Convoy - C.W. McCall - Convoy (Vinyl)

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Iroquois will take Peace for Peace right now, so next turn we can make peace and balance our economic checkbook. We don't get much for peace, only their Territory Map and their only gold piece. China 22 and Iroquois 12 make peace. We buy Democracy from India for Wines and of gold. We sell Education to Japan for a worker and 8 of 8 gold. We refuse.

Russia is building Shakespeare's Theater Free Artistry. Our wandering slave heads home. Their TM for my TM? When I have a WM? Iroquois 12 and Rome 14 make peace.

Palace Exapansion 6; we have to build some steps. I will start from there later. India Rome DoW India. Maya are building Newton's University Theory of Gravity. Babylon DoW India. No; let India bleed some. Iroquois are building Shakespeare's Theater Free Artistry. France is building Shakespeare's Theater. Sell Banking to Portugal for worker and WM, they have 0 gold. L01 My Furs is founded, so we can get a second luxury. We have Wines that flow to India for 13 more turns; no deal.

Persia is building Shakespeare's Theater Free Artistry. Russia is building Newton's University Theory of Gravity. Babylon is building Shakespeare's Theater Free Artistry. We can buy Metallurgy from France or India for gold. France is at war with Iroqouis, which is good for us. India is at war with others, away from us, which is good for us.

Buy Metallurgy from France for of gold. Sell Music Theory to America for 28 of 28 gold. Sell Engineering to Zulu for 21 of 21 gold. They are at war with Iroquois.

Sell Music Theory to Japan for Dyes. Japan Greece DoW Japan. Rome DoW Japan. America 7 and Greece sign an MA vs. Egypt 19 and Greece sign an MA vs. Egypt DoW Japan. Iroquois 10 and Zulu 2 make peace. Maya 15 and Egypt sign an MA vs. Maya manage an audience. WM for WM and a gift of 80 gold. Now Portugal walks in. ROP and MA vs. You're kidding right? We say No. We lost our Dyes from Japan. Which kicks off our Golden Age. Larry starts a bank, due in 5.

Maya are building Newton's University. Sumeria is building Newton's University. Newton's University is built in Ur, Sumeria. Larry: culture Ur: culutre. Not pretty. We focus on infrastructure while we can build things quickly during this 20 turns of glory. Golden Age Turn 1. Japan 6. Zulu DoW Japan. Palace Expansion 8; we build on Stage Right.

Golden Age Turn 2. Persia is marching through Hiawatha's land; we need to strike so we can expand. We buy Physics from Rome for of gold. We sell Banking to Japan from WM and a worker.

Japan has 4 cities and 3 enemies. Golden Age Turn 3. India 36 DoW Iroquois. I don't expect India to do much except prevent end around attacks.

We lost 3 Riders to one Pike. Golden Age Turn 4. Regis 3 is captured from Iroquois. Golden Age Turn 5. Portugal 2 and Rome 11 make peace. Greece and Iroquois sign a Trade Embargo on us. Golden Age Turn 6. We sell Democracy to Japan for WM and 18 of 18 gold. May they have a long and happy time of anarchy. We sell Democracy to America for WM, 4 gpt and 78 of 78 gold. We sell Printing Press to Zulu for 26 of 26 gold. Golden Age Turn 7. No anarchy after all. Palace Expansion 9; we build on Stage Left.

We buy Theory of Gravity from Greece for of gold. Golden Age Turn 8. Have to fix that next turn. We now control The Statue of Zeus.

Golden Age Turn 9. Small Wonders still to build are more numerous, but somewhat out of reach. Pentagon needs three Armies in the field; I have one.

I'm not at this moment of the cpt for each of these. I need to aim for 60 cpt to even be close to winning this with a 20K city. Ur is cranking out 51 cpt and that needs to stop. But eventually I'll have to get forces there and take out Ur, and that won't be easy or cheap. Universal Suffrage shields gives 4 cpt, Theory of Evolution shields 3 cpt and Hoover Dam shields 2 cpt.

I might win this with a 20K city, but I don't think I'll hit the tables. December and January were busy months and SGs had to be played before I could come back here. Plus, I'm not doing so well.

It is possible to take the 20K victory, I think I hope! And it won't be easy, since the other contending city is rather far away. My lack of Ancient Age Wonders doesn't help either but that is self-inflicted. Sumeria is building Universal Suffrage Industrialization.

But, if we wait two turns, gather about another gold, we can buy MT and Magnetism from Persia. Golden Age Turn After it is built I see an unconnected Ivory just 1W of where this city is located. Need to get workers down there fast. Portugal DoW India. France 20 and Greece sign an MA vs. France DoW India. Egypt 24 and Iroquois? Iroquois want to talk, but we really cannot, due to our MA with India. We lose 2 Maces. Trade Embagro on us by Iroquois and Egypt is over.

So is the one by Iroquois and Greece. The Strong Iroquois are destroyed. Only Egypt and Sumeria know Steam Power. Price is about gold; gold plus gpt. In eight turns we might able to buy it and then start learning Industrialization. But that might be too late to catch up with Sumeria. We sell Chemistry to Portugal for WM and of gold. We are connected to two Coal , so rails are a Go!

Only Sumeria knows Industrializtion. We sell Steam Power to Greece for Medicine and of gold. We sell Medicine to France for WM and of gold. But we still cannot buy Inudstrialization from Sumeria.

They won't even talk a price. Universal Suffrage is shields. Rails around Larry will speed it up. We appear to have a good shot at Universal Suffrage. And we catch a break. Sumeria is building US in Agade, which is size 5!

We investigate Agade for 87 of gold. Agade nets 7 spt, will complete US in turns. Palace Expansion 10; we build on Stage Right. Slaves arrive on Ivory. Egypt 24 and Russia 22 sign an MPP. Ivory , our third native luxury, is connected to the capital.

We buy a worker from Persia for WM and 74 of gold. We buy a worker from America for of gold; the initial demand was for Wines. No way. Palace Expansion 11; we build on Stage Left. We can fix that in the near future. America 7. Zulu DoW America.

Egypt DoW India. Zulu 2 and India sign an MA vs. Zulu DoW Egypt. Russia 22 DoW India. Russia DoW Zulu. Rome 11 and Egypt 26 sign an MA vs. Saltpeter is connected to our capital. Upgrade 15 catapults to cannons for of gold. Plan to DoW on India next turn, need settlers to claim empty lands. Their WM for our WM and gold. Not a good deal. India 31 and France 26 make peace. Greece 26 and Rome 11 sign an MPP. We gain a second Ivory. We build an embassy with Persia for 91 of gold.

The capital of Persia is building wealth. We buy Persia into an MA vs. India for 26 gpt. Persia 26 DoW India We sell Education to Zulu for WM and 31 of 31 gold. We sell Democracy to Portugal for WM and of gold. They back down. Maya 15 and Greece 26 sign an MA vs. India 29? Maya DoW India. Zulu 1 and India sign a Trade Embargo on us. The Trade Embargon on us by Zulu and India is over. Rampgaing Egypt has destroyed Zulu. I don't get the message, but production is back to normal.

CommandoBob , Apr 25, We want the Gems by Sao Paulo of Portugal. Universal Suffrage in We gain two more sources of Fur. Then we declare war. World Map for World Map? Uh, no. Egypt and Persian forces continue to move north. India sends out three boats to land a vCavalry by Lisbon. We move workers towards Sao Paulo to connect the gems. The lone Indian Cavalry is removed. Also, to reduce unhappiness. We start roading the Gems, finish in 5 turns. India is down to 10 cities. Bengal of India is captured by Egypt.

Several turns back Egypt captured Bangalore of India. All of these cities are to our north, in the tundra. India desires to grovel; we don't. Greece 27 and Portugal 1 sign a trade embargo on us. We build Universal Suffrage in 4. Electricity in 6. Gems in 4. We now control JS Bach's Cathedral. We got this city just before Egypt did. India has 6 cities. We build Universal Suffrage in 3. Electricity in 5.

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  • An individual, limited edition, example of vinyl record silhouette art made from a genuine, original, 45rpm, 7” novelty single of Convoy from , by Country star, C.W. McCall. Released on the Epic record label, this vinyl single has been reworked into a haulage truck. The song consists of a simulated CB conversation with CB slang, the narration of the story, and the chorus. The.
  • Share - C.W. McCALL ~ CONVOY / LONG LONESOME ROAD ~ UK Vinyl Record. C.W. McCALL ~ CONVOY / LONG LONESOME ROAD ~ UK Vinyl Record. Approx.
  • Sold by Vinyl Tap Music Condition: Used: Like New Comment: - Convoy - 7 Inch - UK Pressing - Mgm - - - B/W Long Lonesome Road - In Plain/Company Sleeve, Condition (Disc): /EX.4/5(1).
  • CONVOY- VINYL SINGLE RECORD- 45RPM- LONG LONESOME ROAD. $ + shipping. Seller % positive. C.W. McCall " Long Lonesome Road " 45rpm $ + shipping. Seller % positive. Picture Information. Image not available. Mouse over to Zoom- Seller Rating: % positive.
  • The item format is a vinyl 7" The Artist Name is C.W. McCall The Title is Convoy Condition Used The Media Condition is Very Good. This disk can be played end to end without getting stuck, but visually the disk may have some visible wear, marks and or hairlines on the disk and may have very minor warp date: Jan 31,
  • The item format is a vinyl 7" The Artist Name is C.W. McCall The Title is Convoy Condition Used The Media Condition is Very Good Plus. This disk can be played end to end without skipping or getting stuck, but visually the disk may have very light visible wear, marks and or hairlines on the Rating: % positive.

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