as frozen packages of futures waiting for delivery to an anonymous counterparty half a world away.

Many striver rows compose its many neighborhoods. Nordic stoicism, Eastern European orthodoxy and Afro-American calypso vibrations are three of many cords strumming the strings of Chicago.

Frozen tears lock their eyes onto distant skyscrapers, solid chunks of snot blocks their nose and green icicles of slime crust mustaches. They fight to breathe. Sent armies of sons and daughters, barges, boxcars, gunboats, foodstuffs, cannon and shot to raze the south and stamp out succession. I must see and read the great words.

Through this American winter Abe ponders. The vista he surveys is dire and tragic. Party partisans in the senate are sworn and seated. Our Chief Justice, adorned with golden bars will adjudicate the proceedings. It is the perfect counterpoint to an ageless Abe thinking with malice toward none and charity towards all, will heal the wounds of the nation.

Abe our granite angel, Chicago goes on, The Union is strong! Out my window the sun has risen. According to the local forecast its minus 9 going up to 6 today. The lake, a golden pillow of clouds is frozen in time. I marvel at the ancients ones resourcefulness and how they mastered these extreme elements. Past, present and future has no meaning in the Citadel of the Prairie today. I set my watch to Central Standard Time. Can I give you a map?

I see he recently had his nails done. Stepping out of the hotel, The Doorman sporting the epaulets of a colonel on his corporate winter coat and furry Cossack hat swaddling his round black face accosts me. The skin of his face is flaking from the subzero windburn. I step outside. The Windy City flings stabbing cold spears flying on wings of mph gusts. My outside hardens. I can feel the freeze deepen into my internalness. For how long I cannot say. I commence my walk among the spires of this great city, the vertical leaps that anchor the great lake, holding its place against the historic frigid assault.

The gloves, skullcap, long underwear, sweater, jacket and overcoat not enough to keep the cold from penetrating the person. Like discerning the layers of this city, even many layers, still not enough to understand the depth of meaning of the heart of this heartland city. Sandburg knew the city well. Set amidst groves of suburbs that extend outward in every direction.

Concentric circles surround the city. After the burbs come farms, Great Plains, and mountains. Barrow to the Horn, many capes extended. On the periphery its appendages, its extremities, its outward extremes.

All connected by the idea, blown by the incessant wind of this great nation. It is a message of power. Always more. Much much more in Chicago. Sandburg spoke all the dialects. He heard them all, he understood with great precision to the finest tolerances of a lathe workers micrometer. Sandburg understood what it meant to laugh and be happy. All fighting for life, trying to build a life, a new life in this modern world. I wonder if Old Man Wrigley watched his barges loaded with spearmint and double-mint move out onto the lake from one of those Gothic windows perched high above the street.

Would he open a window and shout to the men below to quit slaking and work harder or would he between the snapping sound he made with his mouth full of his chewing gum offer them tickets to a ballgame at Wrigley Field that afternoon? Would the men below be able to understand the man communing from such a great height?

I listen to a man and woman conversing. They are one step behind me as we meander along Wacker Drive. Do you know what I mean? I think to myself. What level are you I wonder? Are you perched atop the transmission spire of the Hancock Tower? Is she a kept woman? She is majestically clothed in fur hat and coat.

What level is he speaking of? Many levels are evident in this city; many layers of cobbled stone, Pennsylvania iron, Hoosier Granite and vertical drops. I wonder if I detect condensation in his voice? What is his intention? Is it a warning of a broken affair? A pending pink slip? Advise to an addict refusing to adhere to a recovery regimen? What is his level anyway?

Is he so high and mighty, Higher and mightier then this great city which we are all a part of, which we all helped to build, which we all need in order to keep this nation the thriving democratic empire it is? This seditious talk! People are transported above the din of the street, looking down on the common pedestrians like me. The cars, busses, trains and trucks are all covered with the film of rock salt. Salt covers my bootless feet and smudges my cloths as well.

The salt, the primal element of the earth covers everything in Chicago. It is the true level of this city. The layer beneath all layers, on which everything rests, is built, grows, thrives then dies. To be returned again to the lower layers where it can take root again and grow out onto the great plains.

Splashing the nation, anointing its people with its blessing. A blessing, Chicago? All rivers come here. All roads, rails and air routes begin and end here. It did not start the fire, we did. We lit the torch that flamed the city to cinders. From a pile of ash Chicago rose again. Forever Chicago! Chicago the beacon sends the message to the world with its windy blasts, on chugging barges, clapping trains, flying tandems, T1 circuits and roaring jets. Sandburg knew a Chicago I will never know.

He knew the rhythm of life the people walked to. The tools they used, the dreams they dreamed the songs they sang, the things they built, the things they loved, the pains that hurt, the motives that grew, the actions that destroyed the prayers they prayed, the food they ate their moments of death. Sandburg knew the layers of the city to the depths and windy heights I cannot fathom.

Hell even Chicago got its own brand of Blues. Its all here. It ended up here and was sent away on the winds of westerly blows to the ear of an eager world on strong jet streams of simple melodies and hard truths.

A broad shouldered woman, a single mother stands on the street with three crying babes. Their cloths are covered in salt. She pleads for a break, praying for a new start.

Poor and under-clothed against the torrent of frigid weather she begs for help. I wonder if she is related to Sandburg as I walk past her on the street. Her feet are bleeding through her canvass sneakers. Her babes mouths are zipped shut with frozen drivel and mucous. The Blues live on in Chicago. The Blues will forever live in her.

As I turn the corner to walk the Miracle Mile I see her engulfed in a funnel cloud of salt, snow and bits of white paper, swirling around her and her children in an angry unforgiving maelstrom.

The family begins to dissolve like a snail sprinkled with salt; and a mother and her children just disappear into the pavement at the corner of Dearborn, in Chicago.

Added today to commemorate the birthday of Carl Sandburg. Continue reading Filibuster or Milieu Thesis. There was a motion on the floor for the nomination of a proxy to be my epigone. I feared I didn't have enough votes to challenge so I filibustered.

Ian Beckett Aug Sexist Shtick. We are told that Nothing trumps Trump's Misogyny but truth will out When his sexist shtick is a Gift that keeps giving for His Republican rivals, Whose Lips are sealed, but by Their deeds their hands are unclean. David John Mowers Jun Sister and I loved to play, to run and twirl and roll in grass all day.

Momma gets mad when we go too far but our yard is massive we live on a farm! I had thought no one lived so far out here, away from the town and its charming cheer? Did that mean something about being able to see or was she talking about eating me? You gawk! You stare! My wrinkly-face, the dank rank air in my dingy place, the dusty shelves a-lined in books and creepy crawlies in every nook, cobwebs and spiders at every corner, piggies run squealing while the chickens banterer, ravens caw at strange green light from lantern but back to all those shadow corners where little bad things spy and salivate, thinking on what they had last ate, and there you are shaking, nervous, trembling; a porky little piece of meat and something we all want to eat!

Hand me the coins I asked for earlier, when we crossed paths along Old Joser, draw near to me, come here, come a bit closer! This entire piece came to me in a dream and I wrote it down in one sitting over ten minutes. Grimm's Fairy Tales are about warnings to small children The phrase 'two twins' is a reference to the dual nature of myth as both actual events and cosmic.

Gemini and the two earthly children. Two coins to pay the boatman who takes your soul across the river Styx. Bus Poet Stop May Seuss and Ogden Nash's shtick with whom, eye, a believed descendant, cannot compete But I do know that I love you, And I know that if you love me, too, What a wonderful world this would be.

Vernon Swain-Nisbet Jan The MTV Generation. Horror remakes are they such a good idea? Suddenly Jason and Freddy no longer bring fear. Robert Englund walks with a stick, but Hollywood this shtick no good. Entertainment industry thrive on naiveity while we sink deeper into simplicity.

Education stagnating as a whole with cries of purity and morals galore. Blood and gore we crave we want, so Roth and Saw sold us hard, but questions now number on the minds as people question our sanity. Marvel the gods and Heroes have forgotten the way, they're now in Disney sway.

People are dancing to the new sensation, it's lacks a plot, it vilifies most and fills with hesitation. It's High School Musical. The Boy wizard now grown up he's out of Hogwarts with friends in tow, pursuing new careers and other goals.

Sony and Microsoft strive for the crown while Nintendo say jump we all ask 'How high? People yell Fail at Vista, though eagerly await Windows 7. Meanwhile Apple as a company considered arrogant, with branches in every market, ranging with ipods and iphones, well you know what they say, an eye for eye leaves the whole world blind. Instant messages and cyber chat, issue this proclaimation, that letters are dead and no longer cool. Conform and drop archaic methods. Facebook, Myspace, Bebo and more, we push for perfection with a social site.

While people Digg and Stumble whatever more. DIAF we yell to haters, flaming and trolling youtube and sites. Everything viral it's now said the mistakes you make could be shown a day later on any video site. Generation X move out and baby boomers time is up, we're the MTV Generation, utter jerks, brought up by net, we learn l33t by age 10 but english, come again? Okay, let's see how this goes I wrote this round about in and a friend recommended I post it on here, this apparently was his favourite poem.

I am unsure, but will give this a bash. Karen Alexander Mar Amy Grindhouse Jan Noise Pollution. I crack myself up twice. Steele Jan The Path. I took the path less travelled by, and found to my chagrin that the path I walked was paved in good intentions and devoid of friend and kin. Though in walking those trails, I only meant well, The herd is the entity that most oft prevails; The lion devours the lone gazelle, who of the well worn path did not avail.

Bombastic attitude, 1L of whiskey in a single night goes a long way in terms of unwinding and making vocab verbiage, or counter to that: something worthy of an antique status. Asphyxiophilia Jul Yellow Dress. She wore a yellow dress the day that he picked her up in his truck for their very first date. Her hair fell in loose curls and gentle waves upon her shoulders like the low tides of the ocean on a warm summer day when it was just the right temperature for sun-bathing.

She had a smile as careless as the high grass swaying in the wind around the telephone poles that they passed on their way to the lake that they were planning on picnicking at. Her hands danced like shadow puppets on the dashboard to the rhythm of the country songs emitting from the radio. She crossed her thin legs and tilted her head towards the sky, allowing the breeze sweeping through the cab to kiss her neck as it passed by. Every now and then, when she wasn't looking, he'd steal a glance in her direction like a heads-up penny that he would slip into his pocket for good luck for later.

When he pulled off the dirt road and removed the wicker basket and blanket from the truck bed, she ran ahead of him like a gazelle yearning to quench her thirst, searching for a spot near the lake for them to sit. She fell to her knees on a soft patch of dirt that filled the creases like puzzle pieces, as though she belonged to it.

As he made his way to her, he watched as she tangled the grass in her fingers like strands of hair before looking up at him and smiling.

He never knew what love was, but he knew this was as close as he ever needed to be in order to be happy. She wore a yellow dress the evening that she crawled through his bedroom window to spend the night with him, without his parent's consent. Her hair was tucked behind her ears like every reservation he had until he met her, that now dangled out the window.

He removed his guitar from behind his bed and watched as she twirled around in circles in the center of his bedroom, as though the angels were strumming on harps just for her. Every now and then, his fingers would slip from the strings, because he couldn't remove his eyes from her pink lips as they lip-synced their very own love song. When the melody ceased, she fell into the carpet like a cloud that she could float away on top of.

He put his guitar back in its rightful place before fitting his body behind hers, holding her and whispering their love song as they both fell asleep. She wore a yellow dress the afternoon that he pushed her on a tire swing. Her slender fingers gripped the rope the way she held him, as though she never intended to let go. He pressed his hands against her back and pushed her into the heavens, wondering how he was so fortunate to receive an angel when it came back to him.

Her hair blew behind her like the physical manifestation of the sound waves of her laugh whenever she went too fast. He couldn't remove the smile from his face, even if he tried, although he never would whenever she was around.

She was the high, higher than the tire swing could ever take her, that he never wanted to come down from. She wore a yellow dress the night that she was riding her bike, alone.

Her feet pressed down on the peddles and her hips balanced the frame as she spread her arms out beside her like a bird in flight. Her mind was still racing with thoughts of him, his soft breath against the back of her neck and the feel of his hand against her stomach, when a car sped around the turn too quickly.

She felt the headlights illuminate her skin like the sunlight that kissed her the way he did on their first date, but the blow that followed didn't quite resemble that of his kiss. She wore a yellow dress the morning that they decorated her casket.

Her hair was stiff as it framed her powdered face, and her hands were cold as they were crossed on her chest. Her legs were covered by a silk blanket and daisies were laid upon them. A forced smile was spread across her lips, appearing grotesque, which was the first thing he noticed whenever he entered the funeral home. At the sight of her lifeless body, he fell to his knees and began sobbing. She was now nothing more than a metaphor for the good dying young.

She wore a yellow dress the twilight that she walked into the sunset to greet him. Her hair fell delicately down her back like a waterfall cascading into a heavenly pool. She had a smile as warm as the sunbeams that blinded him whenever he first opened his eyes, after he what he thought might be permanently closed them while lying on the cold tile of his bathroom floor.

Her hands reached out to hold his, as though she desired to place twinkling stars in his palms. She wrapped her arms around him, resting her head on his shoulder, holding him like she knew she failed to do the evening that she left him. Then she lifted her head towards the heavens again, allowing the wind to kiss her neck and the sun to sweep her into his arms along with him and her yellow dress. I know not what the younger dreams -- Some vague Utopia -- and she seems, When withered old and skeleton-gaunt, An image of such politics.

The uniVerse Aug Elephant Juice. Maybe I needed words to confirm whisper them when it's your turn mouth me from across the room E-L-E-P-H-A-N-T J-U-I-C-E is the same as I love you deceive me with mammals as I play piano pouring my heart upon the keys do with me as you please "I'm yours, I'm yours" rings out the chorus the deafening silence of love unrequited.

A boomerang that doesn't come back a runaway train on broken tracks maybe I should have held onto words not listened to the singing birds that told me you felt the same how could I believe your heart was tamed for I am no ringmaster a gazelle that's wandered into foreign pastures I was your prey yet I was bold for the words I say are seldom told with such earnest longing so behold I L-O-V-E Y-O-U.

Erin Suurkoivu Sep The Honey in the Lion. The honey in the lion sounds like a delicious thing—— A gentle balm capable of subduing The cruellest of monsters. According to the stars and tattooed, You fancied yourself king of the jungle—— Lazy in hot African afternoons. Golden and tawn with sleepy sun-gold eyes, Shaggy mane, muzzle red with The blood of a gazelle. Did you think me such easy prey? Or was I so much fermented honey, Only a sweet intoxicant. Sun warmth seeps from jungles of cold concrete.

So duped, I acquiesced to your slimy kiss. Your mouth a neglected cemetery, Teeth a row of mossy tombstones. Your seduction like grotesque death. You named me tempest in a teacup, But I was the eye of the storm. Until the night the eye was eradicated, And the storm blew in, Striking me dumb with your sound and fury. But no spattered blood and no spreading bruise To be found in the pattern of the kaleidoscope. No cause for alarm. Today I am lost in a picture show, A beautiful world coloured by nostalgic past.

Head in the Clouds, I fantasize about a certain scene. Give me an eye for my eye, For all the eyes you plucked, from women and breadwinners. Give me blood running down your back, sweet as honey. The first poem of my first book, "Blood for Honey". Get it at Lulu.

Reece Jan The Light of the World and the Beginning of Life. Brought forth from a darkness so secure, baby boy relentless in the pursuit of education gazed upon the egg shell walls and sterile environment. Breathing as if it were natural. A construction of steel and concrete was the new cocoon , the window was an eye to a neoteric world. Bright white lights shone from within and a dull foreboding cloud loomed beyond the glass for the child to appreciate.

Mother exhausted collapsed sighing. She is the antidote to all that is evil, she is the mother to the world. A usually stick-thin figure now distended but leisurely relaxing. Nursing her son as if it were natural. Swooning nurses swaddle infants, the original factory workers. Substantial days grafting, workhorses prancing throughout aseptic halls.

The heroines of our world. A tribe appears from dust clouds, over the dunes, panting, half-alive. Heavenly Ethiope arriving in time for the world to begin. Tumescent in her ecclesiastic luminescence bearing a King destined to travel great distances primed for expulsion from the cimmerian safety of the womb. The seas of the earth accumulate before the small band of tall-standing creatures of exquisite anthropomorphism. Creatures from across the great unexplored continent at the centre of our world gathered in frenzied crowds.

Shrews, mice, gazelle, otters, cheetahs and giraffes all surrounded the tribe. Taking a silent vow and allowing stewardship to be passed along to a new generation. Every mother is the mother of the earth. Her earth, the personal concept of earth that only she may understand.

Both children are connected by the planet they learn to walk upon. Connected by a thousand generations but connected nonetheless. They are one and the same. Each bought into a world in which they have no knowledge, each merely a slate eager to be scrawled upon by the elders of this fine rock. I cry, I scream, I take those words as truth, and drown as they push me, past the deepest darkness. Sarah Michelle Jun Gli Animali.

And for a moment I'm a gazelle who hasn't yet fallen to a lion's teeth For the night I give in to the stampede and--this time for good--keep going Going, going, wind beaten as a sailor, though I may be flying the way a peacock does It's only a feeling, like peace is to a dove Let me say something about the animals-- they keep going, too They keep going for us I am no vegetarian, but sometimes, instead of meat, I only need to eat dust.

For the same reason, I go on until fed to something larger than this small person inside And, like an animal, I don't ever feel the need to cry. Jolene D'Souza Oct The Vegan Lion. Parrot noticed it was kale Soon the lonely lion declared a truce And Mrs. Our herbivore brother and kind beast This transformation has been confounding But thank you for the wonderful feast!

Rabbit And gobbled him up pretty fast Blame it on the bad habit But his vegan diet did not last He ate Mr. Deer and Mr. Moose Yet his tummy growled for some more He ate Mr. Hare and Mrs. Goose Until nobody was left on the forest floor The owl watched completely flustered as her friends were brutally killed Mr fox and his wife covered in mustard gobbled by the lion who was weak willed I apologize for my condition My weakness is delicious meat I need to tend to my nutrition And thus I must simply eat I truly am sorry said the lion Stud As the night grew silently grim But the chances of us being real buds Are unfortunately pretty slim.

Olivia day Aug Vibrant eyes watching prey The unexpected victim turns away For the gazelles long horns aren't enough for defence the cunning lion pounces into the air with suspense The startled gazelle takes a leap But by then she's already been swept of her feet The poor gazelle gets ripped to shreds And she lay there frozen , killed ,dead!

Franklin Richards Nov I'll Find You. Beneath the signature of madness A myriad of things are born When eyes meet, when everything else is irrelevant When all we know is that if we're not right next to one another our next breath won't come If it were to pour down rain on us right now we'd smile standing in that rain The world is laughable right now because nothing else matters but how we feel Rules are ignored with reckless abandon rules about having to work tomorrow Rules about a phone call we were supposed to make about things that needed doing Rules about someone who needed a ride home but will now have to find another one It's so insane that you plan for things like this You have friends set you up on blind dates or you have dinner with someone You plan days or even weeks ahead You buy special clothes for the special occasion You buy special gifts for the special occasion and that special occasion is just..

I was lost in thought" You give the driver an address Turn your head to look out the window into the rain as they pull away smile softly and say to yourself "I'll find you". Ode to Walt Whitman.

By the East River and the Bronx boys sang, stripped to the waist, along with the wheels, oil, leather and hammers. Ninety thousand miners working silver from rock and the children drawing stairways and perspectives. But none of them slumbered, none of them wished to be river, none loved the vast leaves, none the blue tongue of the shore. By East River and the Queensboro boys battled with Industry, and Jews sold the river faun the rose of circumcision and the sky poured, through bridges and rooftops, herds of bison driven by the wind.

But none would stop, none of them longed to be cloud, none searched for ferns or the tambourine's yellow circuit. When the moon sails out pulleys will turn to trouble the sky; a boundary of needles will fence in memory and coffins will carry off those who don't work. New York of mud, New York of wire and death. What angel lies hidden in your cheek? What perfect voice will speak the truth of wheat? Who the terrible dream of your stained anemones? Enemy of the satyr, enemy of the vine and lover of the body under rough cloth.

Not for a single moment, virile beauty who in mountains of coal, billboards, railroads, dreamed of being a river of slumbering like a river with that comrade who would set in your breast the small grief of an ignorant leopard. Not for a single moment, Adam of blood, Male, man alone on the sea, Walt Whitman, lovely old man, because on penthouse roofs, and gathered together in bars, emerging in squads from the sewers, trembling between the legs of chauffeurs or spinning on dance-floors of absinthe, the maricas , Walt Whitman, point to you.

Him too! He's one! And they hurl themselves at your beard luminous and chaste, blonds from the north, blacks from the sands, multitudes with howls and gestures, like cats and like snakes the maricas , Walt Whitman, maricas , disordered with tears, flesh for the whip, for the boot, or the tamer's bite. Stained fingers point to the shore of your dream, when a friend eats your apple, with its slight tang of petrol, and the sun sings in the navels of the boys at play beneath bridges.

But you never sough scratched eyes, nor the darkest swamp where they drown the children, nor the frozen saliva, nor the curved wounds like a toad's belly that maricas bear, in cars and on terraces, while the moon whips them on terror's street-corners.

You sought a nakedness like a river. The sky has shores where life is avoided and bodies that should not be echoed by dawn. Agony, agony, dream, ferment and dream. This is the world, my friend, agony, agony. Bodies dissolve beneath city clocks, war passes weeping with a million grey rats, the rich give their darlings little bright dying things, and life is not noble, or sarcred, or good. Tomorrow loves will be stones and Time a breeze that comes slumbering through the branches.

But yes, against you, city maricas , of tumescent flesh and unclean thought. Mothers of mud. Against you forever, you who give boys drops of foul death with bitter poison.

Maricas of all the world, muderers of doves! Slaves to women. Spread in public squares like fevered fans or ambushed in stiff landscapes of hemlock. No quarter! Death flows from your eyes and heaps grey flowers at the swamp's edge. Look out!! Let the perplexed, the pure, the classical, noted, the supplicants close the gates of the bacchanal to you. And you, lovely Walt Whitman, sleep on the banks of the Hudson with your beard towards the pole and your hands open.

Bland clay or snow, your tongue is calling for comrades to guard your disembodied gazelle. Sleep: nothing remains.


Kung Fu Fightin - Nigo - Ape Sounds (Vinyl, LP), A Mosca Cieca - Piccolo Coro DellAntoniano - Lo Zecchino DOro Vol. 2 (CD, Album), The Telemann Experiment - Jon Lord - Live (DVD), Quadruplum, Groovin - Mint Juleps - One Time (CD, Album), Fugue In G Minor - Daniel T Politoske - Music [Second Edition] (Vinyl, LP), Au Clair De Ma Plume - Maurane - Quand LHumain Danse (CD, Album), Memorial Hospital / Its Not Over Yet - James Newton Howard Featuring Wayne Shorter - The Fugitive (M, Rappers Delight - The Sugarhill Gang* Vs. Grandmaster Flash - The Greatest Hits (CD), Orens Sklyanka - Tripmastaz - Undo Da Past EP (Vinyl), Sucker - The Wolfgang Press - Queer (CD, Album) Hive of Wires - Emotional Labor (Cassette, Album)


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