Black Triangle - King Dude - My Beloved Ghost (Vinyl, LP)

Download Black Triangle - King Dude - My Beloved Ghost (Vinyl, LP)
Label: Ván - Ván079 • Format: Vinyl LP, Mini-Album, Limited Edition, Reissue • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock, Folk, World, & Country • Style: Folk, Neofolk

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In , my motorcycle fell victim to a flood. That was the first sign. I restored it so that it was like new. In , I decided the time had come. I had already begun to enjoy solo journeys, but decided to look for a travel partner anyway, particularly given my age. That choice turned out to be a mistake, however. Two months before our departure they pulled out, leaving me to fall into a state of deep depression. I got over it with the help of my family, who practically insisted on my taking a motorcycle journey.

The idea of travelling across Asia was stuck in my head like an obsession. I just had to do it. In , I decided to make the dream I had long kept tucked away come true, though, in the meantime, I had changed my destination to Vladivostok, in Siberia.

My travel partner on this solo journey was once again the very same Moto Guzzi SP I could tell anecdotes for hours.

For a moment, I thought it was a joke: RAI interested in me? But it really was true. I was asked to get to somewhere with a good internet signal for a live interview on the following day from a. I arranged to stop off in Chita, a lovely city of about , inhabitants, with plenty of reliable services. My first misfortune befell me just 3 days after I set out. I reached Russian customs during a tremendous downpour. They had me park under a low canopy of sheet metal, which was so noisy that I felt like I was on the front line, taking fire from machine guns.

A policeman took my documents and gave me 4 sheets to fill out in minute detail the certificate to temporarily export the motorcycle. I pointed out that it was written in Russian and he replied that there were no more bilingual Russian-English sheets. Despite my best efforts, after four attempts which ended in failure I decided to ask the customs officer for help.

He gave me a stern look, took my mobile phone, and tried to fill out the form with me with the help of Google Translate. This went on for a full 4 hours! At the end, he gave me the pile of documents and said goodbye.

I headed back to the motorcycle, put everything away, and realised I had left my mobile phone in the office. No more than 5 minutes had passed. Why, we had been using it together just a few minutes before! I pressed him again with my voice raised, but there was nothing to do, the phone was gone. I threatened to call the police, but he made it clear that he was the police. There was nothing I could do but leave, slamming the door and trying to calm down.

I left customs at p. I had to find a place to sleep. Unfortunately, the area seemed completely deserted, with no signs of life. All I could see was countryside, rain and fog. Without the help of my smartphone, I had no idea where to go.

Eventually, in order to stop one of the cars or vans that were passing, I parked the motorcycle in the middle of the street.

His directions were good, and led me to a large park with ten or so rustic wooden chalets built along the shore of a small lake. I rented one of these once I had made it down the access road, which was about metres long and completely flooded, with water reaching my knees. I was shivering, and probably had a touch of fever. But getting back to the phone… at a. I needed a new smartphone. In the city, I visited no fewer than five shops before finding a specialised one that could recover my contacts, get the internet working, etc.

The whole process took almost six hours. When I set off again I was exhausted, but glad to have the problem resolved. As far as Lake Baikal, the network signal was always good, meaning that I could stay in touch with my family and closest friends.

We have to ask you how it went from a physical point of view…. Like, are you really sure you can do it? It is Siberia after all. What if something happens to you? Luckily, my legendary stubbornness won the day. There was a voice inside me that begged me not to give up, to stay strong and fulfil the promise I had made to myself! The more road I covered, the better I felt, so that my whole body was in tune with my brain, transmitting strength and enjoyment. From the very start, I felt my physical and mental fitness increase, triggering the flow of adrenaline that transforms fatigue into pleasure, sustaining me for the entire outbound journey.

I gained so much strength that I was able to face the return journey with calm too. What goals do you have for the future? Is there a new trip in the pipeline? Another solo journey? Three years is quite a while to wait for such a challenging ride. A long solo journey requires both physical and spiritual preparation. Then it depends on the type of trip. So much is unforeseeable, and sometimes there can be serious obstacles.

The advice I would give is to thoroughly evaluate your limits based on your experiences as a motorcyclist and a traveller.

And you also need a good knowledge of English, a suitable motorcycle, and the ability to persuade yourself that…. If, on the other hand, you are interested in exploring the less rose-tinted, tourist-friendly aspects of the formidable African continent through the eyes of somebody who experienced it with a motorcycle as his only travel companion, then the third publication from Georges Dal Santo , from , is the one for you.

His toughest challenge, however, would be the African continent. A circular route saw Dal Santo cover around 30, km in 82 days , beginning in December with a gruelling journey along the western coast down to South Africa, before making his way back up along the eastern coast. It was a particularly arduous undertaking, so much so that Georges was forced to cut short both the journey initially planned as 45, km and the time frame planned to be days to avoid finding himself in dangerous situations of civil unrest.

This incredible — and in some ways terrible — adventure is described from beginning to end in this book, pulling no punches. From its pages leaps the constant sense of unease that plagued Dal Santo; who, despite being used to extreme situations in his travels, was unable to form many positive memories of his African experience. The main reason for this, according to him, was the absence of laws, public order or any civic sense: a situation of general chaos, possibly the result of the exploitation suffered for millennia by the lands and peoples of Africa at the hands of the major world powers.

What were the most difficult aspects for Georges in preparing for his African tour, from all points of view? Georges chose an itinerary that took in the entire perimeter of the continent, crossing through almost all African states.

It was extremely difficult to get the visas, and their short duration — barely a month — forced him to cover enormous distances to get to the borders on time. In the book, you can find descriptions of all the mishaps that meant plans had to be changed multiple times, like travelling on a military aircraft to get out of Angola. From a psychological perspective, it was really tough and gruelling, stretching Georges to his very limits on many occasions.

He registered his movements with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and we had to contact them a few times to find out where he was. Another tricky matter was medication, including vaccinations. Georges had a kit of specific medicines with him: getting sick would have compromised the whole tour. His trip was an unconventional one, certainly not for everybody. This is not a guide book in the strict sense of the term, but a window onto a point in the lives of two bikers from Brooklyn, when they decided to shake up their lives with a tour lasting more than six months, choosing the very furthest point of Patagonia as their destination.

The story, told through both text and images, is a compelling one which will keep readers fully absorbed in every page. They rode their bikes through the Guatemalan jungle, the magical and desolate Bolivian salt flats, and the high roads of the Peruvian Andes, all the way to Ushuaia, the Land of Fire.

And what about the motorcycles? Not comfortable, ultra-modern maxi enduros, but rather two not-so-young BMWs with air-cooled boxer engines. The quality of the print and the sheer size make Two Wheels South a volume to keep on prominent display on your bookshelf, ready for browsing whenever the need to daydream becomes irresistible.

THE AUTHOR — Born in Barcelona, Matias Corea has lived in Brooklyn since , where he works as a designer and entrepreneur as well as co-founding Behance in an extremely influential web and social media platform popular among digital creative professionals. Outside of work hours, his hobbies are guided by his passion for motorcycles, travel, and photography… a combination that inevitably leads to adventure.

The images used are taken from the photo gallery on the website www. But this, more than anything else, is what travelling is about: discovering new things! The story of the 7, km and eight countries we crossed on our way to the lesser known side of Europe will not be an easy one to tell. Hi, my name is Federico. After roaming far and wide through the Alps, conquering the Pyrenees and completing the Austria Classic Tour, in , I decided to raise the bar.

Alone with my travelling companion, my VStorm , I struck out for the North and arrived, my eyes filled with wonder, in a place which is magical for all motorcyclists, the North Cape! At the end of the year, this time with Monica sometimes you need the old lady for support!

This spring, when we began planning our summer adventure, it was no easy task to choose a destination. Then, day by day, an idea began to emerge. Yes, this was the destination for us. And so began our trip toRussia. Once we had chosen our destination, we had to map our route and get through the bureaucratic procedures for our visas. We decided to stop off in the capital cities and most important towns of the various states, combining our motorcycle holiday with city breaks.

This would inevitably mean having to cover a few extra kilometres on motorways or highways, but how could we fail to find the time to visit Prague, Krakow, Tallinn and the other amazing cities that awaited us? Then came servicing and changing the tyres, obviously, choosing the most suitable top cases for transporting our luggage, helmets and clothing. In fact, once we left Italy, we would encounter a fairly mild climate, with rain as the only uncertain factor.

Our first port of call was supposed to be Salzburg, but we decided to set out a day early in order to enjoy an extra stop at the Reschen Pass. Leaving the hills of Asti behind always tugs at the heartstrings as its UNESCO world heritage sites and landscapes gradually become smaller and smaller in the rear-view mirrors.

But then, the adrenaline and appetite for adventure took over. The ascent to Lake Reschen is breath taking, the asphalt perfect and the curves in the road fill you with an infinite joy. At the top, the view of the bell tower submerged in the water and the history behind it left us speechless.

We stopped for the night in Pfunds, just a few kilometres over the Italian-Austrian border. After an excellent meal in true South Tyrolean tradition, it was time for us to rest! On the second day, thanks to our wisely planned departure, only km were left to go before our arrival in Salzburg and the beginning of the cultural part of our trip. Driving through Austria is always a moving experience. Whether you are on a mountain pass, a country road or a motorway, the asphalt is always perfect, there are no shortage of curves in the road and your enjoyment is guaranteed.

The only problem is the speed limits, which must be strictly adhered to, given the huge number of speed cameras. The impregnable Hohensalzburg Fortress, the Domplatz and Mirabell Palace were all stunning, making us feel as though we had travelled back in time. But the most lasting impression for us was the omnipresence of classical music. We chose Prague as our third stop, arriving through landscapes of lush countryside. We arrived at the Old Town Square, the location of the Town Hall with its astronomical clock, just a few minutes before p.

Next, we plunged into the streets of the town centre and, after crossing the Charles Bridge, began the ascent of the hill to the castle perched atop to admire the view. The next morning, we started out bright and early for Warsaw, a distance of km.

Once in Poland, we were astonished by the beauty of the countryside. Our eyes lost in the vast plains, we had arrived at our destination before we even knew it. Warsaw is a city unlike any other, living between its Memories, with a capital M, and a desire for rebirth.

With Warsaw behind us, but still carrying the memory of World War II which would stay with us for the rest of the journey, we headed for Vilnius, the first of the capital cities of the Baltic States. Our navigation device, however, decided to play a joke on us and guided us to the border with Belarus, where a visa is needed to enter.

Luckily for us, every cloud has a silver lining, and this one led to our discovery of one of the most beautiful stretches of road we encountered throughout the whole holiday! Kilometre after kilometre, a series of rural villages and curves varying in sharpness unfolded, until finally, we arrived on the shores of a lake where a group of young people entertained us with the sounds of their sax and trumpet music.

After a delightful tour of the streets of Vilnius and a wonderful meal, the sky was not boding well for us and, in the morning, we woke up to a downpour. Given the reduced visibility, the fluorescent jacket was just the thing for us! But the historic centre of Riga and its Jauniela Street, in true art nouveau style, were worth the effort.

Our third day in the Baltic States brought us to Tallinn. In the midst of the rain, we had not noticed the roads becoming straighter and straighter, densely flanked by tall trees.

Then, suddenly spotting a dark blue blur on our left, we pulled over to find the Baltic Sea spread out in front of us. Our visit to Tallinn was surprising. It is without a doubt the most beautiful of the Baltic capitals.

The medieval historic centre is perfectly preserved, and we saw the first Orthodox church with the classic pointed domes. This will save you from queuing for hours! Here, two fortresses on opposite banks of the river act as a reminder that time does not always change the souls of men. Having filled out the various forms and undergone four checks by four soldiers, we were finally free to go.

We quickly got back on the motorcycle and passed through the final barrier. Once in Russia, we headed straight for Saint Petersburg! On the wide road that leads to the Venice of the North, little villages with wooden houses in various stages of dilapidation and fruit and vegetable stalls along the side of the road immediately made us aware that not all Russians enjoy lives of comfort.

Magnificent palaces, enormous gilded churches and an immense museum the Hermitage are testament to the splendour of the time of the Tzars. After three days there as tourists, we set off again for Moscow, but not without first stopping at Peterhof, the palace built on the Gulf of Finland on the orders of Peter the Great. The palaces, the gardens and the incredible fountains, which were partly destroyed during its occupation by Nazi soldiers during World War II, have been skilfully restored.

In Moscow, we immediately headed to see the beating heart of the capital, Red Square. The towers conjure up the image of bonfire flames leaping towards the sky, while the interior is a warren of halls and rooms rich in gilded iconography. Our visit to the Kremlin, involving an exhausting queue for tickets, took more than half a day.

Before we left, however, we decided to try our luck. I explained to the woman in the Armoury ticket office that we were leaving by motorcycle the following day and, incredibly — struck by our journey, perhaps — she stamped our tickets!

Our final stop before returning to the European Union brought us to Velikiye Luki, travelling through another deluge for km, but warmed by the sensational colours of the sunset for the last km! Having to re-cross the border was a source of considerable anxiety for me. We woke up early that morning, not having had the option to book an appointment for the checkpoint this time.

Approaching customs at Burachki, we encountered an endless queue of lorries stopped at the side of the road — large trucks cannot cross the border at the weekend! After opening all our top cases and filling out the various forms, we got through first the Russian checks, then the Latvian ones… a reminder that the absence of customs between EU states is no small blessing!

On the next day, the thirteenth of our trip, came the moment which must inevitably be faced on any journey, a long-haul stretch of ground to be covered. We had no specific stopping point in mind, just the intention to clock up as much mileage as possible while making the most of crossing time zones too. We got through Latvia, Estonia and much of Poland, through forests and along a thoroughly pleasant road. At p. We were rewarded well for our efforts, however, with just km to travel the following morning before being able to admire the city of Krakow.

The historic centre, spread out at the foot of the Wawel Royal Castle, was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in and deserves to be visited at a leisurely pace. For dinner, we recommend you try the stalls behind the Market Square. The decision to visit the concentration and extermination camp at Auschwitz was not an easy one.

I struggled uneasily. What effect would visiting that place of sorrow have on me? Fortunately, Monica insisted and after an early rise and an hour queuing in the cold, we managed to get tickets for an Italian-language tour with an instructor rather than a mere guide. All we will tell you is that, when you leave, you feel an agonising sense of emptiness and loss.

The km towards Vienna were the longest of the journey. Vienna was captivating to say the least. The museums at Hofburg palace, including one dedicated to Empress Elisabeth, Sisi, of Austria, the Volksgarten Park and the Sacher cake at the historic Demel pastry shop all had a part to play in a magical day for us.

At Sella Nevea, in the Julian Alps, we treated ourselves to a luxurious spa as preparation for crossing the Po Valley the next day. Before joining the motorway at Gemona, we enjoyed every curve and centimetre of our way into the valley.

On 23 August, after 22 days away and crossing through eight countries, two customs posts and visiting seven capital cities, we found ourselves back at home once more.

Laura Cola is back in the game, and taking part in the competitive arena. Laura Cola — known to many as the founder of Donneinsella, the school of motorcycling for women which started operating in — returns to the saddle to take part in two on-off road challenges. These long-haul events are seriously demanding, with timetables to respect, GPS coordinates to pinpoint, makeshift bivouacs and precious little sleep. GIVI Explorer will be following the two challenges closely. The first one up is just around the corner, with engines starting on 31st January and arrival scheduled for 16th February.

It will be a true Dakar-style expedition, leading large numbers of participants through part of Europe and along the west coast of Africa, all in the right spirit: respect for local populations and a sense of group solidarity. We will give you a description of the race itself at a later point, preferring at the moment to focus on the itinerary and the humanitarian goals linked to it. There will be 16 stages, totalling 8, km. The European part of the journey will involve a series of legs taking participants from Budapest to Spain, before crossing to Morocco in a ferry.

The humanitarian aspect of the event involves major help for efforts to provide a drinking water system for the village of Dindefelo, Senegal. The project includes solar-powered pumps, a water tower, and a filtration system. Race organisers have already begun construction, which is to be completed by the end of the race, with the opening ceremony planned for 13th February.

In Sierra Leone, carbon emissions will be offset by planting fruit and medicinal oil-producing trees! This African nation has been the victim of slash-and-burn agriculture and irresponsible forest management practices. The aim is to plant 2, trees that will not only improve air quality and provide shade, but will also generate cash income for villagers along the Bumbuna Falls Freetown route for many years to come.

In addition, villagers will also receive training in managing and caring for the trees. A sparkling jewel at the bottom of the South Pacific, New Zealand is home to a diverse landscape filled with breath-taking scenery, subtly divided by seemingly endless miles of snaking roads.

Fall in love with the people, the places, the easy-natured culture and the sheer beauty around every corner. As one of the least populated parts of one of the least populated countries in the world, the South Island of New Zealand will leave you wondering if you have the whole country to yourself, while the locals you do meet will seem like the family you never knew you had. However, it would be irresponsible to ignore the signs of a really serious global situation and expose anybody to any risk.

A total of 2. The author enriches the tale of the daily routes the longest, km, includes the above route and comes to an end in Ronda, a small town perched atop Spanish territory with all kinds of information, from the nicest roads and places worth stopping, to technical advice, and so on.

The elements used to properly plan a journey are all there, and many of the places spoken of seem previously unknown, even to us explorers, who know the region very well. From a young age, he knew that he would be a motorcyclist. Throughout his life he has owned many different motorcycles, including 5 Harley Davidsons.

He has travelled by motorcycle in eighteen countries and very often on those occasions was accompanied by his wife, Kim. Purchase online. To start with, do you know the country, where without crossing a border with the other countries, you can overgo more than 11 km from West to East? Where is there a possibility to traverse 7 time zones?

I suppose you have guessed that I am talking about the motorcycle journey in Russia, across the biggest country on our planet Earth, through the legendary Trans-Siberian route! I have decided to try myself and complete this marathon last September which added some spice on top of such undoubtedly fascinating journey.

It was to be kind of a lottery due to the fact that at the given times Siberian roads could already have more or less 10 cm of snow. However, it only added my enthusiasm more! This is why I packed up, put all of my things into the panniers system and went ahead… By Yuri Kalika.

My route until the Ural Mountains was put through secondary roads avoiding highways. Due to such an action on my way I met brilliant nature reserves, ferries, significant fortresses, beautiful cities, both well-groomed and abounded temples, an alluring ethnomuseum and the legendary karst ice cave in Kungur. Russia is a multinational country, where there are around nationalities, which have their own local language, known apart from official Russian language.

This is exactly why during my trip, while listening to the radio, I had a chance to both go deeply into charming Russian scenery and enjoy music in a different local language. I gained inexpressible emotions riding my bike through indescribable beauty of nature and deepening myself into the other culture of my country.

On the 7th day of my journey, somewhere between Omsk and Novosibirsk, it was a day of motomeditation. At that time I had already traveled about km. The road was straight with a good road pavement and a little amount of cars. I gained an opportunity to get to self-soul-searching, think on the topics that in the daily routine would never be found time for. Autumn was getting its positions and trees were turning burningly bright red and yellow tint. I was very delighted that decided to choose autumn for my trip.

All around was stunning! For a lunch break I found appealing lakes and a field in between where I could practice enduro style riding. This was a place where I almost lost my right side pannier. Luckily, it fell off on the field I was riding on! I was very fortunate cause if it had fell on the highway, I would have noticed it only in about 3 hours when I would stop on a gas station. My motorcycle gear was estimated to handle only positive temperatures, thus I tried to go through my journey only in the daytime.

It is amazingly cool when on your way you meet a big number of original villages but stop for an overnight stay somewhere in well-kept city or nearby big city eco hotels. It gives you a chance to have an evening walk in the middle of a lighted city or waterfront and try traditional cuisine in cultural restaurants. No doubt, Siberia is incredible!

It has the widest forest front, the deepest freedom and the most beautiful nature. That road became the most exciting road in my whole journey! I had everything: beautiful mountains, delicate scenery which was even more catching as autumn was there.

I have always liked serpentines. I feel like motorbikes were created only for them! Before I had entered Krasnoyarsk I decided to climb up to a view point which would open a scenery of the whole big Siberian river Yenisei.

Its length is km. There I met Elena who is local and works as an English-speaking guide. She told me about an old man who is keen on climbing, yoga and does it way better than young people can do. He is taken as famous showmen there. I decided to write down his name and find some information about his life on the internet. Can you guess what happened next? Right, we met that local celebrity on our way out of the natural reserve where I walked about 15 km. After that I took my chance to visit the motomuseum of Alexander Shestakov.

I found museum a very awesome place with war-time and before war-time BMW and Harley machinery. Everything was reconstructed from genuine parts which allowed all of the exhibits be working. Alexander and his father for already 23 years are taking care of this museum treating it like a part of their soul. I was very grateful to meet such fans of their work. After Krasnoyarsk I headed to majestic Lake Baikal which is of true beauty.

Lake Baikal is the deepest lake on Planet Earth — meters! The most beautiful place on Lake Baikal is Olkhon Island. The ferry to the island is free and runs every 15 minutes. Olkhon island is the most marvelous and interesting island in that area. This is because it is a national park. No matter the roads condition and service level, nature is what makes that place unique and so good-looking.

On this island, according to the stories of locals, Chingis Khan is buried. Olkhon island is considered the center of shamanism in Russia. Here you can get acquainted with the shamans and participate in their ceremonies. After visiting Olkhon island I decided to become a guest in Irkutsk to do maintenance for my bike. I changed rear tyre and gear oil. Luckily, all big cities have moto services.

This is why in the region there are many beautiful Datsans Buddhist temples. In Russia, all three major religions — Orthodoxy, Islam and Buddhism coexist peacefully.

Russians are very benevolent and friendly people, especially outside of big cities. They will always try to help you without charging money for their help.

And I felt like a rock star traveling around Russia. Constantly at all of my stops people came up to me, took pictures, asked about my trip and motorcycle. Then there was a part of the road outside the city of Chita which was completely full of deserted places and steppes. On this part of my way I met a very few villages and local gas stations once every km. The Far East met me with lush green vegetation, despite the autumn period. Here summer is shifted by one month and in September you can still swim.

Through such beauty, I drove all the way to the shore of the Pacific Ocean and reached the legendary Tokarev lighthouse on the edge of Russia. Vladivostok is a young but very interesting city.

There are defensive forts built over years ago. My next stop was the submarine C museum. If to sum up, I drove I was very lucky with weather conditions- rainy times appeared only 3 hours for the entire trip. Now I can proudly say that I really got to know my country in all of its elegant diversity. In fact, I understood that we have quite good roads and well-kept big cities with unique architecture and small authentic villages. An infinite number of rivers, lakes, forests, mountains, Taiga, Eurasian Steppes.

Countless tribes, people of different nationalities, traditions and cultures. Having completed my journey, I once again made sure that I do not want to do anything else except for moto tourism. After all, what could be better than exploring new wonderful places, laying new routes, after what passing them and selecting the best?

But the most exciting and important part for me is sharing all of it with the other riders who are keen on the same values as I am …. As so often happens, on the flight home from the latest adventure, our thoughts have already turned to the next one. That was when I decided that my next trip would be in Africa, a continent that, with the exception of a few excursions in Maghreb, I had been putting off for years.

I had one month to prepare all of my documents, visas, contacts and then off I went on my African Adventure! On the first part of the journey, from Alexandria in Egypt to Livingstone in Zambia , 2 more friends joined me with their motorcycles, Maurizio Limonta and Luigi Amigoni, with whom I had already travelled with in the past.

We shipped our motorcycles by sea and we flew over to catch up with them in Alexandria. After crossing Egypt quickly, with obligatory stops at the Pyramids of Giza, the Valley of the Kings at Luxor and the Temples of Abu Simbel , even though we had already seen them in the past, we entered into the Sudan.

In recent years, travelling in Sudan has become quick and easy. Several daily ferries cross Lake Nasser and in a few hours they carry you to within 50 km of Wadi Halfa. From the small village just past the border, to the capital Khartoum , the km crossing of the magnificent Nubian Desert begins. The road is perfectly paved, and there is no traffic. Passing from the flat, desert landscape to the verdant plateaus of Ethiopia is a shock to the system. In less than one day of travel, we went from torrid heat to a cool climate.

Once past Addis Abeba , the capital of Ethiopia, we reached the southern part of the country, where we headed for the Omo River , home to several tribes, including the Mursi, who are famous for their lip plates.

A stretch of road north of Kenya , passing through Moyale , took us into Uganda, where we rode into the forests to see the mountain gorillas. The last specimens in the world that are not in captivity live in Uganda and Rwanda. I addition to Rwanda, we travelled through Burundi and Tanzania to get to Malawi. In Monkey Bay , we were guests in a mission for a few days where we were able to meet people who have dedicated their entire existence to helping the locals — a truly moving experience.

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in Africa. We entered into Zambia and went to Livingstone where we saw the incredible Victoria Falls. This was where, as planned, I said goodbye to my travelling companions, Maurizio and Luigi. They headed south, while I took the road to Zimbabwe and Mozambique. If you like King Dude, you may also like:. I love Chelsea and King! Fantastic couple of tunes here. Haunting shit, as usual. I've been waiting In this silence While you're sleeping Until you believe Where are you While I love the stylistic variation between her albums, this remains my favorite.

Tighter than its predecessors and more restrained than its successors, Pain is Beauty evokes a feeling of longing, vulnerability, and loss like few others. The latest from the alt-country favorite is her most direct and rocking album to date.

Bandcamp Album of the Day Jul 14, Rich and carefully-sculpted songs that cross-wire country and roots music with jazz, samba, and more. Beautiful album, only flaw is it isn't longer Killer McCann. Explore music. Stephen M Bennett. Andrew Macklin. Russian Sledges. Markus Hollenhorst. Matthew Barry. Pau Gyring. Max Norton. Fate Beats. Ivi Kozel. Ramses Kriegstreiber.


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  • THE BLACK TRIANGLE by KING DUDE, released 21 June 1. KING DUDE - THE BLACK TRIANGLE 2. KING DUDE - NEVER LET YOU GO VINYL & TAPES community THE BLACK TRIANGLE by My Beloved Ghost EP (Plus Bonus Tracks) by King Dude.
  • - EQM King Dude - My Beloved Ghost Digipak MCD discography reviews MP3 limited edition merchandise vinyl label homepage official website distribution mailorder shop buy Ambient Industrial Dark Gothic Neo-Classical Neo-Folk Darkwave Equilibrium Music.
  • King Dude - My Beloved Ghost" 12" MLP - g black wax, limited edition - g innersleeves, matt laquer - g outersleeves, matt laquer.
  • Explore releases from King Dude at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from King Dude at the Discogs Marketplace. Explore King Dude: My Beloved Ghost (EP) CDR King Dude: The Black Triangle.
  • KING DUDE - My Beloved Ghost MLP. Menge: LP In den Warenkorb. auf den Wunschzettel; Beschreibung. Van Records, g black vinyl, printed inner sleeve Kunden kauften dazu folgende Artikel. KING DUDE Love LP Preis: 16,56 € KING DUDE Burning Daylight LP Preis: 16,56 € KING DUDE Fear LP BLACK.

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