Doppleganger - The Graduate (2) - Anhedonia (Vinyl, LP)

Download Doppleganger - The Graduate (2) - Anhedonia (Vinyl, LP)
Label: American Dream Records (2) - ADR-003 • Format: Vinyl LP Ltd, 140 gram • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Indie Rock

Anhedonia , their debut LP, is for the large part dark and brooding. The narrative follows a character in trouble, looking to change their life, a reflection on the album title — an inability to experience pleasure from activities usually found enjoyable.

The only glimmers of hope and salvation come in the form of I Survived and the final track, Sing. The former finds Corey leaving a God forsaken town to start a fresh.

The chorus is almost a last bastion of hope:. Luckily, they continued to write the album despite the setback. Despite the title, Stuck Inside My Head finds the character again looking to turn a new leaf with talk of moving on, learning to make it on their own and feeling stronger now. Whilst keeping their indie rock sound, there seems to be a greater focus on sequencing and layering guitars which can be heard previously on Doppelganger. This progression from Anhedonia offers a rich, atmospheric sound with guitars seemingly weaving and playing off each other.

Ochs reaches a stark authenticity that draws you in, bearing all with raw emotion through his captivating vocal and melodic guitar style, delivered with finesse both in the studio and on the stage as an international voyager. What is channeled into his music, tone and lyrics are indisputable personal truths, the kind that are deeply rooted in the blackened parts of the human soul.

To commemorate the release of BLACK HAPPY, today the massive Ochs fans that run badass outlet American Aftermath have published an in-depth interview with the soloist, alongside an exclusive stream of the entire album; check it out here:.

Also check out a captivating full live set from an Ochs show in Warsaw, Poland in February and more right here:. Going in to the very roots of music with his acoustic guitar as his primary weapon, Conny will prove someone who divides opinion but will always leave an impression as he creeps in to the wider musical platform. Crimson Shadows will be touring with Vesperia, doing several dates all over Ontario and Quebec over the next four months leading up to a West coast tour where both bands will be touring out to Victoria, BC.

Seeing as myself and our bassist Morgan Rider play in both bands it makes sense to save on gas and time to tour together. They have just released a studio video from their first day of recording at Ice House Studios with engineer Thomas Ireland.

To view the video, please visit the following link. For more info on Crimson Shadows, please visit these links. The tiny D. The comp will see release digitally and on a limited-run cassette on May 1, the cassette run including both a digital download and a slick beer koozie.

Eolian has confirmed two record release shows to bust the mixtape out onto the public, with a kinky back-to-back duo of galas at Slabtown late in April. Stay tuned for more news on all. E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr has performed in various venues ranging from rock clubs to art museums, libraries and movie theaters.

All music of E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr is made to be played live, and also many of the album tracks have evolved in live performances and jam sessions. All the band members have been active in various underground music scenes for a long time.

Jaakko Penttinen has a background in various punk bands such as Forca Macabra, but nowadays is better known for his ambient and space music projects such as Galactic Travellers with Ismo Virta and others. Various reports lists reasons ranging from Sambora wanting to concentrate on his solo career to Sambora being upset with the way Jon Bon Jovi treats him.

It has been amazing hearing all the great feedback and getting into the charts in Finland on 25! We are all really extremely happy about this and we are all so lucky to have such amazing fans! Thank you all! Wow, that will annoy the kids. The DVD and Blu-ray versions offer fully restored film footage of the complete concert available for the first time. The audio on the 2CD and double LP is fully re-mastered.

Now for the first time, the full concert is being released as a double LP in the original running order and with re-mastered sound. Ronnie James Dio and the band deliver a blistering live performance featuring tracks from their first three albums alongside Black Sabbath and Rainbow classics. For those who never got to experience the powerful vocals and mammoth stage prowess of Ronnie James Dio before his passing in , this is the perfect opportunity to view this legendary icon in all his glory.

The DVD contains a running time of nearly minutes. Sebastian Bach has sold in excess of 20 million records worldwide as lead singer with his former band, Skid Row and as a solo artist. The song is available for download and legal streaming through all fine shops such as iTunes, Amazon and Spotify all over the World.

It is also possible to enjoy the video clip of the song, shot by Patric Ullaeus Europe, Amaranthe, Kamelot, etc. The ltd. Come And Get It 2. Electric Rattlesnake 3. Wish You Were Dead 4. Black Daze 5. Save Yourself 6. Drop The Hammer Down 7.

Old Wounds, New Scars 9. All Over But The Shouting Good Night. Horrorscope 2. Necroshine 4. Walk Through Fire. FIN Tampere — Pakkahoune FIN Helsinki — Tavastia FIN Joensuu — Kerubi FIN Rytmikojaamo — Sinajoki EST Tallin — Tapper LV Riga — Meina Piektdina LT Vilnius — New York PL Warsaw — Proxima D Hamburg — Markthalle DK Copenhagen — Amager Bio S Gothenburg — Sticky Fingers N Oslo — John Dee S Stockholm — Debaser Slussen N Haugesund — Karmoygeddon Festival N Grimstad — Bluebox TR Istanbul — Headbangers Weekend B Dassel — Graspop In the end, the amazing effort by Achim Bieler from Germany saw him winning the competition.

Since winning the competition, Threshold and Achim conceived a plan to shoot additional footage in order to edit a new, even more impressive version of the video. D Gelsenkirchen — Rock Hard Festival Somehow it fits well with the atmosphere of the music and the composing session. It could be Lake Bodom actually, frozen, with people trapped under the ice. Very Finnish looking scene. We were really happy how Sami created the whole imagery!

Waste Of Skin 2. Halo Of Blood 3. Scream For Silence 4. Transference 5. The Days Are Numbered 7. Damage Beyond Repair 9.

All Twisted Among the 10 reissued albums many of these not available regularly for many years are all U. Meanwhile, U. All underwater. What an adventure! As the band comments:. The New Beginning 2. Someone Is After Me 3. Utopia 4. March 5. Horrorshow 6. Nightmare 7. Afterlife 8. Helldemon 9. All Alone Purgatory Eternal Raise The Dead Rapture Intro-Movie 2. Purgatory live 3. Eternal live 4. Someone Is After Me live 5. Stonehenge live 6.

Beauty After Midnight live 7. Dusk Till Dawn live 8. The Possession live 9. Devil live Afterlife live Helldemon live Liar live Monsters live Darkside live March live Horrorshow live Happiness In Darkness live Utopia live The Resurrection Outro-Movie.

It will be available as 2-CD digi-pak and as limited 3-vinyl set. Not one single part was re-recorded in studio as most of bands do. Dark Mystic Vision 2. Ad Infinitum 3. From Chaos To Eternity 4. Triumph Or Agony 5. I Belong To The Stars 6. The Dark Secret 7. Unholy Warcry 8.

Lost In Cold Dreams 9. Land Of Immortals Aeons Of Raging Darkness Dark Reign Of Fire Drum Solo. The March Of The Swordmaster 2. Dawn Of Victory 3. Toccata On Bass 4. The Village Of Dwarves 5. Holy Thunderforce 7. Reign Of Terror 8. Knightrider Of Doom 9. Epicus Furor Emerald Sword ARK is available from today on as an extensive Deluxe Edition, which comes as 2-CD in digi-pak format and includes a track live CD beside the regular album.

Storming The Walls 2. Inner Sanctum 3. Beneath The Read Eagle 4. March Of Conquest 5. Pair Dadeni 6. The Mindsong 7. Rage For Revenge 8. Defiant Dreams Damnatio Memoriae McGrath Bonus Track.

As soon as those times have been confirmed we will update the running order. The same goes for the three acts that are yet to be announced. Thanks to our partnership with musical instrument retailer 4Sound, the stage previously called Zeppelin Stage and before that Dio Stage, Spendrups Stage and the demo stage will be named 4Sound Stage this year.

Apart from the name, everything about the stage will remain the same. Kiss have requested to start playing at instead of on Thursday June 6. Rush are bringing a production that takes a long time to build. Because of this, only one other act will perform on Festival Stage on Saturday June 8. Also, Rush have requested to start playing at instead of To be able to fit in Rush and their big production while having as many slots in the schedule as usual, we have added slots on Rock Stage, Sweden Stage 2 and Rockklassiker Stage that day.

Since we have 83 bands playing on five stages, we often have two, sometimes even three, bands playing at the same time. As much as possible, we have tried to avoid scheduling bands in similar styles at the same time. However, touring schedules, flight departure times and other factors sometimes come into play, and as always we have had to make a few compromises. Click here for the running order! Further details including a new single, video and extensive worldwide tour will be announced in the coming weeks.

ACT I topped charts throughout Europe, with a sensational no. The video version held steady for over two months at the peak of the Finnish music video charts. Her voice has deepened and darkened is recent years while losing none of her upper range, resulting in a tone that can be treacle dark and syrupy, rich and warm and velvet but also silvery light and nimble, as each song demands.

And this is especially true for ACT I. It is also a Step I, the first live album Tarja has produced since her days in Nightwish and a statement that her solo career will continue at all costs.

I mean, who quits a steady paycheck to play music for a living in the 21st Century, right? Songs such as the title track talk about his own Southern Paradise and how life can be truly fun when you do what you love. This is his eleventh release overall and tenth of all new music. His partner, Mark Cohn was on board from the start and we brought Richard in to master the tracks. I think we put an amazing team together and put out a great product both musically and sonically!

This week, the band reveals the full details for this debut full-length. Silver Eyes 2. Chains 3. Platinum 4. Quicksilver 5. Gold Violet 6. The Final Battle instrumental 7. Leaden Roads 8.

Titanium Wings 9. Almost A Fantasy instrumental. May The Chosen 2. Cage of Infinity 3. Down In a Black Hole 4. Choices 5. Astronaut 6. Human Emergency 7. Resistance 8. Orphans 9. Son Of Fate The Encounter Screaming For Answers Every brilliant musician feels the need to push boundaries further: to progress and to find new challenges and outlets for his or her talents.

Swedish guitarist Stefan Lindholm has now reached that defining moment in his career. As the founder and musical backbone of Vindictiv, he is responsible for some of the most exquisite examples of contemporary neoclassical metal. This time round Vindictiv have challenged themselves to get their point across not through complexity, but through forthrightness.

At the same time, I think it just may be more metallic than previously. It is indeed, albeit a new and exciting Vindictiv. Vindictiv has turned over a new leaf, a more predominantly song-based one, without sacrificing any of their defining characteristics which include the usual blistering guitar solos and great vocal work.

Certainly a band to watch for as they rise continuously upwards through the ranks of the rock music world… essential! Multinational heavy metallers Raven Lord celebrate their second anniversary.

We want to give something back to our fans so we can all celebrate together. When you think you are forever Every generation fades On the end of your endeavour Million miles away from home.

When the time has come to leave the stage And turn the page And perish forever And the world keeps on turning Forever yearning When you say your last goodbye. Nothing ever lasts forever Disappear in the unknown As you think you are together When in fact you are alone. The summer show dates shape up as follows. June P3, Purmerend, Netherlands June The Mix, Uithoorn, Netherlands.

Since we started rehearsing and playing live with the band, we realized how important a second guitar was, especially for our live performances. We had Joel along since day one, but recently invited him to become a member Joel is an extremely gifted guitar player and great singer and brings a fourth dimension to our set up.

See you all soon on tour! For information on ordering the new album F. The band are offering a variety of packages or via the usual outlets from Massacre Records.

The beasts are back! The band has uploaded a video in which lead guitarist and vocalist Anton Kabanen shares his thoughts on the artwork. Let It Roar 2. Out Of Control 3. Out On The Streets 4. Neuromancer 5. Raven 6. Into The Heart Of Danger 7. Machine Revolution 8. Golden Age 9. Kingdom Over The Top Fight, Kill, Die Black Ninja Rain Man Bonus track Magnolia 2.

Kingdom Of The Blind 3. Freedom Call 4. End Of The World 5. What If 6. A Symphony Unheard 7. Paralyzed 8. Modus Vivendi 9. She Remains a Mystery Say Goodbye The Redemption Stormy Waters They had played together in a funk rock band before, but now wanted to do something different and heavier.

Magnus Carlsson soon joined in on bass and during the coming years they also found drummer Anton Roos and vocalist Tobias Jansson who both joined the band. The guys started to play the Gothenburg club circuit and built a good reputation. It became known that Saffire was an excellent live band, and thanks to that their fan base kept growing.

Saffire recorded three demos [released , and ] and after the last demo they felt they had enough material to record a really strong debut album, which they did. The sound of Saffire can be described as a mix of those bands with a progressive twist, something that makes them stand out in the scene.

Dio Messiah is currently seeking a bass player, drummer and keyboardist to complete the band. Serious parties are asked to send a video or link of themselves playing any song to the management: promo rockngrowl.

More than just a sum of its rather esteemed parts, Soen weave an intricate network of melody and melancholy. The colors are there, lingering within the grays. Further information on Soen, including official release dates, to be revealed in the coming weeks. The production is even, the music thematic and smart, and the musicians eager to share every second with the other. Most remarkable is that Soen simply appear to be on the exact same page.

We could all use a melancholic and intelligent rock record that is equal parts melodic and progressive. Critically acclaimed Dutch pagan metallers Heidevolk will embark upon their first North American tour starting later this week! Touring alongside the esteemed Ensiferum and former label mates Tyr as well as hot newcomers Trollfest and Helsott, Napalm recording artists Heidevolk will proudly take part in Paganfest America Part IV, which will roll through 21 cities across the United States and Canada.

Once there, our heathen legion will join forces with the tribes of Ensiferum, Tyr, Trollfest, and Helsott to form a horde of unsurpassed power! Hail the gods, hail to Vinland! See you at Paganfest America! All of this comes to a surprise, because this project was meant to be something that no one would ever hear about. So as time went on and we started to be successful, we always agreed to do everything ourselves, to keep it our way. The only way we were ever going to work with anyone was if we knew they were dedicated to worship the past as we were.

Now that we are here with Napalm, we will continue to create this hidden message. But with their help, they will be revealing this to the masses, and we are okay with that now. Because of the records we first created only for ourselves will be released with everything we dreamed from the beginning, destiny has come for us to work with Napalm Records.

Our hearts are in Texas but our souls come from Europe. Now having a family in Europe that takes care of the land where we arose, our spirits fly, where we are able to focus on the beautiful. Venomous Maximus is such a band, and and we are thrilled, excited, and tremendously honored to call them part of the Napalm family.

The band is currently working in the studio to create a new Metalcore Masterpiece! Tour dates: Sunstormfestival, Nordheim Traffic Jam, Dieburg Hellskitchen Festival, Velburg more dates coming soon! Hereby we would like to start showing you our new album cover in a countdown jigsaw puzzle. The band is genuinely proud to announce that composer and mastermind Jo Blankenburg has written a piece for this album as well, exclusively for Legion Of The Damned.

Jo Blankenburg is a German composer based in Los Angeles. He writes music for film and motion picture advertising. The band is on schedule in the studio with finishing the bass tracks, vocals are on the planning next week. And, okay, the other handful of Danzig fans who have a sense of humor.

Danzig not included, obviously. Upon returning from Dublin, Nightbitch and Swanson amicably parted ways and Taylor assumed vocal duties. Highly recommended! I want more Nightbitch and I want it soon. Neurot Recordings is pleased to release the debut from Arkansas southern rock collective Iron Tongue!

We are looking forward to working hard every step of the way and we are committed to making music that everyone will be proud of. Ever After 2. Witchery 3. Skeleton 4. Moon Unit 5.

Lioness 6. Seven Days 7. Vancouver progressive rockers Fen have announced they will be giving away FREE band T-shirts to make room for new merchandise as they encourage their fans to share their tunes and increase their social media presence. Riddled 2. Of Losing Interest 3. Nice For Three Days 4. A Long Line 5. The Glove 6. Drunken Relief 7. Light Up The End 8. Pilot Plant 9.

Snake Path Recently Entertainment Tonight Online interviewed Jann about the film. Music is about what the listener hears. He maintains a steady touring schedule of about shows a year in the US, Europe and Asia. When the riff struck my mind, I first imagined the song to sound like an early Stooges tune. However, once the track was finished, there was not much left of this.

First the rhythms for bass and guitar emerged. Afterwards we set up guitars, percussion, synthesizers etc. D Stuttgart — Keller Club F Lyon — Stone Rising Festival F Paris — La Maroquinerie F Nantes — Le Ferrailleur F Angers — Le Chabada Club F Belfort — Impetus Festival NL Tilburg — Roadburn Festival UK London — Desertfest D Berlin — Desertfest E Barcelona — Razzmatazz 3.

E Zaragoza — Rockinhouse E Madrid — El Sol E Gijon — Acapulco Centro E San Sebastian — Cultural Larratxo D Leipzig — UT Connewitz D Dresden — Groovestation D Bremen — Lila Eule D Kiel — Pumpe D Hamburg — Klubsen D Munich — Backstage D Frankfurt — Das Bett B Brussels — Magasin 4 NL Rotterdam — Rotown NL Nijmegen — Doornroosje D Mannheim — Maifeld Derby.

The lofi-garage group returns with an album filled with rock pop jams. Lo-fi artist JW Francis is back with a new project that includes his signature lo-fi and bedroom pop sound. Continue Normal Living by Absent City. Dreamy, intricate guitar pop from Oakland's Absent City; splashes of accordion, sitar, lap steel, and mandolin add textural richness. Shred Mountain by Ben Katzman. Explore music. Erin Shea. Ken Barnes. Brian G. Nomi Foster.


Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Is In), 1812 Festival Overture, Op. 49 - Tchaikovsky* - The Best Of Tchaikovsky (CD), Suite II (1954) - Christian Wolff - Philip Thomas (4) - Pianist: Pieces (CD, Album), F.U. - F.Y.P. - Finish Your Popcorn (Cassette, Album), Marys Boy Child - The George Mitchell Minstrels - The Magic Of Christmas (Vinyl, LP), Too Tough - Angela Bofill - Platinum & Gold Collection (CD), Groovin High (Part. 1) - Charlie Parker - Miles Davis - Dizzy Gillespie - 3 Géants Du Jazz (Vinyl, L, Love Me Tender (Viva Elvis Version) - Elvis Presley - Elvis 80 (CD), Sonrisas Y Marsupias (Disco Grande, Radio 3) - Sidonie - La Estación De La Libélula (The Bip Bip Yea, Andante - Mozart*, Viviana Sofronitsky, Musicae Antiquae Collegium Varsoviense - Mozart Fortepiano C, Under The Beam Mad - Raeyk - Current Mind EP (Vinyl)


  • View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Clear w/ black and red splatter Vinyl release of Anhedonia on Discogs. Label: Icon MES - ICON,American Dream Records - ADR • Format: Vinyl LP Clear w/ black and red splatter • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Indie Rock, Pop Rock.
  • View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of "Anhedonia" on Discogs.5/5(1).
  • Sep 24,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of "Anhedonia" on Discogs.
  • Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about The Graduate - Anhedonia at Discogs. Complete your The Graduate collection.
  • Anhedonia by The Graduate, released 10 April 1. Sit & Sink 2. I Survived 3. Bet It All 4. Anhedonia 5. The City That Reads 6. Better Company 7. Surround Yourself 8. Interlude 9. Doppelgänger Stay the Same Justified Sing Anhedonia was our first full-length release. After signing with ICON MES, we quit our jobs and began writing songs full time.
  • Apr 10,  · Not only are the rhythms of the albums title track "Anhedonia" catchy, but I dare you to get the chorus vocal hook out of your head. Corey Warning flexes his vocal versatility on the highly melodic "Better Company." On "Doppelganger," Warning struggles with his inner emotional struggles/5(13).
  • THE GRADUATE are currently gearing up for the release of ANHEDONIA, their debut full-length album. The quintet aims to surpass the success of their previous independently released "The Horror Show" EP which garnered the title of `number one most added in college radio' at the end of /5(13).
  • Anhedonia is the debut album by American rock band The Graduate. The tracks "Sit & Sink" and "Justified" were featured on their previous Horror Show EP and were re-recorded for this album. The album title is a reference to Anhedonia, the psychological condition of being unable to feel joy or excitement from normally pleasurable acts, such as social or sexual interactions.
  • Dec 27,  · Whilst keeping their indie rock sound, there seems to be a greater focus on sequencing and layering guitars which can be heard previously on Doppelganger. This progression from Anhedonia offers a rich, atmospheric sound with guitars seemingly weaving and playing off each other. It’s an all out attack on your ears accompanied by pounding drums which you just can’t help but stomp along to.

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