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Suitcase record players and similar designs allow you to take your turntable to a party or even to a beach or campsite and play your favorite records. If you go with these kinds of turntables, they may have some speakers included but they may not be the best. These are not an alternative speaker for listening to music in high-quality at home, but if you need wireless speakers for turntable connections on the go, the Charge 4 from JBL could be your solution.

The PreSonus Eris range is a big leap forward for speakers. The whole powered PreSonus range is great for both a casual listener and for people who want to practice DJing with their turntable, for instance.

As well as great build quality there is a lot to like about the modern tech features. The Eris E4. The extra control of EQ means that true audiophiles will love getting these speakers set up properly. It is great to know that you can still find good speakers for vinyl record players without spending a huge amount of money.

Though these are the second pair of bookshelf speakers on our list, and the second made by Edifier, these are a significantly cheaper option, great for people looking for value for money along with fantastic audio clarity. While there are some Edifier options with a little more quality, the Edifier RDB is an incredibly good price considering what you get.

They have a great set of features and some very good compatibility, but perhaps most impressive is the sound. Also, they offer plenty of power with watts in total, without being huge and bulky. The high-fidelity, crisp audio of these speakers, combined with the fact that they are so easy to set up, and equally easy to connect to multiple devices including turntables , make these a great option for audiophiles.

You may not want to spend a huge amount of money on your speakers. This is totally understandable, and there are some cheap options on the market to fit the bill. The MB42 speakers from Micca fit this bill perfectly. It is best if you have a preamp included within your record player if you want to get the most out of these speakers and not have to buy a separate amp. Inbuilt speakers are great to get you started but the are never the best speakers for vinyl.

So how do you choose speakers which are best for vinyl records? What features should you be looking for? This is useful, as it will cause certain elements to be attenuated when others play. A classic example is to compress the bass with the kick drum. This will cause the bass to be compressed each time that the kick hits, minimizing ugly low-frequency clashes.

The limiter serves as a ceiling which signal cannot pass. If the signal hits this ceiling, it will be harshly compressed so that it does not pass above. You may be wondering if a limiter attenuates the loudest parts of a signal, how is it any different from a compressor? Essentially, a limiter is just a compressor with a very high ratio.

Eventually, that compression amounts to an impermeable ceiling. We send three signals through it, at levels of 2 dB, 4 dB, and 8 dB over the threshold.

With this ratio, the compressor would output signals at levels of 1 dB, 2 dB, and 4 dB over the threshold. Closer to each other in level, but still not so consistent. However, if we turned the ratio up to quite high , the compressor would output signals at levels of 0. These signals are now much closer to each other and much closer to the threshold level itself.

This is used to boost signal until it hits the ceiling and is compressed. If your limiter does not have this capability, you can always compensate for the added gain with a dedicated gain plug-in or at the channel fader.

Now that we know a limiter is essentially a compressor with a high ratio, take a look at our compression output level equation again:. As the ratio increases, that fraction will approach 0. Therefore, the equation will eventually become this:. As expected, as the ratio increases, the output level for a signal that crosses the threshold will become closer and closer to the threshold itself.

The signal cannot pass it. The main use, and really only use, of a limiter, is in mastering. Remembering that our ears naturally prefer louder music, limiters provide mastering engineers a big advantage in making a track sound professional. Just be sure not to overdo limiter settings, as the added compression and eventual distortion can suck the life out of a dynamic mix. Another use for limiters is in a live sound setting, as a fail-safe precaution. Again, these limiters are usually placed on the master channel.

Note: The expander above is actually the Gate module found in Nectar 3, which has an adjustable ratio parameter. Louder and quieter parts become relatively louder and quieter respectively.

This happens when the signal is loud enough to cross this threshold level upward expansion or quiet enough to fall below it downward expansion. Ratio , however, acts a bit differently. In a standard expander which is upward , an expansion ratio of 1:x amplifies the signal to a level of x dB above the threshold for every 1 dB it crosses.

Say we had an upward expander with a ratio of and a threshold set at 0 dB. If the incoming signal were at 1 dB 1 dB above the threshold , the signal would be amplified to 3 dB at the output. If the signal were at 2 dB 2 dB above the threshold , the signal would be amplified to 6 dB at the output. The louder parts of the signal are now louder.

In a downward expander, a ratio of x:1 attenuates signal to a level of x dB below the threshold for every 1 dB it drops below the threshold. Say we had a downward expander with a ratio of and a threshold set at 0 dB. More From This Label. Pekin Mielafon Lucidflow. Chris A. Klartraum , Psy84 Lucidflow. Fusion der Techniker error. Anna Klartraum Lucidflow. Persephone Nadja Lind Lucidflow.

Purple Queen Nadia Popoff Lucidflow. Upload Date: 19 samples 0. This shit is timeless Upload Date: 16 samples 0. Nice and hard rockin' beats and slow breaks in 97 BPM. As funky - as groovy - as super fly as it gets. Upload Date: 35 samples 0. Most of them with a funky groove melodi to it! Upload Date: 34 samples 1 mb Download Freaky Breakz Here is your weekly supply of funky breakbeats.

Freaky as hell this time! Upload Date: 28 samples 2 mb Download Kool Breaks A awesome package of oldskool and nuage breaks from Dnb to Tecbreaks and Classic funky breaks! There are some surprices in this pack though so give it a download! Upload Date: 29 samples 1 mb Download Oldskool Breaks Another retro samplepack with funky oldskool breaks from all the good 'ol soul records! Upload Date: 29 samples 0 mb Download Hardcore Breaks A samplepack with hardkickin' electronic breaks has been requested so I hope this would live up to that.

This collection offers a nice mixture of classics breaks and newskool electro beats. Upload Date: 33 samples 0. A collection of truly funky fastpacked funky breaks! Amazing filters and composition of rhythms are characteristic for these drumloops!

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House fillers - breaks - newage - drum 'n' bass! Lots of cool Bongo loops in BPM. Nice acid bass and heavy beats to go with this one! And this trip flows through the jazz records of Soviet Russia and Eastern Europe.

There's "Spacebop," combining a vintage sound with modern production techniques and the flutterings of a dusty Soviet-era synthesizer. A cosmic interpretation of the 'quiet storm,' played over some serious beats, manifests in "Meteo," while "Release Your Reflection" fills every available sonic space with orchestral flourishes, heavy drums, and a helping of space echo and mind-expanding effects. Original artwork and design are by Lautaro Pesano and the project is executive produced by Dday One.

More From This Label.


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  • Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for H.T.M Bass Expanders Beats Go Starr Gazer Are Wake Up D-Z at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! IDz - Bass Expanders - Beats Go - - vinyl $ + shipping. Picture Information. Opens image Rating: % positive.
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  • Beats Go - Bass Expanders 12" by Bass Expanders. Vinyl Celebrating the Eggman-A tribute to. by Tausend Tonnen Obst, Die Vision, et al. | Audio CD Cube [VINYL] by Plasma Expander. Vinyl MP3 Music Listen with Music Unlimited. Or $ to buy MP3. Der Expander Des Fortschritts - Ad Acta - Zong -
  • Mar 04,  · The attack time is the amount of time the compressor will go from zero compression to full compression caused by the ratio and threshold. A classic example is to compress the bass with the kick drum. This will cause the bass to be compressed each time that the kick hits, minimizing ugly low-frequency clashes. The expander above is.
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