A Vuchella - Luciano Pavarotti - The Essential (CD)

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Label: Not Now Music - NOT2CD367-1 • Format: 2x, CD • Country: Europe • Genre: Classical •

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Peter Dvorsky. Granada: Mario Lanza at His Best. Castle Music Ltd. Great Opera Baritones: Tito Gobbi. Lebendige Vergangenheit: Tito Gobbi. Tebaldi and Corelli in Vienna. The Mario Lanza Shows. The Recital. Hallmark Recordings. Dennis O'Neill: Tosti Songs. Dennis O'Neill. Meridian Records. Famous Neapolitan Songs Box Set. Jaume Aragall, tenor; Edilmiro Arnaltes, piano. RTVE Classics. The Farewell Tour Moscow, Tito Schipa in Opera and Song. There are many cases of it being unnecessary is better as It is often unnecessary.

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Donna Non Vidi Mai. E Lucevan Le Stelle. Forse La Soglia Attinse. Il Canto. L'ultima Canzone. La Danza. La Donna E Mobile.


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  • Luciano Pavarotti - A Vucchella Lyrics. Si, comm'a nu sciorillo Tu tiene na vucchella Nu poco pocorillo Appassuiliatella. Meh, dammillo, dammillo, É comm'a na rusella Dammillo nu.
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  • This CD finds Luciano Pavarotti in fine voice. The CD catches his career while it was at its zenith. The selections run from his operatic repertoire to some popular songs. He carries off both well (not all opera singers handle popular tunes well)/5(85).
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